Wednesday, October 29

At- Ta(ck)

I am Tagged again..
Sagar is the culprit this time ;).. I know this one is too early to do another, but stacking it in drafts would be foolishness :D
Here is 'Being Richa'...

I am: prone to mood swings :D

I think: therefore I am :)

I know: I am Super Lazy

I want: A pug

I have: an obsession for Branded Accesories :D

I wish: to visit Italy sometime for a vacation

I hate: getting up early in the morning ;)

I miss: my best friends

I fear: being left alone

I hear: whatever my conscience tells me (I follow it or don’t is just another story)

I smell: burnt crackers all around :(

I crave: for chocolate truffle :D

I search: the reason for my existence on the planet...

I wonder: how I am gonna live if my partner doesn’t know dancing!!

I regret: really nothing!! *proud!!*

I love: getting wet in the rains *blushing*

I ache: when I learn of female foeticide practice from people I know

I was not: this bore when I were young!!

I am not: a very expressive person

I cry: very rare :)

I believe: I’ll be famous someday ;)

I dance: whenever Peppy beats reach my ears :D

I sing: 24X7 (Bure bure hum shaitaan- zara zara bachna re humse ;))

I read: not very often these days (Bad. Very bad.)

I don't always: like getting noticed :D

I fight: against female foeticide

I write: my ‘random toughts’

I win: the fact race- most of the times :D

I lose: contact with people

I never: wish bad for any damn one!!

I always: try to avoid arguments- though discussions are more than welcome

I confuse: some peculiar pronunciations ;) viz. acoustics, vengeance

I listen: only when I want to :D

I can usually be found: at home- unemployment phase :(

I am scared: that I may die without accomplishing the task I have been born for..

I need: desperately to lose some weight *hmph*!!

I am happy: when I am happy :D
I tag: Everyone who is reading this and wants to do it :) juz lemme know who takes it

Tuesday, October 28

Happy Diwali

Sunday, October 26

Feeling Blue

Shuffling through the I-pod, I just stumbled upon a very favorite track after long time.
(OST- The Name Sake, Artist- Susheela Raman- it is a remix version, original is from a Bollywood classic (B n W), ignorant of the name of the movie the Artist is Mukesh- I love the former version.)

Ye mera Deevanapan hai, ya mohhabat ka suroor,
Tu na pehchane to hai ye, teri nazron ka kasoor…

Dunno why, today I just feel draining myself over here.. Vacuum sucks man!!
(OST- Music & Lyrics. Artists- Hugh Grant & Haley Bannet)

All I wanna do is find a way back into love,
I cant make it through without a way back into love..

Till then, Cha.alo I'll Manage...

Saturday, October 25

Ta(n)G Ta(n)G

Preeti tagged me over this one—yeah I know Honey bunch that U missed me :D
I already have so many tags pending in drafts, thought to publish this one first-- let's follow LIFO.
Tough my blog is full of anecdotes but she says she wants to know me more so here I go--

The Tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memories
Late 80's
The officer's colony- Sundarnagar- H.P.
I have been the naughtiest kid in the whole family (I still am till date), prone to accidents and tod-fod :D
Paired with my elder cousin- Varun Bhaiya (Massi's son), no kid in the whole world could compete us in mischief. We were the gang leaders (;D hehe)
My grandfather (Naana Ji) was posted in the beautiful hills of Sundarnagar. I would have been some 3-4 yrs old, they had a Surd family in the neighbourhood, whose son- Mandy (Mandeep Singh – I still remember) we never let him play in our team, rather irritated him and teased him over something or the other.
It was a Sunday morning; I and Bhaiya were playing in the sun, making castles with the sand. Head-bathed Mandy came out of his house, (we never missed one chance of making fun of his long hair and that too loose) as always we did laugh over him for a while, but he was cool enough to not mind and wanted to join us for the castle making (I did not like him at all) but I let him, though my bro stared at me with annoyance, but he had recognized the naughty spark in my eyes and let Mandy join us (his loose hair were alluring me to pull them ;)).
I asked Mandy to turn his back towards me and winked at Bro, the moment he turned around, Bro held his arms tight so that he could not move and I hand-filled the sand and put it in his hair, Mandy was fighting us to let him go, he was crying, but the devil inside us was dominant over him :D
When we let him go, he ran to his house and brought his mom to our house to complain- though our moms punished Bro n I for the same, but this is one incidence I can never forget- One mischief that I enjoyed the most and even today, when I am keying it down, the copyrighted 6" smile is present on my face :D

What were you doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago- that makes 1998
I have to be in VIIIth standard.

That was the year when I sipped champagne for the first time in a party :D
That was the year when I lost a bet on gulping 7 bottles of Canada dry in one go (the winner gulped 7 n a half)

Your first thought in the morning
  • Ah... I need to switch the fan on (I guess it was 3 am)
  • Oh let's see why are you up soo early in the morning?? (SMS beep-8 am)
  • Oh why is everything revolving? Is it an earthquake or do I need some more sleep? (8.30 am)

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

  • Drinking Water supply to last a life time
  • Survivor's mannual for Dummies
  • My proud possession- Versace eyewear :D (I did not wanna flaunt, I just love 'em)

    My Kohl pencil (chill guys, I have the birthright to behave Girlish :D at times)

  • (How I wish I had someone I could call 'my boy friend')

  • Preeti- I am gonna die without shopping!!


This year...
2008 is almost over, I really have no short term plans as such, out of the blues occurrences in the near future may provoke metamorphosis..

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
I'll be 38,
hopefully happily married,
proud mother,
balancing between my family and profession
also if God grants been featured on "Young Turks" @ CNBC (yeah I know I dream big!! :D)

Thursday, October 23

A ‘so-not-ordinary’ tale


The protagonist of our story is a girl. A "so-not-ordinary-girl". At least she thought so. Only until..

She always considered herself as "so not ordinary girl", a little more witty than the crowd, not the typical nerd looking, plump, pimple faced, 2 pleads, with glasses on her eyes- not a scholar, but just an above average, smart, alert n not so pretty girl.

Let's call her Dimple- (when even she smiled, her cheeks revealed beautiful trenches).

She read somewhere 'talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish', and she dint only read it, but also experienced it. As I just said, she was a little wittier than the crowd, so whenever she talked senses, the rest would be agreeing on the same wrong facts, and call her foolish.

So she opted the easy way out. She talked less.

In the name of 'friends', she had a few people around her, but then again, the conflicting wits.

Only until this guy knocked on the heavy door of the rock-wall she had built around herself. He had come to deliver a message, but dimple did not even get to know when did he invade that rock wall and entered her life.

Zonal youth festival was the ground where she came across him for the first time, it was not the usual 'first sight click', but there existed some wavelength match, none of them was looking forward even to a friendship, though a faint smile appeared on both sides on the sight of the other.

The festival ended, the guy was back to his place, and Dimple was again busy with her usual routine. She never thought about him or missed him. Anyhow, they managed to add each other in friends list on a social networking site, but never communicated more than exchanging hi/hellos through scraps.

Now this Guy needs a name, so we shall take it to be Ghaint (for non- Punjabis, Ghaint is a peculiar vernacular term used for MIND BLOWING).

It was just a not so ordinary day in Dimple's life; she had had a very disturbing argument with one of her close friends and was feeling quiet low when her phone rang. Some unknown number flashed, she received the call, it was Ghaint calling. She was amused on how did he have her number; he told her that he had a message for her over some event of the festival they met in.

She talked to him for a while over the same and disconnected which after she felt she was no longer low, he had a voice and accent of a very down to earth and humours person which lifted her spirits. That was when the spark had ignited within her, which she pretended to ignore.

She usually avoided any communication with him for she had turned into a loner save a few close friends. Whenever he forwarded her SMS's, she tried not to reply to them, and it seemed a one way communication. Of what she had perceived of him in the few encounters, he was not a despo, he was just friendly.

Eventually, it became hard for Dimple to avoid replying to him for his SMS's were too tricky and witty to be ignored. She was allured to answer them and solve those puzzles. He was turning out to be riddle, waiting to be solved, and dimple could not overcome the temptation of knowing him more.

Ghaint was kindda person she herself was, less friends, more wits. Distinct from the crowd, busy with himself- in his own world, bindaas, cool, and more than talkative.

Gradually, as the story turns out to be, they became friends, the best of friends, dependent, confiding in each other, and now the "so not ordinary" girl was no longer so. For she had come across another "so not ordinary" person.


I may continue this mock-tale.

Wednesday, October 15

The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

Ms. Divya Chhabra
Mr. Manish Arora
Mr. Manish Arora & Mrs. Manya Arora
Dtd- October 13, 2008.

They have a strange ritual of changing the name of the bride at the time of '7 Phere'. (How I wonder, the girl has to leave behind her sole existance- even her name when it is the time to go *sighs!!*)
The wedding was celebrated with great pomp and show
(doesnt it sound like some high school essay :D)

Finally, she was despatched safe and sound with her new family. Functions have been great, saved the reception party, which turned into Monsoon Reception - not just it rained cats and dogs, even hailstorms did not find another day to show up..

The cutest picture >>>>>

Wish You Very Happy Married Life..
Love.. Muaaaaaahhhhh!!!

Friday, October 10

Wise dun need advice, fools wont take it!!

The people who are connected to me at orkut, know my current tagline over there is "Wise don't need advice, fools wont take it."
And following is a message someone wrote to me regarding this tagline (muaaahhh to Orkut for adding the privacy) :

Sender: Duplicate Profile
Message: "Their is a saying "GURU BIN GYAN NAHI"
Lord's also used to pray their GURU's. Need guidence.
A person should always mention whether he/ she is a hindu or muslim or sikh or esai!
TC "

Someone please elaborate to the message sender what do I mean with this tag line is - I wont take anyone's advice what-so-ever.. And I hope ppl do not ask me to tell him myself, cuz the second half of the statement would be applicable ;)


Check out the "their" in the mssg :D


Besides, I'll keep busy for "My best friend's wedding", till then miss my absence from the blogosphere.. :D

Sunday, October 5

Another aspect of Godliness

Though I cant stop laughing over this one, take this as an extention to the last post!!

Thursday, October 2


"When God did not want us to be united forever, then why did he make us come across in the first part?" A friend close enough, annoyed with her incomplete love story, threw at me. Many of us come across the same question quite frequently.

Though I have been trying my level best to console her, I had no answer to this one. I could not manage one reason for the same. "He is very mean, He plays us all, and He finds it amusing when we cry" she further said.

I aint an atheist, "Come on yaar, don't say like this, He has got something better in store for you" was all I could say, though not satisfied myself. And then the thought struck to me, all spontaneous, when I threw a glance at the opposite wall where the Radha-Krishna stood lost in their love land. I was reminded of something my mom told me years ago- "though Krishna married Rukhmini, He is till date known as Radha's beloved and they are worshipped together."

Yes, His divinity, when on the planet lived as a human being, fell in love with Radha, but could not be united with Her। They are the synonyms we use for love; we worship their love for each other.

I do not mean here that true love, or the relationships people get into is as pure, as high as theirs, all I mean to say is-it is not fair to blame God for incomplete love stories at least, God himself is a victim of the same.

And now since I know it, I feel enlightened, things are way smoother. Even the friend in question too seems kind of convinced with the reasoning.

If you ask my personal opinion, I always have loved Him and believed in Him firmly. I say whatever happens, happens for good. My personal experience with Him has been the same.

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