Friday, May 14

Change is the Only Constant

'People change, and forget to tell.'

(This is not a cribbing post but an enlightened one, you may carry on reading!)

Change is the only constant. Weathers change, times change, situations change. Change is the law of nature. Normal is boring. Each one of us needs a change in the course of time. Then why are PEOPLE excepted to not change? They are a portion of this Universe which is meant to change.

The world is like that as they say. One fine day, you wake up and realize that people close to you have changed. They are not as they used to be. It hurts inside. Doesn't it? Is that because of the expectations you have out of them? Probably yes.
Everyday, we meet new people. Life goes on. Some people stay, some leave. Of those, we chose the people who should stay and who should leave. There are times, when people we want to stay, leave. Also, there are times, when people we wanted to leave, stay.

It a circle. its the same for others. Some people want us to stay and some want us to leave. We choose to leave some, we stay with others.
Before you tell someone that they have changed, for one second consider. Question yourself. Are you the same for them? Haven't you changed a bit?
Every one a justification for the change they have brought in themselves. But when it comes to others, it gets in-digestible. Why do we expect others to remain the same for us if we have changed ourselves to them?
Not fair.

When people change, they grow up. They outgrow somethings and develop other things.
You may be a part of their world and may not be. Just like, you leave people behind.

I am not perfect. I hurt people. People hurt me too. But I grow up. Everyone does grow up. This could hurt initially, but we become used to it eventually.

Let people change. It is always for good.

Smile and Move On.

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Ria said...

Oh yes! Life is all about change n moving on. :) Good to see u post after a long hiatus.

Divya said...

You know, most of the time, change just happens. I have changed. Drastically over the years. Part of it has been conscious and part of it, not. I don't know how many ppl have been hurt by the change but in the long run, it has done me good and as selfish as it sounds, i think that's what matters to me the most. Not that i don't care about the ppl who were affected, but because i know if not me, they would've changed. that had to happen. And it's true what you said, ppl grow up and move on.

Jaunty anima said...

Hey Richa!
I've been pondering over the same thought for many days....really couldn't come up with any answer..
U've given answers atleast to some question marks..

So thanku for making me unnerstand!!

Loadza love n luck!!

Mayank said...

Wah bhai wah... U just written here what was in my mind...
Well, we're grown up and need to accept the change.

яノςんム said...

@ Ria,
thank you darls :)

яノςんム said...

@ Divya,
;) exactly ;) I have moved on, I have hurt ppl too.. but life doesnt stop :)

яノςんム said...

@ Jaunty Anima,
happy to help :)
I too took some 20+ yrs to figure it out ;D

Love :)

яノςんム said...

@ mayank, :)

Tushar Mangl said...

I think outgrow was the right word. You used it above.

Sometimes people don't change in a group. They just outgrow. Like friends do.

We cannot avoid changed but pray that they turn out to be better for us.

And change reminds me, this blog and the blogger has changed. The blog is actually singing songs.

V Rakesh said...

But for change, I would have hated life and all of it!



Harshita said...

Hmm... I understand the post really well.. and all I can say is.. thanks for sharing this... I can see things clearly now :)

Aditya Nandode said...

Change is such a difficult thing, and it can hurt too, but then it is the one that brings in happiness! :)

ani_aset said...

A generalisation that every change is for good is incorrect. We change, and people around us change. So when we tell people that you have changed, some might also mean that you havent changed for good, speaking from a friend's perspective that is. Now its up to the person to either pay heed to what is being said, or question back "havent you changed too?". At the end of the day we all know that everything happens for our good. Nice thought provoking post this :) keep writing

preeti said...

good one here.. really made me ponder..but i still wish nothin ever changed..

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