Thursday, March 22

That Awkward Moment

Age is just a number. 
दिल के बहलाने को ग़ालिब ये ख़याल अच्छा है.

I will be 28 in a few months. I don't know, may be it is one of those days. This morning, this thought struck to me like a lightening bolt. 'What am I doing with my life?' Mid life crisis too soon may be. 
10 years ago, I was a proud person, an independent person who had this feeling that I have the liberty to take the decisions of my life. I dint know back then, that the decision I have been taking are not considered as life decisions.
Today, when I look back in the past 10 years, I realize that I have not taken a single decision for my life. Which I could. I did not take a decision, when I should have. But like Geet said in Jab we met, I chose this life for myself, therefore I have no right to crib about it.
I have no idea what to do and how to do. Its just a phase, I'll get back to normal in another 2-3 days I know.

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