Friday, September 11

I hate Milk!!

I hate milk. Absolutely.
And I love that Jingle form our childhood that says "Piyo glass full dhoodh". But that doesnt make me not puke pver the sight of it..
I know, many of you would say, it is very essential, it is a complete diet, being a woman you need to drink milk, it is a source of calcium and blah blah..
But excuse me. I am not taking any of those.
I have hated milk ever since I can recall.. I was made to drink milk when I was young. My mom has used every possible flavor and every possible method to fool me and make me drink milk. But no. No More. I HATE MILK.
People who coincide with this disliking of mine, lets form a club where we can discuss the ways to avoid milk and invent new excuses :D
And people who like Milk, please you can come back some other time.
And those who Love Milk, Sorry. I guess we had companionship till today only.
Yes. I am irritated. very much. Only because of milk. Because, I Hate Milk.

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