Friday, February 27

What is it all about?

I wanted to share another incidence with you guys- my bua (dad's sis) believes in astrology and all and she took me to an astrologer (that is another torture story, some other time). There was a guy with his mother who was getting horoscopes matched.

The case was a love story, the astrologer was sayi
ng that this is not a suitable match as the girl’s stars dint match with the guy's so the guy could fall fatally ill after the wedding. The guy's mother seemed scared, but the guy was cool, he rather asked the astrologer if this union would not harm the girl. The astrologer said, it will be okay with her.. And he told her mother that we won’t tell this thing to girl's family.
Other people present over there were all stunned on the guy's reaction and started whispering things like 'love is blind' and stuff..

Yes, I agree it was brave of the guy and totally in love with the girl, but on the second thoughts, God forbids, if such thing happens to them after the wedding, the problem guy shall face can’t be overseen, but what about the girl? If something happens to the guy, the girl shall remain alone to suffer..

It isn't fair as far as my logic understand that. Tell me your stakes guys. Please note that I am not talking about belief in Astrology.

Tuesday, February 24

A so-not-ordinary tale V

Read Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV

And the entrepreneur of the year award goes to... MR. GHAINT!!
With this award, he announced his retirement and also the successor to his empire- his daughter Ms. Dimple. To congratulate him personally, type CONG space your message and send it to 555555.

She switched off her television. 40 years, s
he thought. And he named his daughter after me.. She picked up her cell phone and typed the message.
CONG I knew I would see you someday on TV.

Half an hour later, her phone rang, private number calling..
“Dimple? Is that you?”

“Ghaint? Congratulations..”
“I knew you could not hold back after seeing me on TV”

“and your daughter..”

“Yes that’s your name Dimple..”

“That’s so sweet of u..”

“How’s your family? How’s Vikram??”

“He passed away two years back in a car accident.”

“Oh I am sorry.. For not being there when you needed me..”
“Its all right.. How about Nikita?”
Oh.. She has pursued the path of moksha.. Learning the Art of living..”
“Don’t tell me”

“I am telling you”
“Should I be sorry??”

“oh no, no need.. But I miss her, she was a good wife..”

“I understand.. After Vikram..”
“So where are you now?”

“Nainitaal. I love this place. Vikram built us a cottage here to spend our late years. He ditched me, but then I came here alone..”

“Alone?? Are you crazy?? I am coming tomorrow..”
“Its all right. I am doing fine..”

“I am coming tomorrow.”

And he disconnected.

Next day, when her door bell rang, she found those teenage butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She opened the door and they stood looking at each other for a while.
She asked him to come in and he embraced her in a tight hug. It was affectionate and warm, of old friends.
She made him coffee and they sat talking about the beauty of the town.
All of sudden, he said "you have aged gracefully, u
look beautiful than ever".
She bantered "but you have a receding hair line"
“Abhi to main jawan hoon" he sang.
"You are humming a 150 years old song and say you are young. How ironic"
And this made them roll laughing.

They had dinner and sat on the couch talking, about each other's lives. That’s when he said "I have missed you in my life- in each high and low, I wanted you to be there, to have stood by me"
"I too have missed you"

"I am sorry Dimple."
"No Ghaint, I have been very happy with Vikram."

"I am sure you have been. But I still want you.. Badly. Its not too late, we can still start afresh"
And he hugged her tight.

“Do you remember I always used to say that I wanted to die in your arms?” Dimple muttered after a while.
"Thanks for granting that wish of mine"

“What rubbish Dimple?” And he jerked her away from the embrace.
"Dimple!! Dimple!! No you can’t do that to me.
Open your eyes Dimple!!”

Her eyes were closed. Her face had a startling glow. She had a blindening aura. Her wish was granted..

Monday, February 23

25 Today!!

Tag time again!!

Arjun tagged me, but since I have had the perplexity already on FB, so it wasn't difficult to copy and paste it here :D
And, with this tag, I pledge not to do more than one tag per month :D

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about YOU. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I do not like to talk about myself very often. But I keep on doing it every now and then over then blog is a different story, and isn't blogging all about that?

2. I always wanted to get into a creative field as a professional, but sometimes, you have to compromise in life with your ambitions and now I have learnt to be patient.

3. I am more of a listener than a talker. Not because I do not have things to talk about but because, my thoughts generally aren’t understood by normal people and they bring up controversies.

4. I am a calm person, I avoid controversies, I do not like getting into arguments, though discussions are welcome. I avoid getting annoyed with anyone over anything- it is difficult to provoke me, but in case, if any kind of discrepancies set in, it is hard for me to let them go and get back to normal again.

5. I am a sociable person otherwise, I like meeting people, talking to them, learning new things, but when it comes to having friends, I am not very generous :D, i.e. I do not be friends with every other person.

6. I have an unlimited appetite for knowledge. I love reading, surfing Internet for the sole purpose of knowing more things.

7. Blogging has been a milestone in my life. I can express myself more often and without any constraints. I came across many people whose thoughts I could decipher and found some real good friends too.

8. I love watching movies. Genre doesn't hurdle me from watching a movie. Bollywood is changing for good and I am loving it. Hollywood makes great movies already, but I have a different stake when it comes to reviews. i may or may not like the movie as such, but I still like to watch the movie, I can recall only movies which I quit in between are Yuuvraaj and Drona.

9. I love GOD though I aint very spiritual.

10. I have a hell load of Attitude. And I take pride in it.

11. What irritates me the most is when I talk some sense or fact to someone, and they being unaware are not ready to even listen to me and only contradict.

12. I love dancing. I feel it is an expression in itself. But I do not contest ever in competitions as I dance for myself and not to prove on others.

13. I hate people who keep on crying on spilt milk. Whatever happened has happened, u can’t correct it, u can just make the future better by learning from your past.

14. I believe you do not have to go through things yourself to learn, one can always learn from others' experiences as well.

15. I hate public display of emotions. One has to be very special to have seen a tear in my eyes.

16. Everyone have their own problems, so I do not like troubling them more by discussing mine with them; one- they do not have enough time to think over yours, and two- they can’t do anything to solve them. You always have to help yourself.

17. I just can’t- 'cant' be dependent on anyone. That’s why I believe in Jugaad technology- I am a jack of all trades (master of none is just another issue)

18. I have a song for every situation.

19. One thing I've learnt in life is- nobody is nobody's friend. Everyone has a need to fulfil- some have emotional needs, some have selfish needs, some just use others.

20. Suspense thrillers still remain my fave genre of reading, but I am now reading the classics, to know what they are like to be so acclaimed. Also, I find it difficult to read romance- and the story I am doing on the blog is just an experiment.

21. Yes, I sometimes torture myself.

22. I have a very soft corner for orphans, i volunteer at Red Cross.

23. hehe, yes at times I too feel like flying away from this bad bad world :D

24. I am a hard core logical person. I need sound logic behind everything.

25. I believe in rituals and like following them.

Now, I take the opportunity of tagging everyone who is reading it. :D
On the other hand, I would love to read
Anwesa, Divya, Harshi, Jagjit, Mahul, Mayz, Raka, Riya, Sid, Seher, Tara, Twisted Elegance :D
I hope you guys wont let me down ;)


Also, I have to express my gratitude to Divya for these special gifts she bestowed me with on the birthday of her blog 'Petals and Pebbles'. Thanks loadz buddy, you are equally admired :)

Friday, February 20

A so-not-ordinary tale IV

Read Part I, Part II, Part III


It was her alarm. She woke up with a faint smile recalling the last night's mushy dream.
She had taken an off from work that day as she had to attend a friends wedding. When she told Ghaint about it, he had simply asked
"and when are you getting married?" she had simply answered "as soon as my folks fix me up".

It was just last night and this morning, her mom told her that they have fixed up a meeting for her with a guy the coming weekend. She was numb!!
But then she gave it a thorough thought, she recalled the day when she had brought up the issue with Ghaint. She was bitten by the love bug those days, while Ghaint was withdrawn.
"lets figure out na something, it is killing to think about being with someone else while being in Love with you"
"you suggest something"

"if you agree, I can wait for you.."

"but that's not feasible nor is it logical. I have not taken a decision on my life as yet."

She had never talked about it again.

Dimple finally decided to show up for the meeting.
As the day approached new, her anxiety kept on building up. On the night before the meeting, she was very nervous and scared that she could not think of anything else and ended up calling Ghaint. All he could manage was "
do not worry, everything will be all right", he comforted her and guided her to behave normally with the guy.
Next day, when she arrived at the pre decided restaurant, she spotted Vikram in a white bush-shirt comfortably seated on the couch waiting for her.
When she approached him, he stood up and greeted her, he looked even handsome live than in his photographs. The very first thing he said was "I feel very weird in this kind of arrangement, lets cut the formalities and start with being friends. What say?"
Dimple smiled and shook his hand. She had a click in the back of her mind that this guy wasn't a despo waiting for the first chance to screw things up but a genuinely decent guy.
She spent an hour with him and the meeting had turned into an old friends reunion kind of thing. Before she left, he had asked her to see her again if their families permitted and then decide. She had a feeling even if the things do not work out for the unison, they could be friends after all.
Later that night, she told Ghaint about the meeting and he was equally excited to know about the guy. He said "do tell him next time, that you come in a package deal with me" and this called for a laugh.
After another few meetings with Vikram, she agreed to marry him.

Ghaint texted her "finally the dooms day has arrived- my only friend is getting married". She did not reply at all.

It was very hard for her. But she was strong enough. She had prepared herself. She remembered how once drenched in love, Ghaint had sent her a handwritten poem but she, detached those days, had said "In DDLJ, when Kajol returns from Europe, she tells her mom 'wo hawa ke ek tez jhonke ki tarah aaya aur mujhe pata hi nahi chal ke main kab uske saath udti chali gayi'; Please do not be that hawa ka jhonka"

Ghaint had replied "okay, ill try my level best"

The wedding day was approaching, the time was running out. Her banters with Ghaint kept shrinking. He was moving away from her, she had expected it. He avoided her calls and did not reply to her texts.
Irritated, she texted him "Why is it are you avoiding me? We are still friends and we knew this day would come"

"I am not avoiding you, I am just giving you time to spend with Vikram. he is the one you ll be spending your life with"
"Its not about Vikram, its about YOU and I"
"We are still friends and will always be."
"When are you coming for the wedding?"
"On the day itself, if my exams do not get scheduled"
"Dare you miss the wedding, I do not give a damn about your exams"
"I too want to be there, I have to see the Idiot who is in love with you."

~next and hopefully the concluding part coming soon~

Wednesday, February 18

Of wedding season and My involvement

Yes, this is whay has been keeping me busy and unabling to catch up with all your blogs.
It was my one of closest friend's wedding this 15th of Feb in Chandigarh. With this, all my friends are married now and the
'peer pressure' has reached the danger level. Now another wedding and it will overflow and flood.
Anyways, coming back to the post, the wedding was in Chandigarh, and since my friend's father-in-law is
deputy registrar in Panjab Univ Chandigarh, the staying arrangements were made in the University Campus guest house, and to add to the excitement, the youth festival was going on- Valentines day special. :D
We reached the campus on 14th Feb in the evening and it was time to check out the stuff, gawk and have some fun.. ;)
Divya- another friend and I started for a stroll in the campus and wow!! what a campus. We are proud of our GND Univ campus at Amritsar, but the pride kept sweeping away every second we looked at the PU campus. It covers a large estate- almost 2 complete sectors of the capital!!
Now, first place we landed at was the Giant Wheel :D, bought tickets and stood waiting for our turn to get on and cherish the childhood memories..
It was damn fun, loved every bit of it, though Divya was a li'l scared in the beginning, but with increasing velocity, she too started enjoying it.
As we walked more in the campus, the Rose garden had Rose festival going on too, had loads of fun over there- lovely flowers, lovely people- baby show was going on too :D
Check out some clicks..

Okay, since we were both newbies to the campus, we thought of asking someone if there was something else worth seeing in the campus, we saw a guy approaching us and before he could say something, I shot the question at him, I guess it was a blunder, the guy was he- Basanti (of the legendry Sholay). Once he started talking, we could not find an escape. OMG!! I had a funny thought about him- that he might have had a notion that if he shut his mouth even for a moment, it would stick so he kept talking to avoid that :P
Finally, I had to tell him that we ll see him some-other-time..

After a long stroll, it was time to get ready for the function- ring ceremony, we went back put on our dancing shoes and reached the venue..
For those who are not acquainted with what a Punjabi wedding is like, it is huge, grandeur, pomp and show, food, dance and drinks!!

The function was good, the USP was the powerpoint slide show they ran of the growing up pictures Bride and the Groom since their birth till date, celebrating togetherness.. :)

Next day was the wedding, it was really grand, here are the pictures..

For a change, the bride did not cry at all at the time of vidai.. Albeit all her family was crying, and for a change, I found myself tearful too though I despise public display of emotion and I dint shed even one tear at my closest friend's wedding few months back!

And for all my girl friends, the main attraction of the post is- finally, I managed to get my hair curled!! Since I have very straight hair, that curls dont ever last even 30 minutes and I badly wanted to have a different hair do, for I have been monotoned with my hair. But this time, hats off to the hair dresser, they lasted one whole day, though he had guaranteed the spirals to stay till the next hair wash, but I knew, one brush down and they ll be gone.. But anyways, i loved them :)

(Left)Thats my original hair; (Right) After 2 hours & 350 bucks at Lakme Saloon

Friday, February 13

A so-not-ordinary tale III

Read Part I and Part II

"Office nahi jana?"
Dimple was jerked back into present with her mother's voice.
"Coming mumma" she replied and got ready for another hectic day at work.
Before she started her work at office, she checked her emails, no mails from Ghaint, 'okay', she though and resumed her work.
She was heading home after a tiring day when her cell phone rang.

Ghaint calling..
"where are you?"
"I am on my way back home."
"Okay get back when you get home."
"yeah, I too got something to talk to you."
"Miss you"
"I too"

She disconnected.

When she lay in her bed after a long banter with Ghaint later that night, the flashback resumed from the scene, she had put it in the halt that morning.

Love was in the air. Dimple was drenched in the sweet words Ghaint used to tell her, the songs he sung to her.
She hadn't felt this way ever before. Ghaint was turning out to be a dream come true which she never even dreamt of.
Their relationship was a perfect one, understanding without stating, giving without expecting.
Only exception was they had different priorities in life. And they knew it since day 1.
Dimple was preparing herself for the job she had to join in the coming months and Ghaint was preparing for the entrance exams he had to take.
The days got busy for Ghaint.
Realizing this, a month later he told "I am sorry I brought you to this".
"I volunteered to come along, you dint forcefully bring me"
she replied. That was the end of the issue.
Dimple had joined her work, which was very hard and she could not devote much time talking to him.
They had channelized their feelings for each other and had become best friends again. She detached herself completely from him, she avoided even thinking about the days filled with love.

But they still felt blessed to have found each other.

Ghiant appeared for the exams and was successfully selected for his destiny.
Finally the day arrived when Ghaint had to move away. It was a heart breaking day for both of them.

~next part coming soon~

Wednesday, February 11

Why do all Good Things come to an End?

First things first- yes, you have reached the same place, your very own 'Bare Twaddle'. Just that it is growing up and a few changes shall pertain. I could find no other apter title than 'Redefining Abstractións' for the blog, it means the same, somewhat maturer. :) Just stay tuned.

The title of this post I am talking about the same wonderful number by Nelly Furtado.
She says:

Flames to dust
Lovers to friends
Why do all good things come to an end...

i wonder at times, do all the good things come to an end? While we comfort someone, to lift up a friend's mood or to cheer up a buddy going through a low moments, we generally say things like 'bad times shall pass' or 'every dark cloud has a silver lining', but then provoking thoughts, all good things too come to an end.

I am an optimist, I firmly believe that things shall be okay.. On second thoughts, last night, I was watching this movie- Luck by Chance. (No, I am not gonna write a review of this movie, neither am I a go-go over Farhan Akhtar). Movie was all right, but the climax touched me particularly.
Its when Farhan Akhtar returns to Konkona, he tells her that he is sorry for what he did to her, and he thinks a lot about her, how had she stood by him in low times, and how she believed him when nobody did. And he apologises and asks her to come back.
The response of Konkana was unusually good for Hindi movies. She doesn't want to return back to him and so tells him that it is okay, she knows he is selfish and he proved that again. The things he told her were all about him that he needs her and he wants her to be his anchor, but never thought about her as an individual. what she wants, what she needs.

I loved the way how logically they portrayed that its not bad to think about yourself- after everything you do for the other person. At the end of the day, you are alone.. By yourself..

Sunday, February 8

A so-not-ordinary tale II

Read Part I- here.

Beep Beep!!
Dimple struggled to open her eyes to read the text message.
"I am falling in love with u all over again" it read.
The six inch curve appeared on her face as she pulled the blanket over her face and closed her eyes again.
She fumbled for her cellphone with closed eyes in the bed first thing in the morning before opening her eyes and read the text again. It said

"I am falling in love with u all over again".
Sender: Ghaint.
Recieved 2 am.

'Spare me God' she prayed getting out of the bed lazily. 'Is he prone to some kind of fits' she thought. 'when I am gushed in love, he doesnt feel and when I start detching myself, the cupid finds him out of the blues..'
The thoughts rail drove her down the memory lane. How had she met him- in the youth festival, their attchment, their friendship and his birthday a month later. They had become 'best friends ever' in a short time of days.

She wanted to wish him at 12, but something stopped her, she disconnected the call thrice after dialling and finally sent him a text wishing him birthday.
And his reply "it would have felt better if u had called up. thnx anyways". She had recognized the anguish in that text. She thought 'how could it be? i havent known him for even a month..'
The ceaseless text messages between them had become so addictive for her, harldy a minute would pass without a message.
She had been expecting the explosion any day since his birthday. And it happened a week later. He was not talking to her. She texted him, called him, but he dint reply. She was getting impatient. And finally she texted him

"why are you behaving wierd? are u annoyed or wat?

and he replied "practicing a day without you.."
"wuss the need? I aint going anywhere yet."
"what if you do, I am getting addicted to you"
"I dunno what to say.. I am already addicted I guess..."
"say.. donot stop yourself"
"Ïts very strange, it has only been a month since I know you, but I cant help falling for u"
"I hope u donot regret it?"
"ohkay, so you aint feeling the same way? or will u keep on asking me?"
"Would it be okay if I say 'I do'?"
"My heartbeat must be around 200bpm now, u r giving me goosebumps"
"my my!! Hold me near hold me tight, lemme feel those beats ;) "

And it went on and on till 5 in the morning as their fingers went sore of typing the messages..

~next part coming soon~

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