Saturday, March 21

Some one has rightly said that the hardships and pains of our loved ones is harder to bear than of oneself.
No matter how strong I try to pretend, but it gets real difficult to stay calm when I see them suffering. And specifically when it is your parent, it is killing.

I have to be strong for my mom and brother, and even stronger for my dad, who met with an accident. His injury is not minor, but thank God he is safe and recovering.

Getting hit by a bus is a statement when hears of loses their senses. But the relief was that Dad called up himself and informed us of the happening. His voice seemed tranquil, but since we know he is very strong and tolerant, we could not believe until we saw him. I and mom just ran towards the hospital, we were praying for his wellness, too nervous to speak to each other.
When we saw him in the hospital getting dressed, he was calm, but his injury was horrifying. the whole calf was of the left leg was scratched and blood was pouring out literally. the doctor showed us the rear side of the calf where the cut as almost 4 inches deep and the muscles were out on the lose. A chunk of skin was gone.

Had it been someone else, I had puked on the sight of t he injury. But he was my dad. I and Mom were both trying to not get tearful for the sake of each other.

Anyhow, the doctor recommended the X-rays done and thank God, no fracture was detected.
Bandages done, he was shifted to the room. Appointment was given for the operation to stitch the muscles and skin of late night. They took 2 hours inside the OT. The whole family, relatives and friends was wandering outside the OT waiting for dad to come out.

We have been on the run since three days. Thankfully, he is fine now and recovering. But since the leg is involved, he will take time to recover and additional as he is already diabetic. All we can do is pray. We cant thank God enough for saving him from a major injury.
I am writing this down to empty myself. I haven't shed a tear. And thanks for all your wishes- Already.

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