Thursday, September 27

Every man has, but one destiny

Every man has, but one destiny.

This is"the line", I took from the Book.
Just wondering what would be mine?? And when shall i know?? And if I believe what Mitch Albom says in "the five people you meet in Heaven", I might not discover, till I die, that whatever I have been doing throughout my life, when I thought I were not doing anything, was actually I were destined to do unknowingly.

But is it fair??

Saturday, September 15

ॐ गन गणपति नमः

वक्र तुंड महा काया, सूर्य कोटी सम प्रभा!!
निर्विघ्न कुरुमेह देवा, सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा!!

Sunday, September 2

no más disculparse de baile

Need no reason to dance... Live to Dance and dance as if none is watching (though the cam was ;))!!!

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