Thursday, July 1

No to Networking

Dear People from the past,


Its nice to see you in a long time.
It is nice to see that some of you have lost a lot of weight and some of you have put on the shed weight by others.
Some of you have lost hair and some of you have visible wrinkles.

But it definitely is not nice to see you that you sent me an add request on Facebook or have started following me on Twitter.

I left you in the past, because you were not worth carrying forward to the future. Had you been worth, you had lingered on since then and you would not have to find me like this.

Facebook is nice. I have a lot of friends and I keep contact with them; but remember, they know me what I am today. So unlike you. They don't tell me how I have changed and they definitely do not ask me why have not I gotten married yet.
Neither of them never claims to have met my mother in law and not believe when I told them that I was single.

You only know me from what I used to be. It has been over 10 yrs.
I have groomed and changed in those years. So have you. Isn't that why you are being so nice and honey dipped?

As far as Twitter is concerned, it is not a chat program. Neither am I interested in chatting with you. There is really no need of commenting on every update of mine or even asking explanations about it. One thing I have carried about me since time immemorial is the habit of getting irritated on being interfered with. You do not really need to know what is happening with me and what has to be the reason behind every post, every tweet, every update.

And please stop asking me 'who is so and so person on your friend list'
I might not have met each one of the people on my friend list but one thing for sure is they are way better than you in terms of wits and spontaneity. Neither do they bother me by asking useless questions.
Also, every guy who comments on my status and I reply does not have to be my boy friend in denial or in acceptance.

Most importantly, If I know you, or as you say you know me, that does not make me your friend nor does it make you my friend for that matter.

Leave me alone.
It is undoubtedly for the best of all of us.

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