Wednesday, December 1

Anger is short-lived madness.

A friend of mine got engaged recently. Her parents, like an ideal Indian family, gave gifts to the potential in-laws. Expensive gifts. Cash, jewelery, electronics. Only thing in mind that their daughter will live a comfortable life after she is married. 
The relationship dint somehow work out. lets not go into details. 

When it came to returning the gifts, the boy's family, in the first place dint return cash at all. That was in thousands. Some of the jewelery came back, not all of it. But the electronics including the cell phone the girl gave to the guy on his birthday came broken into pieces. Among the broken other things were microwave oven.

How disgusting people are. I generally don't get upset.But at times like these, I am forced to think that people have no self respect. All they have is ego. And they do not think about their respect when doing things. 
Anger is spontaneous, just one letter short of Danger. You don't stop to think what you are doing and you might repent after you have done things and at times not even bother. 

But the point is, whatever the reason be of break up, why on the face of earth do people lose their mind and try their best to hurt people. Whatever emotional damage is done, why the financial damage has to be done? Is it like the girl's family were in-debtors of the guy's family? that they had to pay them in lakhs and suffer loss?

Since everything we buy in market is Chinese, in my opinion, the relationships these days have learnt the basic feature too. Chale to chaand tak, varna shaam tak. 

Thursday, October 7

TVC Thursday - Fevicol

Having to remember the childhood days is such a beautiful feeling and therefore this TVC Thursday tah is giving me immense pleasure. When I surf through Youtube to look out for old advertisements,
the funniest thing is to see people we dint recognize then and find how much they have changed over time. In the same line of action, I hereby bring you the old Advertisement of Fevicol- the adhesive we all know/ remember as 'zor laga ke haisha!'. Try to recognize the man in the advertisement. Its none other than RajKumar Hirani. Yes, the director who gave us Munna Bhai Series and 3 idiots. Raj Kumar Hirani had initially been interested in acting. Somehow, he turned into directing later on.
So here goes the 'Hayiishaa!!'

Monday, October 4

The Common Wealth Games Opening on Twitter

India witnessed the grad Opening of The Common Wealth games yesterday. It had been a depressing thing to see all the people making fun of Suresh Kalmadi all these days and expecting a fall of the whole event, Thanks to Indian Media. While tweeting live watching the opening, I thought, this had to be posted on the blog. So here it is:

• All the people who’ve been tweeting fun of the #CWG org till yday are way impressed with the opening ceremony. #OneTightSlap

• Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, NZ don't have ads. DD is all set to Make money :D They rarely get a chance :P

• Why are the leading ladies wearing watches with arm full bangles?

• I am guessing the watches are by the time the countries they are leading. #Tukka @Ohayesha @ShutterCrazy @DKMahant

• Indians are prettiest. Worldwide. Period

• Canada cheering! They got Punjabis over there. No?

• Cook Islands. They must have great food :D

• Smiles look good. Players look like they are here to play and not die.

• Ghana leading lady has put the flag in her hair.

• Saree is one sexy dress. Period.

• Kenya placard lady’s saree *drool*

• Punjabi Suit #win

• 71 dresses and saree drapes. #IndianHeritage #SooperWin

• MonsterRat! Whattey country dude! They must be scary people.

• RT @DKMahant Mozambique is the SOLE nation which was not trespassed by British

• Okay. How unbiased we are, the special games are also being organized in the same event.

• RT @Rupam09: Kalmadi created new nations to increase participation. Now that's a scam

• Norfolk Island. They do not have any folk songs or dances.

• Cheering for Pakistan!! :O did I hear commentator say 'this is what friendship is all about'?

• There is more in Rwanda than Hotel Rwanda. :D

• Scotland. Where are the bagpipes?

• I know these countries finally :D

• After the Ayodhya verdict, it is too soon for timeline to go doped.

• Lehnga saree for Tanzania.

• I like the purple dress Africans whose name I missed.

• Uganda. Sounds more like a cuss word :D

• Jin countries ke humein naam nahi pata un countries ke players ke liye transportation to India specially charter karwaya tha?

• Zambia flag bearer looks scared!

• Abhinav Bindra! India. #win

• MMS, Sheila Dixit, Pratibha Patil should‘ve stood up for India

• Wow. Total number of people from total teams < total number of people in Indian team.

• Prince Charles stands up for India. Thank you :)

• Raise hands who stood up for India.

• Btw, #CWG ne dil khush kitta ee :) #MogamboKhushHua

• #onetightslap to all those who ve been making fun of #CWG. Well begun is half done.


Thursday, September 30

TVC Thursday- Surf

Afterall, this TVC Thursday was not a bad idea at all. I get to recollect the commercials from my childhood :D

Well, Like they said in old time, 'this program is brought to you by Surf. This time, the Old Classic Indian Ad of Surf is brought to you by yours truly :D

Remember Lalita ji? 'surf ki kharidari mein hi samajhdaari hai'
Oh and in case you cant recall where else this lady featured, remember the Udaan TV serial from Doordarshan. Kavita Chaudhary aka Lalita ji, played Kalyani Singh a lady police officer and her trials and tribulations. Wiki here.

Thursday, September 23

TVC Thursday

Indian television has been a constant part of the growing up process if you were born in early 80s and thereafter.
The Doordarshan times with Chitrahar, movies, Hum Log, Buniyaad, Fauji, Circus, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Zaban Sambhal ke, Ramayan, Mahabharat, the 'rukawat ke liye khed hai sign' and many others.

Somehow, what always attracted to television was the television commercials. The #EpicIndianAds as we call them on Twitter. I realised that I remember the jingels of some of the brands by heart, which most of the other people are unaware of the existance of. And then this thought struck my mind. Why not recall one such commercial every week and rekindle the blog?

Youtubing was done and it was analysed that this could work out. :D

So, here is the first post of TVC Thursday tag.

This is an ages old advertisement of ECE Bulbs featuring Paintel. 'Bhool na jana, ECE Bulb lana' :)

P.S. Let me know in the comment section if there is any old ad you remember and want to see next Thursday :)

Sunday, August 29

A sneak peek into my Gaali Vocab

If it was not for twitter, I had missed huge things in life. The pure desi gaalis for starters.

Therefore, it became my rightful duty to give something in return to Twitter. And somehow, I managed to tweet a sneak peak of my gaali vocab before Twitter happened to me.

Also, thanks to Alok Shah aka @lokarlotweet for adding rhyme to each of these. :)

Since those terms were widely appreciated, on Public Demand, here is a list of almost all those things.
If, you are wondering, what do they mean, in my opinion, some people are as useless as things listed below.

Ø Baarish mein tapke kutte/ billi!
Ø Ruki ghadi ki sui!
Ø Namak wali kheer!
Ø Jale hue halwe!
Ø Toote dil ki yaad!
Ø Khaye hui chicken ki taang!
Ø Rakhi sawant ke acquired assets! :P
Ø Choosa hua aam!
Ø Raaste ka pathhar!
Ø Kati patang!
Ø Kutte ki poonchh!
Ø Gadhe ke seengh!
Ø Phate hue tissue paper!
Ø Onion peels!
Ø Crushed Aluminum foil
Ø Kisi uncle ki denture!
Ø Indian Railway ki toilet seat!
Ø Phate hue dhol!
Ø Flop film.
Ø Chhed wali paani ki bottle
Ø Loose elastic ka pyjama!
Ø Paida hoke gawaya!
Ø Condom company ki complaint!
Ø Bina magzine ki pistol
Ø Bina paani ki tooti!
Ø Sadak ke gaddhhe!
Ø Daya ka toda hua darwaza!
Ø Tooti bolt!
Ø Dhoodh ke fatele hisse!
Ø Unchargable simcard!
Ø Bina genie ka chirag!
Ø Daaru ki khali bottle!
Ø Toothbrush ki last bristle!
Ø Tooti sandle ki heel.
Ø Lipstic ki khaali tube.
Ø Ek horn ki maar! (I use it for our watchman)
Ø Ek thappad ki maar.
Ø Ek foonk ki maar.
Ø Tube ka starter!
Ø Pankhe ka holder
Ø Chawwanni.
Ø Doomsday ka fuse!
Ø Gastronomical Jwaarbhata

P.S last two are taken from Motumaster track of movie Udaan
P.S. Any additions are more than welcome :)

Thursday, July 1

No to Networking

Dear People from the past,


Its nice to see you in a long time.
It is nice to see that some of you have lost a lot of weight and some of you have put on the shed weight by others.
Some of you have lost hair and some of you have visible wrinkles.

But it definitely is not nice to see you that you sent me an add request on Facebook or have started following me on Twitter.

I left you in the past, because you were not worth carrying forward to the future. Had you been worth, you had lingered on since then and you would not have to find me like this.

Facebook is nice. I have a lot of friends and I keep contact with them; but remember, they know me what I am today. So unlike you. They don't tell me how I have changed and they definitely do not ask me why have not I gotten married yet.
Neither of them never claims to have met my mother in law and not believe when I told them that I was single.

You only know me from what I used to be. It has been over 10 yrs.
I have groomed and changed in those years. So have you. Isn't that why you are being so nice and honey dipped?

As far as Twitter is concerned, it is not a chat program. Neither am I interested in chatting with you. There is really no need of commenting on every update of mine or even asking explanations about it. One thing I have carried about me since time immemorial is the habit of getting irritated on being interfered with. You do not really need to know what is happening with me and what has to be the reason behind every post, every tweet, every update.

And please stop asking me 'who is so and so person on your friend list'
I might not have met each one of the people on my friend list but one thing for sure is they are way better than you in terms of wits and spontaneity. Neither do they bother me by asking useless questions.
Also, every guy who comments on my status and I reply does not have to be my boy friend in denial or in acceptance.

Most importantly, If I know you, or as you say you know me, that does not make me your friend nor does it make you my friend for that matter.

Leave me alone.
It is undoubtedly for the best of all of us.

Monday, June 21

Indian Traffic Scenario and Women Drivers

I dint know that driving was a crime for women in Jeddah. I mean this is absolutely disgusting. They should outright kill their women and ultimately cease to exist if they don't want their women to LIVE.
Anyhow, this post is not about Jeddah or the people. This is about the Indian traffic scenario and Women Drivers.
Most of you would say women are bad drivers. I would agree. But trust me, generalising is not good.
I learnt driving a car when I was in class 10. Though, I acquired a learner's licence when I turned 16, I have driven save ever since. Touch wood. No accidents. I drive on highway too.
So you may reconsider your generalisation about women driving.

Well, actually this post isn't about me too :D if you want, you can read my anecdotes about traffic here :D
I don't know about metros, but in cities like mine, the traffic is terrific (pun intended). People have no traffic sense at all.

Talk about auto-wallas, I have read the metro people complaining about them all over the Internet.

In my city, Auto wallas think the road is a gift to them as a part of election campaign or something. They can and they do apply brakes anywhere on the road. in the middle of the road, at a turn, just anywhere without considering the other vehicles on the road. And if by any chance, they stop their auto blocking a lady's car, they give them this stare which could be equivalent 'avada kevda' if we lived in Harry Potter's world.

And these cyclists. They have a notion that they are better than some F1 racer or a VIP riding in a 'laal-batti Ambassador'. They overtake cars and try crossing the roads as if they have got a Nitrox cylinder fixed to their bicycle silencers. Imagine what happens when they get hit, that too by lady. The whole traffic shall gather in the sympathy of the cyclist only because he is 'gareeb'. And the lady shall be shouted upon and if she was driving a car, all the sympathisers plus the victim shall have their eyes fixed on her purse.
All right. Enough of defending women drivers.

Funniest scene on Indian roads is when the road is less wide and there are two cars coming from the opposite directions, both driven by ladies. Remember the childhood tale '2 foolish goats which got struck on a narrow bridge'? Yeah that is replayed every time when two women drivers cross each other on a narrow road. Hilarious.

Ever seen a woman trying to park on the roadside in between two cars? You bet you haven't laughed your lungs out. :D

On a serious note, I read somewhere. According to a survey, men hit the cars from sides rather than from from or back. That is because of their nature of taking care of past and future. And women hit their cars from front and rear rather than sides because they are used to take care of everyone and everything around them. :)

Wednesday, June 16


The Bald Guy from Desi Ghee and Coffee, it was real torture to think of 9 things that I wear the most. I know The sadist you would be deriving pleasure seeing me doing a Tag and Arjun too. Anyhow, bear with me and my worn out 9 things. All thanks to TBG :P
# 1. That 36 inch Khuraafati smile :D
#2 Kajal/ Kohl/ Anitmony whatever you call it ;)

# 3 That worn out atleast 5 year old Blue Denims which I am in no mood to retire at all :D

#4 That Black Ruffle band. My all time favorite :P

#5 Lot of bangles :D

#6 My yin-yang ear rings :D

#7 Maybelline Nail paints :D
#8 My purple and other pure cotton kurtas :D Beating the heat
#9 My Favorite sneakers :D Check out how dirty they are :D

Please feel free to take up if you want to do it :D

Friday, May 14

Change is the Only Constant

'People change, and forget to tell.'

(This is not a cribbing post but an enlightened one, you may carry on reading!)

Change is the only constant. Weathers change, times change, situations change. Change is the law of nature. Normal is boring. Each one of us needs a change in the course of time. Then why are PEOPLE excepted to not change? They are a portion of this Universe which is meant to change.

The world is like that as they say. One fine day, you wake up and realize that people close to you have changed. They are not as they used to be. It hurts inside. Doesn't it? Is that because of the expectations you have out of them? Probably yes.
Everyday, we meet new people. Life goes on. Some people stay, some leave. Of those, we chose the people who should stay and who should leave. There are times, when people we want to stay, leave. Also, there are times, when people we wanted to leave, stay.

It a circle. its the same for others. Some people want us to stay and some want us to leave. We choose to leave some, we stay with others.
Before you tell someone that they have changed, for one second consider. Question yourself. Are you the same for them? Haven't you changed a bit?
Every one a justification for the change they have brought in themselves. But when it comes to others, it gets in-digestible. Why do we expect others to remain the same for us if we have changed ourselves to them?
Not fair.

When people change, they grow up. They outgrow somethings and develop other things.
You may be a part of their world and may not be. Just like, you leave people behind.

I am not perfect. I hurt people. People hurt me too. But I grow up. Everyone does grow up. This could hurt initially, but we become used to it eventually.

Let people change. It is always for good.

Smile and Move On.

Saturday, April 17

Battle of Sexes? Not My Cup of Tea

Every now and then, I see people indulging in Battle of Sexes.

Arguing on Boys are better or Girls are better. Boys can do a lot of things which girls can not do like removing their shirt and urinating in public places which Girls can not.
Girls have their idea of the story that they can bring life to planet et cetra.

Who ever invented this Battle of Sexes, I say it is a very very lame idea.
Nature created Man and Woman to compliment each other, not to substitute each other. Had substitution be the motive, there had been only one of the either existing.
Not just literally, that is, to reproduce, but on the whole.

Nature has made them different, so they are meant to be different. You can not compare an elephant and a lion (see, I dint use Dog or Ass- it proves my intentions are not otherwise sarcastic), like wise you can not compare a Man and a Woman.
Men and Women are biologically, physically, mentally, psychologically different make ups. Men are made to think in a different way than Women.

I know Men who are very conscious about their looks and I know Women who are tech savvy.
I know Men who really are Dumb and I know Women who are Witty.
I know Men who love shopping and I know Women who love playing Video Games.

If you want to tag those guys or girls as losers; please navigate from this space.

Numerous things like that can be listed down here. But my whole point is 'why compare them when they are not meant to be compared?'

I believe more than being a Man or a Woman, we are Human and we should act like that. There are other things for entertainment.

P.S. My dear future husband, If you believe in Battle of Sexes, I am not going to marry you.

Saturday, March 20

Moving on

Yeah, I am back here. So? If you are thinking why this time? My answer is, well, this is my space and my will when ever I come, when ever I write.

Lol.. With the first line, I guess by now you all must have made out, The Richa is back. I guessed so. :)

There have been things in my life that transformed me into a complete different person. I did sulk and crib. Might have showed to some people and might not to many.
But the truth spoken or unspoken remains the same. Yeah, I am not an emotion-proof person. Things do affect me.

And what it was, I am glad it is over now. Full and final. I tried very hard to settle for something that wasn’t worth me. But no more. Now I know certainly what I do NOT want.

And I have moved on.

I am looking forward to a new beginning. And this time, I am sure I am not at any cost, going to settle for something sub standard.

All this while, when I was not me, I’ve discovered some aspects of myself I’ve never known before. The vulnerable me. The strength I thought I possessed was put to an endless test, and it helped me to move. As they say, life is all about moving on. After this phase, I am not just a new me, but someone totally different. And its nicer to grow up.

Now I guess I am a stronger person *sigh* also vulnerability has set in somewhere making me a near human as compared to before *evil grin*

After some 22 thousand tweets and 999 followers I finally think I’ll get back to blogging soon :)

Foremost I need to get my keyboard well. That’s because my brother made it drink water a while back now.

My keryboaerdf typers liker this whern I dfonot erfdit ther typintyping :DF

And I thought I am not going to blog anything personal. But as I said, it’s my space. :D

Monday, March 8

To all my Girl Friends :)

It's International Woman's day today. And unlike previous times when I wrote stuff about women empowerment, saving girl child and the like, this time, I have decided to dedicated this day to all my girl friends.

All those girls who matter to me, who made a difference in my life by just being there, who I could talk to in times of distress, who I could laugh with over nothing, who I could gossip with, bitch with, rant with, go out shopping with or simply chat online with.

I want to let you know that you really really mean a lot to me. Even if you are married, have kids, have a demanding job or family issues, because of which 'our time' has become limited; but all those moment which we spent together and being there counts.

Thank you. Really.

For listening to me.
For giving me those advices which I already know.
For helping me learn new recipes.
For laughing over my non-sense jokes.
For helping me get out of useless relationships.
For standing by my side.
For bitching with me, gossiping with me.
For all those parties you threw for me, all those gifts you gave me.
For loving me, even though we have points of disagreements.
For keeping my secrets.
For being honest with me.
For making me laugh with all those cranky jokes.
For being there.

For Jhelo-fying me :)

I specially want to mention Divya, Harshita, Rupal and Vibhu. My Best friends for ever.
And all you Virtual friends, from Blogger and Twitter.
If you reached here from the link I gave you, it means you are significant for me..

Love you all

Mwaaaaaaaaahhhhhs :)

Wednesday, February 24

Do relationships come cheap?

Case 1: The couple had been living in since past 7 years and finally they decided to get married. God only knows why. And they separated in 1 month of their marriage.

Case 2: Arranged Marriage. Girl is a perfect daughter-in-law material. She performs her duties well. Takes care of everyone in the household but doesnt talk to her husband. They separate within 2 months of marriage. The guy gets married again. And same happens all over again. They separate again within six months this time. And now the guy is looking for another marriage.

Case 3: Arranged Marriage. Both girl and guy are engineers, working. They get married after a courtship of 3 months. Honeymoon tickets booked for Singapore the next week of the wedding day. They miss the trip somehow and go to Simla instead. Girl doesnt come back with the husband, rather returns to the PG she was residing at before her marriage. Separation.

I am not making this up. Recently I have heard of such 3 break ups in my close relatives. Case 1 is from Mumbai, 2 from Kolkata and and third one in Delhi.

Off late, I have been hearing of many break ups. Break ups as in divorces. Divorces of newly wed couples. I might be unaware of, but I guess this is a new trend developing in Metros. People get married, and separate in a few days of their marriage. Not just in arranged marriages but even in Love marriages.

I might not be the right person to comment on relationships. Or marriages. You may call me stuck in old times. But I still think marriages are relationships for lifetime. There are extreme situations when there is no other alternative left except divorces, but not even trying to settle in and taking a step as huge as this is insanity.

Oh yeah there is another aspect that there is no use dragging a relationship which doesnt work out. But then, who forced into getting married in the first part?

All right. Even if you were forced into the marriage, how do you after getting married think it is okay to break it up. It doesnt simply get into my mind.

Speaking of relationships, this new show on Bindass Channel called the "Emotional Attyachar". This show, I guess has got a high TRP. In my opinion, whatever they do on the show is totally offensive. They spy on a person. And show it on National Television. This could be a scripted show as every other reality show. If it is, I say Kudos to the creative team. If it isnt, I dont understand why do these people come to the show if in any case they are going to lose the relationship. They conduct so called 'loyalty test' on their partner. If their partner cheats, they dump them, and if they dont cheat, why would they stay in a relationship where their partner doesnt trust them.

As I understand it, relationships come cheap. As a famous Aamir Khan Dialogue goes 'Aaj Pooja, Kal koi dooja'! bleh!

Monday, January 18

Twitter Bites

Yes. Twitter.
The word of the year.
A networking where you have your say in 140 characters. You get to connect to a whole lot of interesting people, you are exposed to captivating thoughts, absorbing communications, compelling opinions, fascinating things most of all, connecting to beloved celebrities.

Sounds magnetic. Doesn't it?
Being addicted to Twitter is my personal experience. As one of my friends say- Hyper Tweet mode.

I had a Twitter account since a long time, but I actually started using it near October last year, when I was trying to get over a hump. And it helped me a lot. I could get involved in engrossing tweets and for the time being lose my problems.

It was fun. I started playing again with words and tweeted a lot of original quotes and other wacky one liners. I was regaining my sense of humor. Also, I came across some amazing people over there. I was so obsessed with it that I brought 2 of my closest friends over there..

But since i have a habit of getting bored with things too easily. Twitter had its own time, and now I was getting over with it.
And this isnt the only reason. The popularity of anything brings to it a variety of people. I have recently come across some tweets that are really gross. The Fraandship requests found their way to Twitter. Not just that, those 140 characters could get so gross, I could not imagine. People tweet things like

"I havent crapped in like 3 days" and other people are replying remedies like eat bananas and all..
"I just had sex with myself and it was GREATTTTTTTT" GROSS. Simply GROSS.

And with this, my journey on Twitter is almost over. Its official now. Twitter is a home for phonies and cacophonies.

Or saying it in the Tweet Lingo, The #FAILWHALE HAS ARRIVED PERMANENTLY.

Thursday, January 7

Rant Post

Yeah I have been procrastinating writing a post here..
I know and I believe many of you must have forgotten me, or thinking I am rude or something to not reply to your comments and not visiting your blogs, and not commenting.. And I am not giving any justifications.. Whats not right, is not right.

The truth is, I try coming back, I read blogs, and when I hop in to the comment section, I see most of the commentators are unknown to me.. So many new bloggers have set in and the people I knew have been lazy, busy or somethings, not updating not even commenting.. It feels like a whole batch has graduated the blogsville and freshers have come in.. It is nice.. But at times, I miss those old days of blogging..

Anyhow, the new year has been a kick start for me. I am happy. One of my closest friend told me she is expecting and I am gonna be a massi soon. :)
And this dreading Winter is killing, making hands an feet numb, still there is some kindda charm in this season. I love taking lone long walks in fog :)
In other news, I am trying very hard to not let laziness set for this new year.
Also one of my closest friends is getting married in Feb, so trying hard to fit in my own dresses although cant avoid eating in winters.. *sigh*
Also, somethings have been happening to me which I aint used to, so feeling a li'l awkward. But one thing for sure is, I dont like being called sweet or cute. Like really.

And as they are calling it, Twenty Ten, it has gotta be happy for all of us if it doesnt want to get kicked in the ass :D

P.S. All my old and new attempts at fiction will now be available on a new blog called "Mocking a Tale"

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