Friday, February 13

A so-not-ordinary tale III

Read Part I and Part II

"Office nahi jana?"
Dimple was jerked back into present with her mother's voice.
"Coming mumma" she replied and got ready for another hectic day at work.
Before she started her work at office, she checked her emails, no mails from Ghaint, 'okay', she though and resumed her work.
She was heading home after a tiring day when her cell phone rang.

Ghaint calling..
"where are you?"
"I am on my way back home."
"Okay get back when you get home."
"yeah, I too got something to talk to you."
"Miss you"
"I too"

She disconnected.

When she lay in her bed after a long banter with Ghaint later that night, the flashback resumed from the scene, she had put it in the halt that morning.

Love was in the air. Dimple was drenched in the sweet words Ghaint used to tell her, the songs he sung to her.
She hadn't felt this way ever before. Ghaint was turning out to be a dream come true which she never even dreamt of.
Their relationship was a perfect one, understanding without stating, giving without expecting.
Only exception was they had different priorities in life. And they knew it since day 1.
Dimple was preparing herself for the job she had to join in the coming months and Ghaint was preparing for the entrance exams he had to take.
The days got busy for Ghaint.
Realizing this, a month later he told "I am sorry I brought you to this".
"I volunteered to come along, you dint forcefully bring me"
she replied. That was the end of the issue.
Dimple had joined her work, which was very hard and she could not devote much time talking to him.
They had channelized their feelings for each other and had become best friends again. She detached herself completely from him, she avoided even thinking about the days filled with love.

But they still felt blessed to have found each other.

Ghiant appeared for the exams and was successfully selected for his destiny.
Finally the day arrived when Ghaint had to move away. It was a heart breaking day for both of them.

~next part coming soon~

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This story gets more and more interesting! I'm eaqgerly awaiting the next part! :D

Anonymous said...

me toooooooooooo!!
oye where have you been anyway???
givin me no love for the love season :(

Phoenix said...

ohhh... breathtakingly beautiful... :D

ANWESA said...

waitin 4 nxt...getting interestin

Chriz said...

love was seriously in the air...

and the next part might be a romantic geting back together after the parting.. i hope so..

mayz said...

this is grippin!!!

Divya said...

come out with the next one! jaldi jaldiiiiiiii!

Mahul Bhattacharya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Could you please tell us how why the story is coming in so many installments??

And please do give us a happy ending, given the time of the year :D

Keshi said...

Well written Richa..I liked it.

**and the next part might be a romantic geting back together after the parting

Chriz is right...meeting again after parting always makes it more romantic :)


Jagjit said...

u're keeping me glued...
keep it coming. :)

Ria said...

mm thts interesting...waiting for the next part to come up!!

Towards reclamation said...

hmmmm ..
comments to be contd...
will come back for the 4th part ..

Harshita said...

aagey bhi jaaney naa tu... :)

Rahul said...

hey...nice post...right from the heart..this is wat I call life !! :)
Have a good day. Am delighted to be adding you as a friend.

Divya said...

you've got something on my blog :)

яノςんム said...

Thnx guys, it is really flattering to know u r liking it :)

Kartz said...

Niiiice!!! :)

How come I missed this!!?! Sorry re... Just missed it on my blogroll!

Waiting for the next part... :)


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