Monday, May 30

Jaa Chudail!!

This song from Delhi Belly is super. I am totally in love with it. Not because of the music or the movie or the broken heart spirit of the song, but for Chudail.
Chudail. How I love this word. It makes me nostalgic beyond explanation. I have heard this word in like ages. 
It reminds of my childhood when my with my chachu, I used to do such things. :D Rhyming nonsensical things and making songs out of them. It used to be such fun. Chudail, bhoot, pret, some other controversial caste identification words counted as cuss words. Teasing people we dint like (mostly the weird cousins) with those songs. 
Gawd, I called up my chachu first thing when I heard that song first. :)
Gone are the days when these funny words comprised all of my abusive vocab. People would not consider them as nothing, but during those times, Kutta- Kameena used to be the highest degree of abusing someone. And now, these don't even qualify as gaalis.
The growing up part also expands people's vocabularies, so was mine. Thanks to Twitter, many many cuss words and abuses got included in mine. 'Fuck' has become a part of speech. Even though I chew it most of the times in the mouth itself, but there are times when it does escape and makes me feel embarrassed at some places.
Anyway, the word chudail and like still have their charm and for sure, I am going to include it back in my vocab. Also, I am going to need it in coming time. I was referring 'Bitch cousin' who was originally 'chudail cousin', who now will be chudail again. 

And hats off to Amitabh Bhattacharya for such amazing lyrics. I already respect him, but the respect just got multiplied manifolds. :)
Kudos to this lyrics:
Chhoti chhoti baato'n se
Tune jo sataya mujhe
Ungli pe nachake tune
Chuna jo lagaya mujhe
Arey jaa jaa jaa
Go to hell....

Arey jaa ja ja

I want silence
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Ya ya
Ja chudail

Palkon pe bithaya tujhe

Ruthi toh manaya tujhe
Pyaar mein toh khuda
Bhi banaya tujhe par (par)
Tujhko kadar nahi
Yeh le dekh thenga mera
Ha ha ha
Tail lene ja tu
Koi kya ukhad lega mera
Abey ja ja ja
Go to hell...
Ja ja ja
Once again
Jaa chudail
Ja chudail

Phoolon sa chehra tera

Dil pe tha pehra tera
Reh gaya ab wahaan
Dard gehra tera

Phool vool kuch nahi

Sada hua aalo hai tu
You know what you are
Hoor nahi pari nahi
Jungli ek bhaalu hai tu

Arey ha ha ha

Go to hell
Arey ja ja ja
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Abey ja ja ja
Go to hell
Ja ja ja
Once again
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Yea yea.
Download here.

Tuesday, May 24

That Awkward Moment

Yes, That awkward moment when you realize that you have been absent from the blog for more than 5 months and then, you start writing ferociously, almost 2 posts a day and that too complaining, cribbing, sulking, and anyone who looks at the blog may have the impression that you are going through a bad break up. LOL.
No, I am not going through any break-up or anything of that sort.
Whatever, this place does look like little gloomy.
This post marks the end of this phase. This place will be a happy place again. Because I have decided to be happy. Not that I am not happy. Technically, I am not Happy because my name is not Happy. :D 

Anyway, tuning myself for awesomeness. :D 
Let Awesomeness Prevail.

Monday, May 23

Kya kisi ki Zindagi ki keemat itni kam hai humari Country mein?

  • A man burns his step son alive in a furnace.
  • A man inspired from 'Silence of the Lambs', slaughters wife and keep the pieces stored in a deep refrigerator and dumps one piece at a time at different places away from each other.
  • Dead bodies being found in unclaimed suitcases at different places.
  • A woman shot in Delhi during daylight.

These all are recent homicides that were hyped by media. My concern is not whether or not they should be punished, my concern is, how on Earth do people manage to literally kill someone. People havepower to bring a life to the world, who  gave them the liberty to take away someone's life?
I would like to believe that murders are human beings too. Minus the humanity? 
How does their soul their conscious allow them to go ahead and literally butcher someone to death? Does their conscious say nothing to them? Or do they overhear their inner voice? Are they atheists? Do not their hands shiver for once before taking a life? Who are they to deprive someone of their life? Are they plain selfish? What is their authority over another person's mortality?
A part of my soul shakes inside when I read/ hear about a murder. All I can come up with is this dialogue from 'No-one Killed Jessica'. Kya kisi ki zindagi ki keemat itni kam hai humaari Country mein?

May God be with everyone.

Sunday, May 22

No Closures, No Goodbyes

Do things end just like that? Do you not need to have any closures? Do you not need to say goodbyes? 
Some people just do it this easy. 
A few days back, I thought closure is sought by someone who is utterly guilty and wants to move on. The one who isn't guilty can linger on without closures. But someone I knew (yes, knew), just ended it. 

On second thoughts, I guess my theory still hold right. Because the person in question holds me responsible for the renunciation because I refused to be the source of entertainment for them anymore. I thought they might be guilty, but in fact, with all said and done, well actually, NOTHING said and Something NOT Done, I am the alleged one to have turned sides. 
Escapism seems to be a new lifestyle.
But as per my own theory, I shouldn't be seeking closure. Probably their behavior has infested a little guilt at the back of my mind somewhere. I might be wrong, because I chose to stop being at someone's disposal. But like I said, I am no lead heroine of a daily soap. 
I always thought nobody does anything wrong on purpose, they'll have a justification for what they did was right from their point of view.
Of course, the person here in question must feel the same way. 
I am not going to utter or wish bad things about/ for you, because I can not and will not stoop that low.
Honestly, I am hurt. I dint deserve to be treated like that.
Anyway, be good.

Friday, May 20

A Prayer for Someone

I feel terrible. Very. Convincing someone something you don't approve of feels that way. I am trying to justify to myself that it is the most practical thing to do right now.
Sometimes, we have to take decisions that wouldn't morally be correct, but this, my friend, is life. Not an Ekta Kapoor's daily soap that we have to have a high voltage drama to survive on prime time. We have got to be practical. 
This is something I am highly emotional about, but this has to be done. Its matter of two lives. Two lives. 
I wish God be there and be the guiding light for the one this post is about.

Miss you Daadi..

Grand parents are like trees. They never fail to give us shade and fruits, nevertheless we have time to use that shade and fruit.
When a tree goes away to never return, the grandchildren then realize how safe they were.
I will miss you Forever..

Thursday, May 19

Old Cadbury India Ad -Kuch Khas Hai

TVC Thursday in a long time. Everybody loved this Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement. I still miss it. the Jingle goes 'kuch khaas hai zindagi mein..'

Love the way the girl dances on the field :)

Wednesday, May 18

Son or Investment?

Why do people raise their sons as if they are investing in an asset which will pay back itself when he gets married?
Having a son in our society is considered as a blessing. Not just because it is a belief that sons can carry forward their legacy, their family name, but people bring up their sons lot more affectionately, luxuriously, spoiling them, fulfilling all their relevant and irrelevant demands because their perception is, that in the end, when we get him married, we will cash all the investment with interest.
And, in case, the son is NRI, or somehow living in 'foreign land' immaterial of the tourist/ student/ work visa, then, the parents tend to think that their son has found some major treasure which can be en cashed after finding a suitable girl, (oh wait. Girl is suitable or not, doesn't make any difference) whose parents eagerly get ready to send their daughter to 'videsh' (on a very unrelated note, do watch this movie videsh/ Heaven on Earth featuring Preity Zinta, it portrays very well the plight of a girl sent off to foreign land to get married, but it has a high degree of super-normal fiction in the second half).
So, it happened this way. A family in my knowns, got their daughter, lets call her M, married to a man who lives in Australia who is basically son, lets call him H, of a close deceased friend and a neighbor of M's father. M was pursuing her masters degree in English Honors, but if we look at her for the first time, anyone can have the impression that she goes to school in some 7th or 8th grade. Yes, she looks that naive and little.
Anyway, So the H's mother practically begs M's father to get the children married, because with her son living in Australia, she has nobody around by the time she and her prospective daughter-in-law go to settle down with the son. M's parents are allured by the 'videsh' prospectives and get ready for the marriage.
H came home last year in March and the wed lock happened. H went back to Australia and apparently started trying to 'import' the wife. M's spouse visa was rejected and she was staying back at her in-law house with her mother-in-law. Meanwhile, the mother-in-law started pushing M to get her parent's buy luxury items for their daughter. AC, LCD, fridge to name some. Parents, did all their best to make M's life comfortable as long as she is in India.
Meanwhile, H's behavior towards M started changing.The phone conversations became tiring and abusive, taunting and tearing when he blamed M's parents for not 'sponsoring' their daughter to Australia. Also, H is hell bent on applying M's visa for New Zealand instead of Melbourne where he lives, and says, he will keep visiting her once a week. 
All said and done, M's parents, brought their daughter back home. Now M, 3 months pregnant (H visited in February), with nowhere to go, nothing to do is hopeless. 
Sounds familiar? Happens every now and then and with a lot many people.
Videsh, could be alluring. But the truth is, its the girl who suffers the most. Your son could be an investment, but people's daughters are not a lifetime liability that has be paid off and paid off and paid off.

Tuesday, May 17

The Life of David Gale

I watched this movie last night. No, this is not a review. Somehow I've grown to like movies featuring Kate Winslet (Titanic not included). This is a collection of a few quotes from the movie which I liked the most. About the movie, it wasn't predictable. But engrossing. Recommended kinds. 


David Gale: We spend our whole life trying to stop death. Eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting, killing. But what do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. Then there comes a point - a moment - in life when your mind outlives its desires, its obsessions, when your habits survive your dreams, and when your losses... Maybe death is a gift.

David Gale:
Fantasies have to be unrealistic. Because the minute- the second- that you get what you want, you don't- you can't- want it anymore.

Bitsey Bloom: Hate's no fun if you keep it to yourself. 

Constance Harraway: You work so hard not to be seen as a sex object. Before long, you're not seen at all.

Monday, May 16

Convenience Rules.

So people say 'friendship is over-rated'. Probably. It is very easy to tell someone how they weren't there for you without realizing how difficult it was for you to be there for them.
 Just that, I have learned to be not there for people for who friendship was only a matter of convenience. I do not want to be extra nice, a heroine straight out of Ekta Kapoor serial who will go out of her way and do anything like a super-heroine for someone or anyone. The world is living on convenience, I can too.
No, I know, people will never accept that they weren't there for you, only they have justifications. Nobody does/ says anything 'wrong' on purpose. Everyone has a justification for their every action and every word.
I am purposely being convenient by not being there for you. Because, you taught me it. 'Not being there when needed'. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Sunday, May 15

Lack of Focus

Focused. Thats is one thing I am not. My friend says, so unlike her, I am focused. I wonder. 
I am a jack of all trades, I try doing something new every few days. Some days its cooking, other days its working out, some other days, its reading, someday its writing, other days singing. And so much more. I am fond of doing many things. But I don't focus on a particular thing. Nothing.
I loose interest easily. That makes me a great explorer but it hampers me mastering anything. 
Except the Masters Degree I have. That too I guess has gone for toss. 
My mom said, 'education, you can never forget'. Somehow, I found out I have forgotten the subject I topped the University in. Brother had Operations research as a subject in last semester of his engineering. I have been telling him whole semester that I'll explain it to him, so he doesn't need any help for that. Kind of a student he is, he dint attend any classes of it even in the college depending on me. I let him down. And myself too. I couldn't recall solving simple sums. Yes, sums. Lack of practice may be. or Focus lost. 
I wronged my whole base of my academic life. I never crammed. I believed in understanding concepts- theory or practical. But I just couldn't recall the simple solutions of simple problems. And they felt like playing LUDO when I was the student.
There is no focus. May be, I don't want to focus. May be, I loose interest because I haven't found something that can keep my interest intact. probabilities. Lots of them. Talking of probabilities, I think I wouldn't remember how to solve a probability problem either.

P.S. I have lost interest in Tweeting. That explains 2 blog posts in a day.

What Our Coming Generations Are Going to Miss

While writing the Practical File for my brother's last Engg semester, I realized I was seeing my own handwriting in a long while. I couldn't recognize my own handwriting. Ever since I completed my academics, I hardly write. Thanks to the modernization, the keyboards, touchscreens have replaced the need of a pen or pencil.

That's when this thought stuck me. Our coming generations probably would get to know in the history books/ PDFs, that humankind wrote with bare hands, or they used devices called pens and pencils.  Funny, but heartbreaking thought.

Not just writing, but there are so many things I wonder our coming generations will never know they could do. I was playing this ' A Band called Nine' thanks to @TheMasakkali for sharing it. It took me back to my childhood.

Writing altogether apart, we have almost forgotten we used to write letters to our relatives, cousins. Now Facebook, Skype serve the purpose.

Saving pocket money for months to buy something. Now, almost every school going kid has a cell phone.

The excitement of wearing a new dress on birthday. Waiting a whole year for birthday. Birthday parties meant samose, rasgulle, cutlets. Now, Pizza Hut, Yo!China et al are there. For teenagers, bars are open.

Waiting for summer vacations for visiting naani house. Those long train journeys, visiting relatives, plucking mangoes, guavas fresh out of the tress and eating them. Mall Culture would never give the future this opportunity.

Those hours long Antakshri sessions. Everyone these days has a personal iPod, mp3 player. At the maximum, now, we steal our share of happiness or pride by sharing our pirated music collection through emails, bluetooth, wi-fi.

Pickling season used to be the best. Raw mangoes, lemons in the courtyard drying. 

Fighting for remote with siblings used to be such fun. Now everyone has their own laptop, own internet connection.

Everyone is busy with themselves. Who knows if our coming generations would ever know the fun of bathing by a well.

Yes, pitying them is all I can do. No, I am not against technology, in fact, I have become a slave to it too. Just, it is killing the childhood or what we called 'childhood'.

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