Wednesday, June 29

A Punch in the Face of Pyaar.

Spoiler Alert for the people who haven't yet watched Pyaar ka Punchnama. Not a review though.

Every woman who watched and liked Pyaar ka Punchnama, must have been thinking that 'Thank God I am not like any of the three girls in the movie'. Which, being honest, is not true. At some point of our lives, we've all been bitches, or done something or other if not exactly like the three women in the movie.

Just because the movie is about the male perspective which was kind of not portrayed so openly yet, and is new to us on the screen, you can not deny the truth that you haven't been like Neha- the all time cribbing, sulking, crafting and putting the blame onto the guy's shoulders; or like Charu- guiling, shrewd, just using someone for your own convenience and then throwing them out like doodh mein se makkhi; or even like Riya- indecisive and manipulative.

Someone on Twitter a few days back said they all the Indian men want this movie to be a nomination in Oscars. Not for 'Best Movie in Foreign Language' but for 'Best Documentary' category.

But that is just the male perspective. 

If the very same movie was made from the woman point of view, the sympathy totally would've been won by the girls, and the guys who have all the pity would have been termed a**holes by all of us. 

Of course, the cutest Rajat- the cry baby, emotionally unstable guy, who after living in with a girl for a while decides to leave her and walks out on her. If the movie was not the guys' POV, Rajat had been the moron of the movie. Also, Nishant a.k.a. Liquid- who would've otherwise been considered to continuously taking chances on a girl new in the office and in the town even after knowing that she has a boyfriend and is going through rough phase of the relationship. He would've been understood as the DESPO trying to manipulate an emotionally weak girl and trying to get into her pants.
And Vikrant a.k.a Chaudhry had been the similar DESPO and POSSESSIVE boyfriend. All of the three falling in the category of dorks.

No, I am still unbiased as far the battle of sexes is concerned. Read my views on the topic, in an older post here

Honestly, the difference is only of perspective. If we consider this neutrally, every married/ in a relationship man on the face of the Earth will be unhappy. So will be every woman. If somehow, everyone decides to remain 'single and happy', this way, the world can not sustain.

Besides, I really liked the movie. there were moments when I literally laughed aloud. The guys were 'not-boring', all three of them and the girls were not 'ugly'. The movie on the whole is very nice.

Also, watch the best scene of the movie here :D

Oh and the P.S.: I happen to know that 'punchnama' literally translates to 'affidavit' and not the 'punch' punch. 

Tuesday, June 28

Short and Real.

You'll never know who is what.
Nothing is predictable. Also, Nobody. No matter how much you claim to know them.

Sunday, June 26

The Amazing Case of Sub Conscious

Isn't it amazing the way our mind plays games with us. Anatomy, Neurology, I am not a geek to know much about it but it is amazing the way the brain controls us.
Dreams for example. kind of a movie playing in our sub conscious mind. I guess the maker of the first movie ever had been inspired by the dreams. 
Ever noticed the dreams come in retina eye display, LED, technicolor,  Eastman color, black and white and even sepia? Mine do. The pace they play us is unmatchable. Not even a 64x speed matches the speed of the dreams at times.
One moment you are at home, next moment, as you step out of your house, you find yourself in some other city, talking to a friend, the very next moment, you reach your college, and next, your old school. 

Time traveling, teleporting and what not. Dreams give ideas. They give solutions to problems we are unable to solve in our conscious mind, Déjà Vu is new to nobody.
I read somewhere, that according to a study, women in their dreams, see, usually people they know in real life. On the other hand, men see strangers.
Whatever be it, I find it way too amazing. Sometimes there are nightmares, but they don't stop me from looking forward to dreams. And then they want to know why am I so fond of sleeping. :D

P.S. The Sunday effect, I have been sleeping through the day and I still feel like Kumbhakarna. 

Thursday, June 23


This post is dedicated to all the people I have not exactly loved and lost.
Started my morning with a very shitty news. A worker from our factory passed away in an accident. Senior most employee of our organization. He was way past the retirement age and came to workplace because he had nothing else to do at home. He just sat and ordered the other workers around. We used to laugh about him that he behaves like he was the owner. :) I remember him from ever since I remember my life.
He was hit by a train while he was trying to go past a closed railway crossing. We Indians will never understand that the safety measures are meant for our own safety. What a cruel way. 

May the departed soul Rest in Peace.
This feeling is weird. I was shocked when I was first told the news. Then there was utter sadness. Knowing someone from all your life and suddenly finding out that they have been cruelly taken away is absolutely weird.
Somehow, I am reminded of my school bus driver- Lakhwinder uncle. I knew him ever since I remember going to school. I got to know about his demise a few moths after he actually passed away. I had passed out of school then. I had the same feeling then as well.  
The law of nature is, whoever is born has to go away. 

May God be with all and one.. 

Tuesday, June 21


There are times when we come across people who we think are our soul-mates. Who understand us, who complete us. With who, we can share our deepest, darkest secrets. With who, we can be ourselves. We can verbalize our stupid-est of thoughts and deepest desires with them.
I too have met some people like that. 
For me, every time, that has been a phase. It happened and it went away. Those people left. And then I realized those very people robbed me, they stole my dreams, took away my wishes. As if I was just a source for them. Source of Ideas. 

People use. 

Soul-mates are actually sole-mates, who become Sore-mates and also Sour-mates.

P.S. This post is NOT about Love. 

Saturday, June 18

Getting back to Reading

How much have I missed reading, I myself had no idea until I resolved on Dec 31 2010 to get back to reading. I celebrated my new years eve reading. Totally worth it. 
Been lazy, occupied or whatever be the reason, once someone who could not sleep without reading at least one chapter, no matter how tired or sleepy; and coming to not reading a single book in months, I felt ashamed of myself.
I could blame Twitter easily for that, but no. Its my own fault.

The abandoned Book Shelf cleaned and adorned for the picture.
However, I have decided to go back to reading. :)
Over last five months I have read some books
  • The Choice- Nicholas Sparks
  • 100 Selected Stories- O'Henry
  • White Tiger- Arvind Adiga
  • Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls- Anirban Bose
  • Highway on my Plate- Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma
  • Man, Woman and Child- Eric Segal (again)
  • Right Ho Jeeves- P.G. Wodehouse (currently reading)

I know its not enough to be boasted about, but seeing the track record of my past one year ( I'd rather refer to it as lost one year), it isn't bad start to get back on the track.
Special Mention to White Tiger which I read in less than 10 hours while traveling on a long route, so that makes me feel happy. Bombay Rains, Bombay Girls, too, was half read en-route, and the rest half lingered on for days, which I feel bad about.
Thank God for Flipkart.
Next books in queue are Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay. 
Given my love for the show, I am definitely going to read the whole series, no matter how many years it must take. :D Fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 16

From Lunar to Lunatic

Last night, I was up to almost the whole time to witness the Lunar Eclipse of the century. Indeed it was a divine experience and of course the opportunity of multiple lifetimes. I feel charged up today with positive energy despite the fact that I overslept today and skipped the routine workout :D
So, it happened, I was standing in the balcony with my brother to look at the brilliant view, when the brother was tired and bored to stand and decided to continue with his Mortal Combat, I stood in the balcony with my camera (Point and Shoot of course *sigh*), to get lucky and get some shots of this phenomenon. 
The shots weren't that great, but I still managed to get one or two sexy poses from the celebrity of the night, when, all of sudden, there was one huge blinding bright bolt of lightening in the sky. A few birds, must be crows, guessing from their size and shape flew around and by the time I could understand what was happening or get my camera to take a tour around, the batteries of the camera ran out and it made a bye bye sound. I was kind of surprised and shocked to see the batteries dying because I had charged them already for this show. But that was not end of the show. In fact, it was the beginning. Yes. 
The daring person I am, and I am (in)famous for it in my family, I decided to stay there and keep witnessing the cool dude getting eaten up. It was nice. Actually, brilliant, magnificent, splendid, enchanting and what not. It was an extra ordinary beauty. 
One Shot from my Point and Shoot camera.
And then, came the time when it was gone. Completely eaten up, a red ball of fire was visible. How I wish I could click that picture. It was so very sexy, making me want to fall in love. The whole phenomenon turned into divinity.
It was when I started seeing or imagining or visualizing moving shadows of like a wolf face and paws in whatever was visible of the moon after full eclipse. With my camera dead and my phone unable to capture the beauty or spookiness, I was left with nothing to record that very moment, I picked my iPod and typed this as status on Facebook. 

 "My camera batteries ran out all of sudden and I can see shadows moving in whatever is visible of the moon after the full eclipse. This is NOT a set of a horror movie. If I am found dead, treat this as my testament."

As soon as I tapped the 'Share' button over there, thanks to Punjab State Electricity Board, there was a power cut resulting in interrupted wi-fi connection which dint post my status. Honestly, I freaked out for one moment. 
But then, the guts returned and I everything went back to beautiful. The wi-fi resumed and the status was posted. I was way too tired and bugged by the mosquitoes by the time the moon remained eclipsed and before it could resume being uncovered, I had slept peacefully in my bed.
And as un-expected, I woke up alive. :D

Tuesday, June 14

I Behave Best When..

Yes, I behave best when I am ignored. Because that is when I am me. Even being a typical Leo, one of the main characteristics I don't posses is, I don't enjoy attention. Sounds eerie. But that's how it is. When I know nobody is watching me, I can do, say whatever I want. :)

So when I know I am being watched or given attention, I get embarrassed. Also, I find it funny when people flirt with me. Indeed. its funny. I mean someone telling me things about me in a cheesy way, IS funny.
If you are a Leo and reading this, I am sure you must be thinking 'either she is not a Leo or she is lying'. It's not either that I don't like meeting new people or having friends or hanging out in large groups. But I kind of like camouflaging than standing out and make everyone notice me. Of course I love my individuality, its just that I love observing, more than being observed. :D

I don't like when people judge me. In fact, I hate it. And probably that is a reason why I hate being the center of attention. Of course I enjoy when people are jealous of me. In a large group, I'd like to be a leader, but would rather be participative leader than an authoritative one.

No, I do not suffer any inferiority complex. 
Neither I am shy. I am bold, outstanding and everything a Leo woman is, except I don't enjoy a lot of attention. One of the reasons I hardly have huge parties on my birthdays. :D I like being wished on my birthday, but being adorned with huge shower of love. That too at once. It embarrasses me. Like for real. 

Funny. I know.
You know what to do. Ignore. :P 

Monday, June 13

When You are Angry, Vent!

My favorite part from the movie 'Jab We Met'. I know this is super late post, been years this movie was released. But it is never too late to vent out something that has been troubling you. :D Nah, I am NOT troubled. Just got reminded of this particular part of the movie. :D

Saturday, June 4

The Inevitable Rain Post

 2011 has been unusually generous in my part of the world as far as Rains are concerned. Even though they have caused loss for farmers and damage of grains during harvest season that just past by, being a little selfish and taking it on a micro level, I have loved every dab of rain that dropped on Earth. 
There were a lot of rains during February ending and early March which kept pushing away the winters bidding farewell for the year. March stayed pleasant, so did April. May witnessed storms, thunders, hailstorms too which kept the advent of usual scorching summer at bay. June has started and it remains pleasant. 

Hail Storms outside my house
Most of the people I come across love rains, the unexplainable feeling we get when it pours is very special. The smell of wet Earth is so tempting. Rain-gasm I call it. :)

When it rains, there is a storm of rain songs in my mind. 
When it rains, my soul feels blessed.
When it rains, I feel happy.
When it rains, my eyes cry, for no apparent reason.
When it rains, my heart smiles.
When it rains, my creative juices gush around.

Wednesday, June 1

The Bladder Wars

Warning: Explicit language. Not as in abusive, some people might find it offensive. Readers' discretion advised.

You are traveling by road, you have business companions with you, and your bladder decides to take on you. What would you do? Embarrass yourself every half an hour? That is exactly what I did.

I have this problem that when I am traveling on a long route, I get water retention and end up swelling my feet and limbs to a degree that they become sponge foamy, (sounds Funny I know), and of course, lack of urination.
So, it happened this way.
I was traveling some 500 odd kilometers for work (saving you the details torture). 500 kilometers, on my side of the world, mean at least a 10 hour by-road journey. After a non-stop drive of 4 hours, we decided to take a journey break of 15-20 minutes at a nice looking Highway roadside cafe-snack bar. I only had a cup of tea.
In situations like this, it is always advisable to make the maximum use of the loo as long as you can. So did I.
And thus the journey was resumed.

It had only been some 30 minutes of the last visit to the loo when I started feeling that my bladder was filling up again. As embarrassed as I was to ask the driver to stop the car, I decided to wait until there was need to refill the petrol tank of the car as we had been informed a while ago, and I started counting the petrol pumps that past by. By the time 3rd petrol pump passed, it was getting difficult for me to wait. I had asked the driver twice to stop the car at approaching pump so that we could avoid pushing the car to the pump situation when fuel ran out. Only I knew the underlying motive. I guess that is why I was way to quick to spot 4th approaching pump just in time to bring the speed of the car down and refill; and pour out.
What a relief. Phew.
Saved my self embarrassment, only to find trouble chasing me after another half an hour. My bladder was on a roll. It had decided to take on me, that too when I had *formal* company.
I was told that the most preferred and famous Food court of that Highway where the company was planning on to stop for supper was another half an hour away. Obviously, I tried my level best to wait until we reached there. In situations like these, your spirituality and faith in God, multiplies itself manifolds magically. I too was praying hard and fighting my bladder simultaneously. In fact, I was chanting Sheldon Cooper's mantra (If you follow The Big Bang Theory, you'll know what I am talking about) non- stop. But nothing seemed to be helping. 

Waiting for the food court seemed impossible. It felt like the food court was drifting away instead of coming closer even when car was on 120 kms per hour. The other people traveling along had started sensing my uneasiness and discomfort, and they were proving to be more and more irritating every passing minute. I tried diverting my mind by bringing up unruly things and laughing hardest, but it was in fact getting worse. 
Then came a time, when the pressure was at its peaks. I had to ask the driver to pull over the car at the first petrol pump which unfortunately turned out to be closed. What luck dude. I was almost in tears when suddenly I spotted another pump. I breathed. Asked the driver to pull over when he almost passed it. I had to scream, 'emergency' when he reversed the car. I jumped out of the car and ran towards the loo. But The Dude up there, the sadist he is, was finding it fun to play my bladder and my luck against me. The loo was locked form inside with a waiting queue outside it from a tourist bus halting for rest. 
I could have died. I knocked continuously. It was getting impossible to wait. The sight of the queue was a punishment in itself, when finally the door unbolted and a weird looking woman came out. I could really cry the 'khushi ke aansu'. Only to find the queue made a moment, just I was too quick to find my way inside the puke provokingly stinky loo. But it dint matter. I was having the time of my life in there. 

I don't know why orgasm is that overrated. When you get to pee after a bladder war is the best feeling in the world. I swear to God.

P.S. I type this line after I came back from the wash room. Even typing about this incident set my bladder on the loose. Thank god, I am near a wash room.

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