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A so-not-ordinary tale IV

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It was her alarm. She woke up with a faint smile recalling the last night's mushy dream.
She had taken an off from work that day as she had to attend a friends wedding. When she told Ghaint about it, he had simply asked
"and when are you getting married?" she had simply answered "as soon as my folks fix me up".

It was just last night and this morning, her mom told her that they have fixed up a meeting for her with a guy the coming weekend. She was numb!!
But then she gave it a thorough thought, she recalled the day when she had brought up the issue with Ghaint. She was bitten by the love bug those days, while Ghaint was withdrawn.
"lets figure out na something, it is killing to think about being with someone else while being in Love with you"
"you suggest something"

"if you agree, I can wait for you.."

"but that's not feasible nor is it logical. I have not taken a decision on my life as yet."

She had never talked about it again.

Dimple finally decided to show up for the meeting.
As the day approached new, her anxiety kept on building up. On the night before the meeting, she was very nervous and scared that she could not think of anything else and ended up calling Ghaint. All he could manage was "
do not worry, everything will be all right", he comforted her and guided her to behave normally with the guy.
Next day, when she arrived at the pre decided restaurant, she spotted Vikram in a white bush-shirt comfortably seated on the couch waiting for her.
When she approached him, he stood up and greeted her, he looked even handsome live than in his photographs. The very first thing he said was "I feel very weird in this kind of arrangement, lets cut the formalities and start with being friends. What say?"
Dimple smiled and shook his hand. She had a click in the back of her mind that this guy wasn't a despo waiting for the first chance to screw things up but a genuinely decent guy.
She spent an hour with him and the meeting had turned into an old friends reunion kind of thing. Before she left, he had asked her to see her again if their families permitted and then decide. She had a feeling even if the things do not work out for the unison, they could be friends after all.
Later that night, she told Ghaint about the meeting and he was equally excited to know about the guy. He said "do tell him next time, that you come in a package deal with me" and this called for a laugh.
After another few meetings with Vikram, she agreed to marry him.

Ghaint texted her "finally the dooms day has arrived- my only friend is getting married". She did not reply at all.

It was very hard for her. But she was strong enough. She had prepared herself. She remembered how once drenched in love, Ghaint had sent her a handwritten poem but she, detached those days, had said "In DDLJ, when Kajol returns from Europe, she tells her mom 'wo hawa ke ek tez jhonke ki tarah aaya aur mujhe pata hi nahi chal ke main kab uske saath udti chali gayi'; Please do not be that hawa ka jhonka"

Ghaint had replied "okay, ill try my level best"

The wedding day was approaching, the time was running out. Her banters with Ghaint kept shrinking. He was moving away from her, she had expected it. He avoided her calls and did not reply to her texts.
Irritated, she texted him "Why is it are you avoiding me? We are still friends and we knew this day would come"

"I am not avoiding you, I am just giving you time to spend with Vikram. he is the one you ll be spending your life with"
"Its not about Vikram, its about YOU and I"
"We are still friends and will always be."
"When are you coming for the wedding?"
"On the day itself, if my exams do not get scheduled"
"Dare you miss the wedding, I do not give a damn about your exams"
"I too want to be there, I have to see the Idiot who is in love with you."

~next and hopefully the concluding part coming soon~

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Jagjit said...

Nice build up. Hope the conclusion is happy. Is it?

Divya said...

hmmm hmmm hmmm... aage??

ANWESA said...

interesting!!!waiting 4 d final part n xpect a real big twist..

mayz said...

ok call me a dampener but i vote for vikram!!! :)

ok m lovin this series...awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Vikram too. He's not shady like Ghaint! :P

Anonymous said...

waa waa woooommm... its shaping up neat!! :)

Anonymous said...

waa waa woooommm... its shaping up neat!! :)

Ria said...

hope u come up with the concluding part soon...cant wait to knw wht happens next. :)

Keshi said...

I hope Vikram is still gonna be the groom :)

Good going Richa!


Kartz said...

Heh heh heh, I second Mayz and Ki. Vikram!



яノςんム said...

@ Everyone
thnx guys for ur responses :)

n ill think wat I can do about Vikram.. :D

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