Saturday, April 17

Battle of Sexes? Not My Cup of Tea

Every now and then, I see people indulging in Battle of Sexes.

Arguing on Boys are better or Girls are better. Boys can do a lot of things which girls can not do like removing their shirt and urinating in public places which Girls can not.
Girls have their idea of the story that they can bring life to planet et cetra.

Who ever invented this Battle of Sexes, I say it is a very very lame idea.
Nature created Man and Woman to compliment each other, not to substitute each other. Had substitution be the motive, there had been only one of the either existing.
Not just literally, that is, to reproduce, but on the whole.

Nature has made them different, so they are meant to be different. You can not compare an elephant and a lion (see, I dint use Dog or Ass- it proves my intentions are not otherwise sarcastic), like wise you can not compare a Man and a Woman.
Men and Women are biologically, physically, mentally, psychologically different make ups. Men are made to think in a different way than Women.

I know Men who are very conscious about their looks and I know Women who are tech savvy.
I know Men who really are Dumb and I know Women who are Witty.
I know Men who love shopping and I know Women who love playing Video Games.

If you want to tag those guys or girls as losers; please navigate from this space.

Numerous things like that can be listed down here. But my whole point is 'why compare them when they are not meant to be compared?'

I believe more than being a Man or a Woman, we are Human and we should act like that. There are other things for entertainment.

P.S. My dear future husband, If you believe in Battle of Sexes, I am not going to marry you.

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