Sunday, February 8

A so-not-ordinary tale II

Read Part I- here.

Beep Beep!!
Dimple struggled to open her eyes to read the text message.
"I am falling in love with u all over again" it read.
The six inch curve appeared on her face as she pulled the blanket over her face and closed her eyes again.
She fumbled for her cellphone with closed eyes in the bed first thing in the morning before opening her eyes and read the text again. It said

"I am falling in love with u all over again".
Sender: Ghaint.
Recieved 2 am.

'Spare me God' she prayed getting out of the bed lazily. 'Is he prone to some kind of fits' she thought. 'when I am gushed in love, he doesnt feel and when I start detching myself, the cupid finds him out of the blues..'
The thoughts rail drove her down the memory lane. How had she met him- in the youth festival, their attchment, their friendship and his birthday a month later. They had become 'best friends ever' in a short time of days.

She wanted to wish him at 12, but something stopped her, she disconnected the call thrice after dialling and finally sent him a text wishing him birthday.
And his reply "it would have felt better if u had called up. thnx anyways". She had recognized the anguish in that text. She thought 'how could it be? i havent known him for even a month..'
The ceaseless text messages between them had become so addictive for her, harldy a minute would pass without a message.
She had been expecting the explosion any day since his birthday. And it happened a week later. He was not talking to her. She texted him, called him, but he dint reply. She was getting impatient. And finally she texted him

"why are you behaving wierd? are u annoyed or wat?

and he replied "practicing a day without you.."
"wuss the need? I aint going anywhere yet."
"what if you do, I am getting addicted to you"
"I dunno what to say.. I am already addicted I guess..."
"say.. donot stop yourself"
"Ïts very strange, it has only been a month since I know you, but I cant help falling for u"
"I hope u donot regret it?"
"ohkay, so you aint feeling the same way? or will u keep on asking me?"
"Would it be okay if I say 'I do'?"
"My heartbeat must be around 200bpm now, u r giving me goosebumps"
"my my!! Hold me near hold me tight, lemme feel those beats ;) "

And it went on and on till 5 in the morning as their fingers went sore of typing the messages..

~next part coming soon~

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ANWESA said...

hmm..gud goin till now.eager 2 read d nxt part..

Jagjit said...

Nice story. Gripping. What next???

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Why do you have to make it in parts!

Tushar Mangl said...

Pad ke
Next part jaldi likhooooo

Towards reclamation said...

he he ... it is just not my kind of a story :) .. but it is a very sweet one ...
y not my kond ?? well i feel emotions are far too complex to be kept simple ... as in ... they are very simple of you look at them ... but keeping them simple when in them becomes complex .. :)

Scribblers Inc said...

seems to be goin good...just a lil friendly word...avoid the a spell check...makes the story a lot more fun! :D

Scribblers Inc.

Anonymous said...


Ria said...

nice write up babe!waiting for the next part...

Pranav Kumar V said...

was wondering how I missed part I!! Of course!! Its last Oct I see... hmmm... swollen, sleepy eyes!! :| Sorry for the delay, but I'll read them in the morning or noon!! see you then, over there!! :D

Kartz said...

At long last... A story! And a neat one at that! :)

Waiting for the next part...

Peace. Be well.

Harshita said...

Chalo part likho jaldi

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

You writing a love story is a bit weird. But eagerly waiting for part II.

Let's see how you end this. :D

Mahul Bhattacharya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mayz said...

sounds even better coz it looks striaght outta my life

Richa said...

@ Everyone

thnx for reading and writing in :)
next part coming soon :)

@ Sid,
emotions when u talk about with me, i feel empty :D

@ Scribblers,
thnx for poinitng out, i generally do tht, it nyt have slipped my mind this time :)

Divya said...

aawwww.. i'm falling in love with these ppl too! :D

Towards reclamation said...

feeling empty does not mean u are devoid of them dear .. it simply means u r replete with the emotion which creates an emptiness ... again emotional and emotions are totally different .. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

Uhmmmmmmm..something is cooking very mouth watering:):)
Keep up the good work!


Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...


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