Tuesday, July 29


Rohan had just entered the class on the first day of his 'post- grad' when he was awestruck at an innocent face sitting at the first desk. During the introduction round in the first lecture, he heard her melodious voice telling the class that her name was Amrita. Rohan could not take his eyes off her. Those curly eye lashes, those silky hair reaching the waist of her jeans. So simple and yet so beautiful.
In the break, when all the students were interacting with each other, Rohan approached Amrita and there was an instant bonding between the two. He found her nice, down to earth and caring.

While Rohan was a chatter box, Amrita was a listener. He used to go talking for hours and Amrita would listen to him very patiently. He would tell her about his ambitions, his dreams, his plans, his family and what not and Amrita would lend him an ear, she was turning out to be a vessel Rohan could empty himself into.
Their connection was getting stronger with every passing day.

Rohan dint tell Amrita of the attraction he felt towards her but he never failed to convey her that she was his closest friend.
He was aware of the huge social distance between the two families and he was afraid of the status Amrita's father had in the city. She came from a renowned family of the city while Rohan was an ordinary middle class guy who had the responsibilities of a father-less family. Amrita too was sensitive to the consequences of their relationship of more than friendship.

Each day brought them closer. Amrita would look forward to each new day to see Rohan and discover yet another aspect of his versatile personality. She found him a friend, a buddy, a very lively person who could see her soul through her eyes.

Second semester approached and the college trip was announced to Shimla. They were both eager for the trip as they knew deep down that their intimacy will certainly grow during the outing. It was the second day of the trip and Amrita wasn't feeling well and she she decided to stay back at the hotel while others were ready for the excursion. Rohan too accompanied her. While they talked this and that, Amrita felt an unusual uneasiness in Rohan's behaviour. She asked him what was bothering him. Rohan dint say anything, he just lay his head in Amrita's lap. She knew this had to happen, she answered by keeping her head and holding on to his back. Nothing was said, and nothing was left unsaid. They were both absorbed into each other and noting else mattered at that moment. The corners of their eyes went wet. They were together into a relationship that would last 'forever'.

Time was lingering, weaving them together more tightly. They became inseparable.
It was their third semester and Rohan was among the first few people to get placed. He got a nice package in an MNC and locally. He was very happy and even happier was Amrita. She too was looking forward for her placement besides her families' pressure of not appearing for them, they wanted to get her married in a decent family as soon as possible as they still dint know of Rohan and her relationship. She dint want to tell them by the time her final semester was over. Anyhow she managed to keep her parents from getting her engaged, reasoning them that she wanted to work for sometime and not waste her education.

Their last semester approached and it was time to bid adieu to the college and Rohan joined his job and Amrita too found a job in a bank through her father's reference. They had decided to announce their relationship after an year of their respective careers. They knew amrita's family would have problems initially, but a Little effort will calm them down ultimately.

They were both happy. Rohan was now earning and helping his working mother to get some rest. Amrita was now feeling independent and assuming her responsibilities towards Rohan's family. She knew Rohan's partnership is not going to be a bed of roses for her as she was used to a leisure life but she wanted to be with him and was ready for anything that came in their way.

And something did come in their way. It had just been a few months of their blooming careers when Rohan met with an unfortunate accident that took his right arm. Amrita did not lose her strength, she stood by him all the time in the hospital, she left her job, took his care, made him eat, washed him, talked to him, consoled him, and most of all loved him.
Rohan was astonished at her perseverance. one day at the hospital when she could not control and broke down in Rohan's presence, he said "Amrita thanks for everything you have done for me. I will be indebted to you forever for loving me to this extent, but now since I am incapable and handicapped, please go and dont spoil your life."

Amrita was stunned to hear all this. all she could manage to reply was "Rohan, had I lost my arm, would you have left me??" and she walked out of the room. He felt guilty and ashamed. When she came back in the evening to see him, he said he was sorry for what he said. Amrita gave him her brightest of smiles and just said "Rohan, some relationships are forever"...

Wednesday, July 23

Anecdote Platter- Cinemascope

Being a movie buff, I have watched numerous movies in theatres with my friends and family- during exams, in scorching summers, freezing winters and even in dripping rains (Amritsar doesn't still have multiplexes [:(]), some movies have formed anecdotes in my mind that I'll never forget. Presenting a few here..

Anecdote 1
Movie: Pyaar me Kabhie Kabhie (remember that Dino Moria, Rinkie Khanna debutanat, oho yaar one with 'Musu Musu Hassi')
Year- I guess 1999
Dress Code (we were in Xth class)- Dungarees (hot 'in' those days).
First movie which i went with friends. The movie was my idea. Movie was big flop, so was the idea- fellow people kept on blaspheming me laters for days[:!] (no comments)

Anecdote 2
Movie: Dil chahta hai
Year: 2001
Class: XIIth
With a bunch of friends (I am afraid if u use 'a bunch' 20-25 ppl), one day before examination, movie was a hit, had loadzzz of fun.. For further details, refer to my previous post "Dil kya chahta hai??".

Anecdote 3
Movie: Rehna hai tere dil mein
year: 2002
class: XIIth
Fewer friends this time, it was a Saturday, we went after school, reached a li'l late, movie had started, it was stark dark in the hall, eyes hadn't yet adapted to surroundings, the 'Mumbaiya' song was going on. Tucked hands, we moved in a row towards our seats. We were enjoying the movie till intermission but as soon as the lights turned on in the break, stunned us looked around to find nobody else in the whole theatre. For a moment our breaths struck and our hearts missed one beat but then we were relieved to see 2 couples sitting in the alternative row behind ours. We all smiled at each other only to welcome the girls from the couples on joining us when the guys too left after the interval. But even though, movie was good, I fail to understand why was it a flop.

Anecdote 4
Movie: Hum Tum
Year: 2004
Class: Sem 4
D, PJ n I went this time. I was loving the movie. In the intermission, I asked D if she liked the movie or not, hesitating, she told me she doesnt know what was happening in the movie. On being asked why, she simply said let the movie begin I'll tell u why. And when the movie restarted, she pointed towards another movie going on in the row preceding ours in between a couple. She was engrossed in the Adult movie, while PJ n I changed our seats to watch 'Hum Tum' on the 70 mm screen.

Anecdote 5
Movie: Kyon!! Ho gaya na..
Year: 2004
Class: Sem 5
I had planned this movie with my old girl friends of not my college, and while I were trying to sneak out of the class, my frnz caught me in between and then they accompanied me along.
The guys had already seated themselves and the 'hall boy' was guiding people to gravitate down while we were all busily and blindly looking for chairs to settle down. The 'hall boy' dint know we were all together and as we were approaching towards them, he said "ladies ki seats udhar hain". One guy out of the group blurted out "ye ladies humari hi hain" not realizing what could it mean!! Rippling on the crackle pot, we finally managed to sink in the chairs to watch the movie. The movie was bore, my idea again flopped!!

Anecdote 6
Movie: Bunty aur Babli
class: Sem 6
D, PJ n I again, weekday, scarcely populated theatre.
Three of us were seated in the middle of the row when another two gals joined us to be seated right next to me. The gal next chair was kindda stinking and I asked D n PJ to shift one chair each so I could breathe but noo luck.. She too shifted to be next to me again.. I asked my frnz for moving to another row and finding relief I enjoyed the movie till interval. But that wasn't my day.. After the interval, that stinky gal found me again..[:(]

Sunday, July 20

title soojh nahi raha

So where have I been for so many days?? Dint write anything because I happen to bounce into these two books, could not put them down before finishing. One for its goodness and other for boredom.
One is "The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur". Now this book I would define in the protagonist's lingo.
I am going to the book store and buying this book along with two other books. Now I choose to read this book on second number after "Tuesdays with Morrie". When I am opening this book and starting reading this book, I am finding Gopal very interesting and funny man. His journey to the US is fascinating, also the letters he is writing to his brother back home are extremely comic. I am reading this book on and on and am not able to put it down. I am only stopping in between reading the book to laugh my heart out. Gopal's language is very funny but he is very thoughful and intelligent and how he is starving for getting laid throughout his one year stay in US is humorous. His vegetarian cats are specifically zany and how finally he is fulfiling his desire in the end of the book is ludicrous. I rate this book ****n half.

And the other is book "Sumthing of a Mocktale by Soma Das". I dint like the book particularly. The author (I donot intend to speak bad of her) has not framed the book nicely, spelling mistakes aree too many to ignore and about grammer she has made the disclaimer that she doesnt know it.
No story line is there, the book doesnt seem to proceed. In one chapter she is explaining her first day of college and in nexter she is telling about her campus, teachers, fellow students, trips and stuff common to all those going to college. The sequence is quite messy. She advances to third semester and then comes back to her first day in college. In all, besides recalling own campus days, I would rate the book with **n half stars. (the extra half one for the humor she tried to put in).

Thursday, July 17


Recieved this tag, found it amusing so thought to put it over here.. It goes like this:
1. Put your MP3 player/Media player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what.

Kabhi kabhi Aditi - Jaane tu ya Jaane ne
(It suits good though, what a fluke!!)

Desert Rose- "I dream of rain"

Jaane kya chahe mann bawra- Pyaar ke Side Effects
(Totally!! I dunno actually)

Move your body- Johnny Gaddar
(Bilkul sahi jawab aap jeet tey hain ek crore- mera kya hai.. I feel like this all the time)

I am alive- Celiene Dion
(Hehehe.. Kaafi hai)

Walking on Sunshine- J Lo
(May be I try some day)

Terrrrra merrrra rishtaaaaa puraanaaaa
(Waise toh I am too good at loosing contact, though people close to me mere rishtey life long hote hain)

Tere bin main yun kaise jiya - Bas Ek Pal

Whenever, wherever- Shakira
(Refer to my previous post :D)

WHAT IS 2+2?
Shauk hai- unreleased from the movie Guru
(Koi match nai hai, though hyper weird, but the song is b’ful)

Kiya Kiya- Welcome
(Haan bai- kuch tagda zabardast hi kiya hoga to be 'my' best friend)

Toh phir aao- Aawarapan
(Rulana mujhe bachchon ka khel nai hai.. no further comments)

Bum Bum bole masti me dole- TZP

Girl you ‘ll be woman soon- Neil Diamond
(Bull’s eye!! Kuch nai bani to woman to ban hi jaungi- biologically ban na hi padega.. waise aur grow up karne ka irrada nai hai)

As long as you love me- BSB
(Here’s to me and here’s to you, and here to love and laughter, Ill be true as long as you, not a single minute after!!)

Bhool Bhulaiya
(Oh may be!! Aaj kal toh I myself feel long lost..)

I gotta get through this- Daniel Bettingfield

I just wanna be with you- Enrique Iglesias
(Oh weird!! I thought they ll all be relieved.. Who would wanna company me over there too :D)

Beautiful liar- Shakira feat Beyonce
(Doesnt make any sense.. cuz I simply HATE lies.. I am a too good Lie Detector)

Tose naina laage piya saawre (Javeda zindagi)- Anwar
(No comments!! Ultimate romantic song)

I never wanna say goodbye- Boy Zone
(Yes!! I love you all.. XOXO)

Saturday, July 12

Kya Jaane Tu??

"Jaane tu ya Jaane na" turned out to be this year's biggest hit. After all this publicity, this movie was one I have been looking forward to.
Aamir Khan's (read: Perfectionist Khan) production turned out to be good actually and this movie has made its way into my all time favorites list.
All those reviews I ve read and came across, I dont feel like writing one of my own, but I am jotting down some things I liked about the movie.
  • Prateik Babbar has made his presence felt even though he was not publicised being his commercial debut (arrey bai mommy se kuch to inherit kiya hi hoga).
  • All the characters have been justified of their roles, be it Meghna's dreamy, sloppiness or Aditi's brother's recklessness, not forgetting Khan brothers' un-uselessness turning out to be Jai's cousins.
  • Music by my personal fave Rehman, 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi' and not to dis remember "Dil kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda".
  • The use of "tu- tadak" in the movie gives it stature of being associated with ourselves.
  • The movie doesnt revolve around the protagonists only, but it gives the feel of the whole gang being involved in the script (though the start and the climax of the movie were both typical bolly and reminded of 'Shahrukh Khan's Chalte Chalte').
  • Naseer- ud- din Shah's character was simply awesome, though Paresh Rawal was wasted.

Jaane Aditi ya Jaane na ye to intermission ke pehle hi pata chal jata hai, movie ki story line me kuch naya nahi tha, but thi beautifully presented. Main to ye jaanu ki Imtiaz Ali ke baad Abbas Tyrewala is the next big thing in Bollywood.

Whenever, Wherever

Shakira gives move to the bums everyone knows. Her "hips dun lie" and she has taught this to whole planet as well. But this number of hers "When ever, Where ever" juz gives me another reason to shake and get a li'l nostalgic (I have been looking for a synonym for nostalgia but no luck as far but yeah the dictionary meaning fulfills the required: a bittersweet longing for something or some one). Besides the music that catches on the dance floor, the lyrics too are catchy and lovely.

Lucky you were born that far away so
So we could both make fun of distance
Lucky that I love a foreign land for
The lucky fact of your existence
Baby I would climb the Andes solely
To count the freckles on your body
Never could imagine there were only
Ten million ways to love somebody

Lo ro lo le lo le
Lo ro lo le lo le
Can't you see...I'm at your feet

Whenever, wherever
We'll learn to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
They're over, you're under
You'll never have to wonder
We can always play by ear
But that's the deal my dear

Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like a fountain
Lucky that my breasts are small and humble
So you don't confuse them with mountains
Lucky I have strong legs like my mother
To run for cover when I need it
And these two eyes are for no other
The day you leave we'll cry a river

Lo ro lo le lo le
Lo ro lo le lo le
At your feet...I'm at your feet

Whenever, Wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
They're over, you're under
You'll never have to wonder
We can always play by ear
But that's the deal my dear

Lo ro lo le lo le
Lo ro lo le lo le

Its Say we can fly, say it again

Lo ro lo le lo le lo le

Tell me one more time
That you'll live
Lost in my eyes

Whenever, wherever
We'll learn to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
They're over, you're under
You've got me head over heels
There's nothing left to fear
If you really feel the way I feel

Whenever, wherever
We're meant to be together
I'll be there and you'll be near
And that's the deal my dear
There over, Hereunder

You've got me head over heels
There's nothing left to fear
If you really feel the way I feel

I know where to make the alterations.

Thursday, July 10

Obsession or Love

While swapping the channels last night on the idiot box, I chanced to get a glimpse of the movie ‘Tere Naam’. It was a hit, but I dint like the movie in the first place, though being a movie buff, could not gather my courage to watch it till the end.
This aspect of love scares me, rather it scares everyone.
Blackmailing the other person in the name of love is pure torture.
One side effect of close friendship is when the ‘infatuation’ or ‘liking’ factor arrives in between close friends, carrying on with normal friendship becomes impossible.
I am a common friend to such a case.
The guy started falling for his closest friend. Even though being aware from the day one that she will never get involved, he developed an obsession for her. When it became intolerable for him, he finally told her expecting an explosive reaction from her end. She tried hard to persuade him to be normal with her and forget all this rubbish for old times’ sake. But he came down to emotionally blackmailing her. Threatening her that he will do something to himself and she will be responsible. This mania of his took the girl into depression.
The reasons being-
a) She could not see her once best friend in such pathetic condition,
b) She wanted to get back being friends,
c) She took it to her nerves that someone was suffering because of her.
It is a real distress for a person when someone tries to beguile them inducing into a relationship when they are genuinely not interested.
Some guys take this rejection as their male ego issue, unable to take that how can the girl dump them. And another new season of emotional blackmail, perseverance, and torture starts. Gaining sympathy is one weapon guys generally use with girls. They pretend to be in such pain and wretchedness that the girls commiserate them and fall in the trap and start comforting them. As the time lingers, the girl, who initially had no feelings from the heart for the guy, begins to apprehend the trap, feels ditched. She makes out everything falling in the place and the forced relationship takes the turn towards hatred and reaches height of tolerance and the friendship factor is long forgotten.
The sole motive of this whole crap is I strongly feel that contrived relationships donot work out and the friendship factor also goes in vain. And once it goes, friendship doesn’t come back.

“Rehman dhaaga prem ka mat todo chatkaye,
Jode se phirr na jude, jude to gaanthh pad jaaye”

Friday, July 4

A letter to a Father

Helping my cousin for her holidays homework, I accidentally created a poem regarding the curse of dowry. It turned out to be a nice one so I decided to put it up here. Its my first work so I dont feel bad about it being kiddish and moreover this has to be expected out of a 13 yr old mind..

Oh my dear father,
All of my life, you have taken my care,
When ever I needed you, you have always been there.

Now is the time to bid goodbye to your daughter,
But please don’t send me away to get slaughter.

The groom’s family asks for the dowry that will one day become a curse,
If only they never got satisfied, you will have to keep filling on their purse.

And if you fail to do so oh dear father,
They would either purposely kill or burn me down rather.

Car, jewellery, cash call for a celebration,
Human beings have lost their importance, this is beyond imagination.

Please find me a family, who will love me,
And who will not looking to sell their son for your money.

They will always keep me happy and gay,
And this will make me proudly say..
I love you dear father.

Slumber party

A few snapshot from the slumber party my li'l cousins and I had last night. check out the Tiaras ;)

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