Monday, March 30

The same old rant..

"What kind guy would you want for yourself?"
This is one question that bugs me every now and then.
I am single and I am happy, doesn’t that seem digestible?

Anyways, coming back to the post, I was recently asked the same thing by my friend's fiance. It was a small get together and we all- the engaged friend V, her fiance M, another friend D and I sat chatting, this subject was brought up.
I mean why do you ask? lolz, the ideal answer should have been that he should be good looking, loving, caring, this- that and blah blah.. But tell me guys, the way people ask you for the specifications gives me funny thought that is it possible for them to get a custom made guy/ girl? (bother to drop your takes for the same)

D, instantly said that she wants the Raj of DDLJ. I know if I run a survey, 90% of the girls in India would say this.
Okay, tell me what was so good in Raj's character? Such irresponsible, such foolish, such illogical, and such creepy..
Since it was a movie, it worked. But reality bites. Who can spend a lifetime with that kind of a character? (care to debate?)


Besides, Raka has been generous again for the lovely award. Oh yes! Honesty is awarded :D

P.S. I am waiting for a right moment to pass away the awards, something grand :D

Wednesday, March 25

Totally Random

A mirror that reflects,
forgets to image the pieces the substantive is broken into..

Monday, March 23


Albeit I purposely disabled commenting on my last post, Thank you guys for all your emails filled with best wishes and prayer.

Dad is back home and fine now.. Though he will take some time to heal properly (this wasnt an Iodex Maliye, Kaam pe Chaliye thingy). Needs rest, a lot of, only if he lets us switch off his phone and the visitors a.k.a Chahne wale please let him rest..

So I am little relieved. And hopefully, back to blogging normally after my ailments and then dad's (if my tests for the month are over- Are You listening RABB JI!!).

I want to express my Gratitude to Raka and Harshita for being there to emotionally support me.. Really guys thanks a lot. It really means. Raka's gesture on her blog, brought more wishes and prayers. :)

Besides, in the meanwhile, I have been tagged a lot all around. Thank you guys, for missing me :D

This is an award cum tag of course from Raka, The Great!!
As this tag goes, I have to write 10 random cute things about myself. I wonder what is cute in me!!

1. Lot of people find my smile cute. Though there is not 1 percent my contribution in it. God's Gift :D

2. I, at times pretend to be dumber than I actually am. I find it amusing :D

3. I am in a habit of finding humor in every darn situation.

4. People laugh at me because I am different, I laugh at them cuz they are all the same :D

5. I find it my strength of my ability to laugh on myself.

6. I had a tomboy-ish image while in school, but then eventually, no, I guess drastically, I changed over to Lady like when I got into college. And I started finding Pink color cute :D

7. I am a lazy bones. I tone up every few months with a lot of dedication, hard work, literal physical pains, but then, the laziness envelops over again, and I start looking like I ate an elephant..

8. I find my gym instructor cute. =D

9. For a change, I have a crush currently. No points for guessing.

10. This Cute tag is annoying. I have no cute things about me.. :(

Saturday, March 21

Some one has rightly said that the hardships and pains of our loved ones is harder to bear than of oneself.
No matter how strong I try to pretend, but it gets real difficult to stay calm when I see them suffering. And specifically when it is your parent, it is killing.

I have to be strong for my mom and brother, and even stronger for my dad, who met with an accident. His injury is not minor, but thank God he is safe and recovering.

Getting hit by a bus is a statement when hears of loses their senses. But the relief was that Dad called up himself and informed us of the happening. His voice seemed tranquil, but since we know he is very strong and tolerant, we could not believe until we saw him. I and mom just ran towards the hospital, we were praying for his wellness, too nervous to speak to each other.
When we saw him in the hospital getting dressed, he was calm, but his injury was horrifying. the whole calf was of the left leg was scratched and blood was pouring out literally. the doctor showed us the rear side of the calf where the cut as almost 4 inches deep and the muscles were out on the lose. A chunk of skin was gone.

Had it been someone else, I had puked on the sight of t he injury. But he was my dad. I and Mom were both trying to not get tearful for the sake of each other.

Anyhow, the doctor recommended the X-rays done and thank God, no fracture was detected.
Bandages done, he was shifted to the room. Appointment was given for the operation to stitch the muscles and skin of late night. They took 2 hours inside the OT. The whole family, relatives and friends was wandering outside the OT waiting for dad to come out.

We have been on the run since three days. Thankfully, he is fine now and recovering. But since the leg is involved, he will take time to recover and additional as he is already diabetic. All we can do is pray. We cant thank God enough for saving him from a major injury.
I am writing this down to empty myself. I haven't shed a tear. And thanks for all your wishes- Already.

Thursday, March 19

Dil Kya Chahta Hai??

The school life is something you really cant forget or let go, particularly the last year of school wen you get into the senior most class, masti-ing all the time, along with the pressure of scoring good..

Its been 7 yrs I've left school, but the moments that I really cherish, are kind of embedded on the screen of my mind as such, and every now n then, the play button is pressed..
as just reminded of one of those, so thought of jotting it down...

12th, the haunted course, (Board exams),
We used to have Eligibility tests in mid Augusts. As the name suggests, they were meant for checking the eligibility of the students, for the school can send the forms of the successful students to the board.. though schools send the appearing forms for every student, still for the purpose of making students study harder, they had this formality..

So coming back to the story,
We had our Eligibility test.. And it was Accounts exam the next day.. Also it was the day wen the movie was going to be released..

'Dil Chahta Hai'..

The most awaited movie of the year.. How could we miss the thrill of the "first day first show"..

Hard written practice n clarity of fundae, over confident me,
"yaar accounts ke exam ke liye bhi koi padta hai ek din pehle??"

And I dragged my Buddy Divya (she being the topper and I too not that bad) to the show along with a paltan of other "out of school" friends who dint have any exam,
while other aspirants were burning their calories with "Self Tutor" n "P.C. Tulsian"..

Enjoyed like anything......
Rolling like anything with Amir, Saif n Akshay....

Even after returning from the movie, literally "kasht nahi uthhya maine toh books kholne ka"..
Divya would have burnt her sleep of the night definitely..

The dawn broke..

Just turned the pages once (quick revision), n I were all set for the exam..
Attempted the paper n came out humming as always.. Another reason for humming was the "surroor" of the movie, plus the overwhelmed feeling of the exam going good without proper "last day" preps...

The doomsday arrived.. It was wen the answer sheets were given back to us after assessment..
As our beloved (sarcastic to the highest possible extent) "Teji sir" called my name, I ran to get my paper..
He had his usual shrewd grin on his face n told me "you got 78 on 100, but I gave you 48.. do you mind??"
I replied, in a tone as "not effected" as possible, "nuh-na" n came back to my seat..
(another story of the typical "khundak"- sum other time)

Then Divya's name was called..
She had scored 50..

With a clean record for past 15 yrs of no red lines on the report card, expected was shock on both our faces of failing the exam.. (we had to get 50% to pass the exams in our school)

Instead, imitating the astute smile of "Teji sir's", we looked at each other. I asked "Dil Kya Chahta Hai?"

Divya replied "another do (2) number"...

And we laughed out aloud......

Tuesday, March 17

Thank You Tara :)


Tara, I feel short of words. I cant explain how I feel like. Yes, I was annoyed when I saw your post and gotta know that you visited my city and i dint even know.. And I blurted it out on your blog- My Annoyance. That is so unlike me.

And this beautiful thing you have done for me, I could never even think of anything like that. You are a beautiful person and a lovely friend. And after this, there is no question of any annoyance..

I am sorry, I dint mean to be rude.. You are a sweetheart.. I am really touched..

Sunday, March 8

Happy Women's Day!!

Another Women's day is here. International Women's day I must rather say.. Celebrated to honour women all across the planet.

Honour my foot!!

But my question is does the world ‘International’ exclude India?

They treat women like a piece of @%#$ and celebrate women's day to cover that all up. They will stand up and bow to the women power on March 8 every year to justify the rest 364 days of the year.

The gentry of the society will hold seminars, award functions to show respect to women liberation, honour their achievements and celebrate their abilities.
As soon as this day passes, things get back to normal.

Indians are big time hypocrites. Their mythology, their culture tells them to treat women like goddess- they worship young girls in the days of Navratri, and as soon as it is over, they do not hesitate to kill their unborn and even born baby girls in the greed of a son who would lead them to Moksha. How justified is it to kill a living being in the desire of a state beyond your own life which none has seen?? How could they have the guts to abandon a new born baby in the trash bins to let them be scratched by strays?

Girls do not get an education as their parents think it will be useless for them. At times they are deprived of education to help the parents bring up their younger siblings or just because they can work as maids and earn an extra bite.

As per the culture, they have to treat their women- their daughters in law, wives as goddess Lakshmi that symbolises wealth and prosperity but they do not fear while beating them up for not bringing the cash and kind in- from their parents as in dowry. They are not afraid to burn them alive, to hang them to ceiling fans, to make them pop sleeping pills and what not.

The plight of widows is not hidden from anyone here. They are looked upon as inauspicious beings. They are deprived of basic amenities of life, be it food or bedding.

Prostitution is a social evil that has emerged from the desires of men in the dark of the night; in the day light, those same women are treated as untouchables who satisfy their needs. I wonder how do they provide their services without being touched.

I ask why the women in their own vicinity cannot breathe free. Why do have to think before stepping out of their homes? Why do they have to bother about eve teasing? Why cannot they wear apparels of their choice? Why are they treated as an object of lust and not as a human being?

Rape victims in our country as treated as if the accident caused to them was their own mistake.
Coming on to those big names, who think of themselves as the contractors of religion and culture. Who has given them an authority to touch another woman who is none of their concern in the first place let alone beating them up?

I fail to understand this funda, that in a country with such hollow society, one section celebrates the women’s day..

Oh by the way, Happy Women’s Day!!

Thursday, March 5

New Attire!!

Life is all about changes.. It applies to my blog too..

A makeover of the blog Yay!!
It goes with the theme of the blog. Doesnt it??
Credits to Mahul Bhattacharya for helping me with the template.. Thank you Officially. :D

Let me know your reviews regarding the same guys!!

This Day..

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