Tuesday, May 17

The Life of David Gale

I watched this movie last night. No, this is not a review. Somehow I've grown to like movies featuring Kate Winslet (Titanic not included). This is a collection of a few quotes from the movie which I liked the most. About the movie, it wasn't predictable. But engrossing. Recommended kinds. 


David Gale: We spend our whole life trying to stop death. Eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting, killing. But what do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. Then there comes a point - a moment - in life when your mind outlives its desires, its obsessions, when your habits survive your dreams, and when your losses... Maybe death is a gift.

David Gale:
Fantasies have to be unrealistic. Because the minute- the second- that you get what you want, you don't- you can't- want it anymore.

Bitsey Bloom: Hate's no fun if you keep it to yourself. 

Constance Harraway: You work so hard not to be seen as a sex object. Before long, you're not seen at all.

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bondgal_rulz said...

I quite liked the movie :)

Amar said...

I watched this movie this morning at 4..It's amazingly fantastic! Kevin spacey has done a brilliant job! And Kate Winslet needless to say is marvellous!

яノςんム said...

@Isha n Amar,
I pretty much like the movie too :)

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