Monday, June 21

Indian Traffic Scenario and Women Drivers

I dint know that driving was a crime for women in Jeddah. I mean this is absolutely disgusting. They should outright kill their women and ultimately cease to exist if they don't want their women to LIVE.
Anyhow, this post is not about Jeddah or the people. This is about the Indian traffic scenario and Women Drivers.
Most of you would say women are bad drivers. I would agree. But trust me, generalising is not good.
I learnt driving a car when I was in class 10. Though, I acquired a learner's licence when I turned 16, I have driven save ever since. Touch wood. No accidents. I drive on highway too.
So you may reconsider your generalisation about women driving.

Well, actually this post isn't about me too :D if you want, you can read my anecdotes about traffic here :D
I don't know about metros, but in cities like mine, the traffic is terrific (pun intended). People have no traffic sense at all.

Talk about auto-wallas, I have read the metro people complaining about them all over the Internet.

In my city, Auto wallas think the road is a gift to them as a part of election campaign or something. They can and they do apply brakes anywhere on the road. in the middle of the road, at a turn, just anywhere without considering the other vehicles on the road. And if by any chance, they stop their auto blocking a lady's car, they give them this stare which could be equivalent 'avada kevda' if we lived in Harry Potter's world.

And these cyclists. They have a notion that they are better than some F1 racer or a VIP riding in a 'laal-batti Ambassador'. They overtake cars and try crossing the roads as if they have got a Nitrox cylinder fixed to their bicycle silencers. Imagine what happens when they get hit, that too by lady. The whole traffic shall gather in the sympathy of the cyclist only because he is 'gareeb'. And the lady shall be shouted upon and if she was driving a car, all the sympathisers plus the victim shall have their eyes fixed on her purse.
All right. Enough of defending women drivers.

Funniest scene on Indian roads is when the road is less wide and there are two cars coming from the opposite directions, both driven by ladies. Remember the childhood tale '2 foolish goats which got struck on a narrow bridge'? Yeah that is replayed every time when two women drivers cross each other on a narrow road. Hilarious.

Ever seen a woman trying to park on the roadside in between two cars? You bet you haven't laughed your lungs out. :D

On a serious note, I read somewhere. According to a survey, men hit the cars from sides rather than from from or back. That is because of their nature of taking care of past and future. And women hit their cars from front and rear rather than sides because they are used to take care of everyone and everything around them. :)

Wednesday, June 16


The Bald Guy from Desi Ghee and Coffee, it was real torture to think of 9 things that I wear the most. I know The sadist you would be deriving pleasure seeing me doing a Tag and Arjun too. Anyhow, bear with me and my worn out 9 things. All thanks to TBG :P
# 1. That 36 inch Khuraafati smile :D
#2 Kajal/ Kohl/ Anitmony whatever you call it ;)

# 3 That worn out atleast 5 year old Blue Denims which I am in no mood to retire at all :D

#4 That Black Ruffle band. My all time favorite :P

#5 Lot of bangles :D

#6 My yin-yang ear rings :D

#7 Maybelline Nail paints :D
#8 My purple and other pure cotton kurtas :D Beating the heat
#9 My Favorite sneakers :D Check out how dirty they are :D

Please feel free to take up if you want to do it :D

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