Wednesday, December 1

Anger is short-lived madness.

A friend of mine got engaged recently. Her parents, like an ideal Indian family, gave gifts to the potential in-laws. Expensive gifts. Cash, jewelery, electronics. Only thing in mind that their daughter will live a comfortable life after she is married. 
The relationship dint somehow work out. lets not go into details. 

When it came to returning the gifts, the boy's family, in the first place dint return cash at all. That was in thousands. Some of the jewelery came back, not all of it. But the electronics including the cell phone the girl gave to the guy on his birthday came broken into pieces. Among the broken other things were microwave oven.

How disgusting people are. I generally don't get upset.But at times like these, I am forced to think that people have no self respect. All they have is ego. And they do not think about their respect when doing things. 
Anger is spontaneous, just one letter short of Danger. You don't stop to think what you are doing and you might repent after you have done things and at times not even bother. 

But the point is, whatever the reason be of break up, why on the face of earth do people lose their mind and try their best to hurt people. Whatever emotional damage is done, why the financial damage has to be done? Is it like the girl's family were in-debtors of the guy's family? that they had to pay them in lakhs and suffer loss?

Since everything we buy in market is Chinese, in my opinion, the relationships these days have learnt the basic feature too. Chale to chaand tak, varna shaam tak. 

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Ria said...

Yes what u hav said is true...i have heard of such cases around me too and it irks me to no end.

Dhanya said...

It's sad that some people just cannot control their anger. Anyway, that friend of yours must be relieved now. She escaped from a probable life in hell :)

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Tell you what, you're back in the groove. Awesome work!

sona singh said...

Me likes and totally agree to your view: relationships are have learnt the basic feature too of the chinese products. Chale to chaand tak, varna shaam tak.

Pesto Sauce said...

So age love is all about convenience

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