Wednesday, February 18

Of wedding season and My involvement

Yes, this is whay has been keeping me busy and unabling to catch up with all your blogs.
It was my one of closest friend's wedding this 15th of Feb in Chandigarh. With this, all my friends are married now and the
'peer pressure' has reached the danger level. Now another wedding and it will overflow and flood.
Anyways, coming back to the post, the wedding was in Chandigarh, and since my friend's father-in-law is
deputy registrar in Panjab Univ Chandigarh, the staying arrangements were made in the University Campus guest house, and to add to the excitement, the youth festival was going on- Valentines day special. :D
We reached the campus on 14th Feb in the evening and it was time to check out the stuff, gawk and have some fun.. ;)
Divya- another friend and I started for a stroll in the campus and wow!! what a campus. We are proud of our GND Univ campus at Amritsar, but the pride kept sweeping away every second we looked at the PU campus. It covers a large estate- almost 2 complete sectors of the capital!!
Now, first place we landed at was the Giant Wheel :D, bought tickets and stood waiting for our turn to get on and cherish the childhood memories..
It was damn fun, loved every bit of it, though Divya was a li'l scared in the beginning, but with increasing velocity, she too started enjoying it.
As we walked more in the campus, the Rose garden had Rose festival going on too, had loads of fun over there- lovely flowers, lovely people- baby show was going on too :D
Check out some clicks..

Okay, since we were both newbies to the campus, we thought of asking someone if there was something else worth seeing in the campus, we saw a guy approaching us and before he could say something, I shot the question at him, I guess it was a blunder, the guy was he- Basanti (of the legendry Sholay). Once he started talking, we could not find an escape. OMG!! I had a funny thought about him- that he might have had a notion that if he shut his mouth even for a moment, it would stick so he kept talking to avoid that :P
Finally, I had to tell him that we ll see him some-other-time..

After a long stroll, it was time to get ready for the function- ring ceremony, we went back put on our dancing shoes and reached the venue..
For those who are not acquainted with what a Punjabi wedding is like, it is huge, grandeur, pomp and show, food, dance and drinks!!

The function was good, the USP was the powerpoint slide show they ran of the growing up pictures Bride and the Groom since their birth till date, celebrating togetherness.. :)

Next day was the wedding, it was really grand, here are the pictures..

For a change, the bride did not cry at all at the time of vidai.. Albeit all her family was crying, and for a change, I found myself tearful too though I despise public display of emotion and I dint shed even one tear at my closest friend's wedding few months back!

And for all my girl friends, the main attraction of the post is- finally, I managed to get my hair curled!! Since I have very straight hair, that curls dont ever last even 30 minutes and I badly wanted to have a different hair do, for I have been monotoned with my hair. But this time, hats off to the hair dresser, they lasted one whole day, though he had guaranteed the spirals to stay till the next hair wash, but I knew, one brush down and they ll be gone.. But anyways, i loved them :)

(Left)Thats my original hair; (Right) After 2 hours & 350 bucks at Lakme Saloon

27 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Harshita said...


The new hair-look is good. :)

And I loved the black churidaar u wore... U luk really gr8!!

I understand... ab mummy bolegi... puttar sab da vyaah ho gaya... hunn tera vi hona chahida hain...

hehe.. mere se poochon I have been hearing tht a lot. ;)

mayz said...

wow!!! d new hairtsyle looks really cool...but u look good in ur natural look too...infact both r equally good to gawk over :P

oh n yeah PU is amazin...did u c their audi in d middle of dat waterbody...that jus took my breath away

Kartz said...

*ahem* Uber cool hair-do... :)

So someone's painted the city red, all right! ;)



Jagjit said...

350 and 2 hours was worth it :)

Divya said...

hahahaha! ab toh dulha dhoondo mission tighten ho jayega :P
and the hairdo wasn't very clear on the orkut display.. now that i see it.. it's great! models jaise :P :D
you've got wow hair babe!

Tara said...

Oh! I so love Punjabi fact have to attend one in a few days. :) And girl, you look great, nice, healthy, lustrous black hair! And Chandigarh is a great place. I remember we stayed in PU's girls hostel as a part of a workshop. And the market is an awesome place...specially Stu-C. Have fun! Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooooohhhh naaaaiceeeeeeeeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

You're so pretty. :)

яノςんム said...

@ Harshi
:D thnx babes!!
n it isnt a chudidaar, it is a mermaid dress :D

n u r late, for u,

яノςんム said...

@ mayz
gawking over ?? i hope tht wasnt sarcastic :P

yeah, PU is mind blowing man!!
tht audi u talkin about is juz awesome!!

яノςんム said...

@ kartz
wow!! *blushing* ;)
thnx :D

яノςんム said...

@ Jagjit
hehe thnx, there is another story behind 350 bucks, ill narrate tht too soon :D

яノςんム said...

@ Divya
yeah babes, dun ask me how hard it is getting :P
thnx sweetie :D

яノςんム said...

@ tara
Yeah punjabi weddings are awesome, n sply if the wedding is of sum1 close, u gotta have a lot of fun :D

thnx buddy :)

yeah PU is breathtakingly beautiful!!

яノςんム said...

@ seher
wow!! thnx :D

яノςんム said...

@ Ki
i hope ths a compliment :D
well, i accept it, cuz its not everyday :D

Ria said...

Nice hair do babe!good to knw tht u had a good time at the wedding. The pics are really good!! :)

Towards reclamation said...

WHY ? Why would you want to mess with straight hair ??? I dont get it ... he he sorry for tht .. i hv a weakness for straight hair on girls .. the first thing tht catches my attention in a girl are the eyes and next is the hair.. (also i hold this blog to be a family one ... ;))

Arjun said...

so had gr8 fun..!! gr8.. :)

yeah..!! Now get ready with ur ears.... now that all ur frnds r married.. ;)


Arjun said...

And i've tagged u... drop by sometime.. ;)

яノςんム said...

@ Ria
thnx babes!! :D

яノςんム said...

@ Sid

:D i understand ur state of mind, but do not worry, tht was temporary, i m back to normal once again, u can have ur eye candy on the left pic ;)

wow u n i look for same things in the opposite person :D

yes, indeed it is a family blog :D

яノςんム said...

@ arjun
hehe yep, u know about the mission dulha dhoondo..

n yes about th tag, i did it recently on FB :D will copy paste it here too :D

yeah, apologies for not visiting, will catch up soon :)


Pranav Kumar V said...

Great pics!! :D

Seriously!! A campus treatment is awesome anywhere!! We even had peacocks behind our campus Guest House when I was there for mu cuz's wedding!!

And did you know Lakme` is derived from Lakshmi?? As in Goddess Lakshmi!!

I was shocked!! Its completely a desi brand!!

Have fun!! See you when I see you... :)

Rakesh said...

panju wedding are real fun specially the food...recently my friends bro got married and dint we have a blast during that time.
BTw the blog looks nice

Free-Fallin' said...

ha, ha! wow, i'm from chandigarh, though i don't live there no more, but your post sure brings back fun memories of the univ campus, valentine's hoopla, and the gedi-route madness!
PS: i liked your natural-hair look better...:)

sublimefeeling said...

Gawd.. really its a danger zone.. with my buddies n cousins all hooked up lately n now into reproducing... :D
Nice pics.. with tht sweet smile of urs.. :)
nvr knew ur blog is with so much of one on one girlie masala posts..

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