Sunday, May 15

What Our Coming Generations Are Going to Miss

While writing the Practical File for my brother's last Engg semester, I realized I was seeing my own handwriting in a long while. I couldn't recognize my own handwriting. Ever since I completed my academics, I hardly write. Thanks to the modernization, the keyboards, touchscreens have replaced the need of a pen or pencil.

That's when this thought stuck me. Our coming generations probably would get to know in the history books/ PDFs, that humankind wrote with bare hands, or they used devices called pens and pencils.  Funny, but heartbreaking thought.

Not just writing, but there are so many things I wonder our coming generations will never know they could do. I was playing this ' A Band called Nine' thanks to @TheMasakkali for sharing it. It took me back to my childhood.

Writing altogether apart, we have almost forgotten we used to write letters to our relatives, cousins. Now Facebook, Skype serve the purpose.

Saving pocket money for months to buy something. Now, almost every school going kid has a cell phone.

The excitement of wearing a new dress on birthday. Waiting a whole year for birthday. Birthday parties meant samose, rasgulle, cutlets. Now, Pizza Hut, Yo!China et al are there. For teenagers, bars are open.

Waiting for summer vacations for visiting naani house. Those long train journeys, visiting relatives, plucking mangoes, guavas fresh out of the tress and eating them. Mall Culture would never give the future this opportunity.

Those hours long Antakshri sessions. Everyone these days has a personal iPod, mp3 player. At the maximum, now, we steal our share of happiness or pride by sharing our pirated music collection through emails, bluetooth, wi-fi.

Pickling season used to be the best. Raw mangoes, lemons in the courtyard drying. 

Fighting for remote with siblings used to be such fun. Now everyone has their own laptop, own internet connection.

Everyone is busy with themselves. Who knows if our coming generations would ever know the fun of bathing by a well.

Yes, pitying them is all I can do. No, I am not against technology, in fact, I have become a slave to it too. Just, it is killing the childhood or what we called 'childhood'.

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