Wednesday, February 24

Do relationships come cheap?

Case 1: The couple had been living in since past 7 years and finally they decided to get married. God only knows why. And they separated in 1 month of their marriage.

Case 2: Arranged Marriage. Girl is a perfect daughter-in-law material. She performs her duties well. Takes care of everyone in the household but doesnt talk to her husband. They separate within 2 months of marriage. The guy gets married again. And same happens all over again. They separate again within six months this time. And now the guy is looking for another marriage.

Case 3: Arranged Marriage. Both girl and guy are engineers, working. They get married after a courtship of 3 months. Honeymoon tickets booked for Singapore the next week of the wedding day. They miss the trip somehow and go to Simla instead. Girl doesnt come back with the husband, rather returns to the PG she was residing at before her marriage. Separation.

I am not making this up. Recently I have heard of such 3 break ups in my close relatives. Case 1 is from Mumbai, 2 from Kolkata and and third one in Delhi.

Off late, I have been hearing of many break ups. Break ups as in divorces. Divorces of newly wed couples. I might be unaware of, but I guess this is a new trend developing in Metros. People get married, and separate in a few days of their marriage. Not just in arranged marriages but even in Love marriages.

I might not be the right person to comment on relationships. Or marriages. You may call me stuck in old times. But I still think marriages are relationships for lifetime. There are extreme situations when there is no other alternative left except divorces, but not even trying to settle in and taking a step as huge as this is insanity.

Oh yeah there is another aspect that there is no use dragging a relationship which doesnt work out. But then, who forced into getting married in the first part?

All right. Even if you were forced into the marriage, how do you after getting married think it is okay to break it up. It doesnt simply get into my mind.

Speaking of relationships, this new show on Bindass Channel called the "Emotional Attyachar". This show, I guess has got a high TRP. In my opinion, whatever they do on the show is totally offensive. They spy on a person. And show it on National Television. This could be a scripted show as every other reality show. If it is, I say Kudos to the creative team. If it isnt, I dont understand why do these people come to the show if in any case they are going to lose the relationship. They conduct so called 'loyalty test' on their partner. If their partner cheats, they dump them, and if they dont cheat, why would they stay in a relationship where their partner doesnt trust them.

As I understand it, relationships come cheap. As a famous Aamir Khan Dialogue goes 'Aaj Pooja, Kal koi dooja'! bleh!

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