Monday, June 13

When You are Angry, Vent!

My favorite part from the movie 'Jab We Met'. I know this is super late post, been years this movie was released. But it is never too late to vent out something that has been troubling you. :D Nah, I am NOT troubled. Just got reminded of this particular part of the movie. :D

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Anonymous said...

I ended up watching the whole movie after watching this. Don't be angry. I had never watched this movie. :$

akanksha said...

Feeling better now? I bet you are!!!
Take care sweets.


Shimmer said...

yes true! better out than in.

Richa said...

@ The Lover,
It might very well sound cheesy, but I love this movie. :D

and i hope you weren't disappointed after watching it either.

@ Akki,
I am awesome. Don't worry about me. Hugs :)

@ Shimmer,
absolutely :)

Smita said...

this was simply the most awesome part of the movie ;)
and TBH (to be honest) at times when I am angry, I too use the same flow of words, but without actually saying it to that particular person. ;) just by saying them in my mind.

Me said...

I need to do this some day :D

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