Monday, December 28

Taking 2010 Steps Ahead..

Another year bites the dust. Like I said last year, this time too, the year passed before I realized.
It has been quiet eventful, more on the low notes both professionally and personally. Anyhow, I really cant wait for this year to end.

The year has been a whole lot of learning.

And the nicest thing I re-discovered was that no matter what happens, your family always stands by you.
In the times of happiness and distress, its the family you look upto, you count on and you cant bear the thought of giving up on them. Believe me, its the most wonderful thing God has adorned us with.

Like each year, things happened, things went right, things went wrong, met new people, became friends, lost some friendships, achieved my goals, missed some objectives, realized things, understood things, committed mistakes, rectified bungles, dreamt, wished, wanted things to happen, wished things to not happen.

As I look back into the year, I see myself growing up, mentally. I have gained some things, lost too. I discovered some new aspects of myself, I found myself going for things I had never thought of, I made myself learn new things, I forgot some. I understood many things, I could make out the differences in realities and mirages.

But anyways, overall the year had been a mentor. The good things and the bad things taught.

And now, I am all set to march towards the new year. time for celebrations. Time for learning new ventures, new lessons, time to take new tests.

And, I choose not to take/ make any resolutions, I have decided to take the life as it comes to me.. :D

And here is one New year wish for all of you..

New Year’s Reality Check

Another year, another chance
To start our lives anew;
This time we’ll leap old barriers
To have a real breakthrough.
We’ll take one little step
And then we’ll take one more,
Our unlimited potential
We’ll totally explore.
We’ll show off all our talents
Everyone will be inspired;
(Whew! While I’m writing this,
I’m getting very tired.)
We’ll give up all bad habits;

We’ll read and learn a lot,
All our goals will be accomplished,
Sigh...or maybe not.

Oh well, Happy New Year anyway!

By Joanna Fuchs

Saturday, December 12

Wats the Raaz of your Pichhla Janam?

I have not been into TV since a long time, but yeah I do catch up with some reality shows mostly Indian Idol or dance shows, and I despise the Big Boss and Borrow child shows.

But this, as they claim, is another reality show I am hooked to.. Its called "Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka" on NDTV Imagine.. Nothing like I believe in re-incarnation or someting or I like the show, but one thing for sure is, it has 100% entertainment value.

I mean, I envy the creativity of the script writers of that show. Yes, like every other reality show, it has got to be scripted. Absolutely. Obviously the name of the suggests- Imagine.

I have seen all the 5 episodes of the show till date. The anchor of the show, nonetheless, Mr. Ravi Kisan (yep, Zindagi jhandwa phir bhi ghamandwa fame) doesnt have any thing to do on the show, his script I believe he has crushed in the mixer and gulped down as he blabbers the same lines everyday without fail just altering the name of the volunteer on the show.

The main character of the show is some famous psychiatrist Dr. Trupti Jain, who claims to hypnotise the volunteer and conduct something called "past life regression" on them and takes them back to the journey of their last birth.

First thing I dont understand is, everyone who has volunteered for the show, how have they been so sure to have lived a past life?
Second, Dr. Trupti Jain can make people see their past lives not like as a story but scene to scene, happening to happening, and can take them to and fro to one moment from another and in no sequence.. Like an album, you can play song no. 12, then song no. 3 and then song no 15- like aything.. Huh!
Third, last night, Mr. Lilliput- the actor was on air, and Dr. Trupti Jain took him to his past two lives. I mean, two? are you sure?
Forth, Shekhar Suman the actor when on air, even during his hypnotism, seemed like he is acting. He was telling the happenings of his past life as if he has already known them and did not even try to pretend that he was under hypnotism.

All the people who come to the show suffer one phobia or the other and the phobia they are suffering is how they died in their past life.
I doubt what exactly is this hypnotism? I believe if these stories arent cooked up by the creators of the show, these have to be the sub conscious of the volunteers.

And on the other side of the thoughts, our Bhagwad Geeta says that we get Human life after passing through 84 lakh lives of being other species. And all these people who have come for this regression have had human lives this recently. Are they trying to prove the Bhagwat Geeta theory wrong?

Anyhow, creativity of the creators of this show is at heights. And I will keep watching it till the time it really pisses me off.. :D

Wednesday, November 11

Is Expecting Human?

I have always had this theory to keep expectations low or to be precise, to zero.
This way, you can avoid hurting yourself..
I know expecting is a way of self torture.. When you expect something out of a person and it isn't fulfilled, you feel bad. so the easy way out is, dont expect. If the other person does something for you going out of his/her way, take it as a bonus.
Few days back, I was having a conversation with this friend of mine which got me into thinking mode (yeah, I know in a long time though).
She says, you may pretend to not expect, but it is human to expect and if you say, you don't expect, it is not being modest, rather you are escaping the truth.
I kept thinking over it and then finally reached the conclusion, she is right.
Any person who is close to you, may it be your parents, siblings, best friends, or a special one, you tend to do things for them even if you have to trouble yourself or go through terrible inconvenience, you do, it is because you want to.
And you want them to do things for you the same way. You want them to be there for you in the moments of distress. This may and may not be in return of what you do for them. It hurts you if they are unable to make it on time for you.
You may ignore it for once, but somethings you are incapable of letting go. At times, you start listing down the times you have been there for them and things you did for them and the times they weren't there for you.
You may not convey it to them, you may conceal that you are feeling bad but doesn't it get suffocating at times? It does. Blood relations kept aside, it starts driving you away from them. And if you convey it to them, this might result in a disagreement and sometimes frictions.

Expectations are confusing in themselves.

Deep down, we all have expectations. We just learn to suppress them. For once this may be convenient. But in the end, they bind you with your loved ones.

Friday, September 11

I hate Milk!!

I hate milk. Absolutely.
And I love that Jingle form our childhood that says "Piyo glass full dhoodh". But that doesnt make me not puke pver the sight of it..
I know, many of you would say, it is very essential, it is a complete diet, being a woman you need to drink milk, it is a source of calcium and blah blah..
But excuse me. I am not taking any of those.
I have hated milk ever since I can recall.. I was made to drink milk when I was young. My mom has used every possible flavor and every possible method to fool me and make me drink milk. But no. No More. I HATE MILK.
People who coincide with this disliking of mine, lets form a club where we can discuss the ways to avoid milk and invent new excuses :D
And people who like Milk, please you can come back some other time.
And those who Love Milk, Sorry. I guess we had companionship till today only.
Yes. I am irritated. very much. Only because of milk. Because, I Hate Milk.

Monday, July 27

Updates and Tag

Oh well my last post was idiotic, but do not really take that a reason for my absence, I do not believe in suicides personally.
Yes I have been on a vacation and it was real nice, but why am I irregular and not catching up with you all, I really cant help the power cuts and the BSNL internet connection. However, I'll soon be back hopefully and do lemme know whats up with you guys :)

Raisa tagged me to take up this quiz on FB which is quite nice. So i took it up.
Even otherwise, I havent done anything here in a long time and Arjun badly wanted me to do a tag. So this one is for you Arjun.

Here are the rules:

1. Open this website :
2. Take the Personality Quiz (it's VERY short, 9 questions and easy, really)
3. Type your name after the instructions. Eg, XXX :
4. Copy Paste the result.
5. Tag some friends including me.

Richa Singhal

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.
(ahaaann.. that is almost correct)

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes. hehe..

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.
(they call me the runaway bride)

The seriousness of your love:
You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?
(they dint know it?)

Your views on education:
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can. (absolutely)

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.
(no comments)

How do you view success:
You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.
blush blush

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.
*battling eyelashes*

You are all free to take up :)

Friday, July 17

The Suicide Note

I am ending my life in total consciousness because I dont anymore want to be the reason behind the tears of people I love.
Please forgive me mom...

P.S. My first attempt at 55 Fiction. Tomatoes, eggs, even stones are welcome.

Saturday, July 11

Calling all Online Friends

Gmail and Gtalk are my lifeline these days. I do have an account for Yahoo, but I use it very occasionally.
Last night, just out of the blues I logged into my another long abandoned yahoo messenger account. It had been hacked and all, so i had to abandon it. I haven't logged into that account for ages. I logged into my mail box as well expecting yahoo to had delete it for non usage, but to my surprise, it was intact, but of course flooded with spam mails. I was just surfing through it when I found an email from a friend. There were some pictures attached. It was from Rick, an online friend. He was an Aussie.

And it all came back to me.

I was fresh into the college that was when I had my internet connection at home. Yahoo chats had been so in those days, I too used to pass a considerable time on them.. I would have bumped into him in some Chat rooms, I cant even remember the details. It has been so long.

Very calm, down to earth sort of person he was, as much as I remember. He was a photographer, located at Sydney, almost my age, I was 18 then. He lived alone with a friend who was his best friend's sister. Her name was Nancy. He use to tell me a lot about Nancy. She was under depression, unfortunately her mother and brother who happened to be Rick's best friend had been inside the WTC on 9/11. I remember he told me that when he was very drunk and could not even remember he told me about it the very next day.

His dad was a farmer living somewhere in the country side nearby and his mom lived in New York with his younger brother. He frequented to NY lot of times to see them.

When my id got hacked, I lost contact with him. He was there on Orkut, but anyhow, he deleted his profile. At times, when I read mails like how people found their long lost friends and relatives on social networking sites, I do search for him, but no luck yet. :)

I dont know why am I writing this, but since I recalled that friend of mine who is not in contact any more, and I am unable to locate him, I just want to let him know that he is being missed.

Now your turn to tell me about any such online friend of yours outside of the blogging world. You may or may not be in contact with them, but you still remember them and want them to know you do.

Tuesday, July 7

What are you going to chose?

Of late, I have come across a relatively new concept of Marriage of Convenience.

We are all aware of Love Marriages and Arranged Marriages.

In Love Marriages, two people who fall for each other and they get married, whether their folks agree or dont and at times finally agree, many love stories dont end as marriages and many end as marriages begin.

In Arranged marriage on the other hand, folks fix you up with a family they think is suitable, your prospective partner is chosen by them testing on every aspect. At times you immediately fall in love with your fiance, in other cases, love doesn't come even after years of marriage and some marriages break too.

But this concept is marriage of convenience. Love is nowhere in the scene. You are nice friends with the other person and you are both aware of each others aspirations and desires. And you decide to get married. This way, you are in a relationship for the sake of your families, friends and yourself.

I have come across many reasons to be such a relationship. one is when you are great friends, both single and unable to find a suitable match for yourself. And you make a pact that till certain age, if you still remain single, you will marry each other. Since you have been friends for years, you know the other person well and can be dependent on the other one too. sometimes this is also referred to as back-up husband/ wife.

Another is, when you are friends, and you both have high aspirations in life- career wise, and still dont want to get married and your folks are obsessed with the idea of getting you married, you get married to each other. this way you shut their mouths, pretend to be happily married and concentrate on your career without any pressure from your better half.

Another reason, as we all watched in the movie- Fashion. Mugdha Godsay- a struggling model marries Sameer Soni- a Gay Fashion designer who doesn't want his homosexuality come out in public.

Another reason, when you had a relationship, but under some circumstances, you could not end up together, now, you are still unable to get over that relationship but still you get married for the sake of your folks and even yourself, without any obligations towards your better half.

Another reason is when you know the other person can give you ample breathing space and can let you live the way you want to, you decide to get married and this way you don't lose your freedom and can have a relationship of your own convenience.

So what are you going to chose?

Monday, June 29

Just an Update...

This is what the Missing Monsoons have led us to. The power cuts are horrible and the scorching sun is taking the toll. I really miss reading you guys and really really wish this phase gets over soon..

And, by the way, happy 150th post to me :)

Monday, June 22

Papa Kehte Hain

This is a belated father's day post, power cuts are the culprit.

Could not find a funnier photo of us :D This picture was taken on his birthday March 31, 2009, he was bed ridden, recovering form the horrible accident he met with.

On this Father's day and always, Thank you Papa, for everything you gave me. You are my ideal and my idol. You are the source of my inspiration. I will always try my level best to fulfill your expectations..

I love you..

Saturday, June 13

Does Wisdom follow the 'Wisdom Tooth'?

Those knowing me close are acquainted with the fact that I have poor immunity. Specifically when the thing comes to oral health (oral here refers to teeth, gums, tongue, mouth and not otherwise). After every few weeks, something or the other comes up troubling me to speak or eat. I have gone through numerous "root canals", gum treatments and molar problems to an extent that every time I have to find a new dentist for I feel embarrassed visiting the same ever since one bantered me to get an all new denture instead. (no comments )
This time it is my swollen gum and inner cheek at the extreme end of the lower jaw on the right side. I have been trying to get an appointment with the dentist in the neighbourhood, (I have been missing the clinic times since past few days for my beloved sleep restrains me to be up for that) failing which I showed up there yesterday without one. After what seemed to be hours of waiting (why don't they include "queuing theory" on MBBS, BDS syllabi?), ultimately mera number aa hi gaya.

Though I was aware of what the problem was, this problem has been occuring time and again for the past one year now. I remember when it came up first time, to my surprise the doctor tried to conceal a laugh. I asked what was wrong, he told me that my appearing wisdom tooth on the upper jaw was disturbing the lower gum causing it to swell. Doctor ki hassi ho gayi and meri band baj rahi thi. The result was the drill machine nipping the evil in the bud (grinding the tooth a li'l bit to relieve the gum). Since then, it grows up every 2-3 months and I have to visit the dreaded thing again. At times I wonder aur kitna bada hoga!!

Dentists are inhuman I must say. I aint saying this, but my experience with hell load of them is saying. They bend into your mouth and consider it a wrestling rink and your tooth their opponent.. I remember once when I had to get one of roots pulled out (extra growth), the dentist was a lady doctor, (ek foonk ki maar i.e. could be blown away with one exhale- I have funny categories to describe physical appearance of people, my fave being 'ek horn ki maar'- used it for our colony watchman) she had put her whole strength for three consecutive days failing to the the required and ultimately her husband (ek thappar/slap ki maar) had to pull it out. Adding a compliment "Sher jaise daant hain" (I am a Leo though ).

But the whole point is why is it called Wisdom tooth when it has not brought any wisdom to me?

No, I'll be 25 too soon, but is wisdom there with me, I doubt it seriously. 3 of my wisdom tooth have already appeared, may be I have to wait for the fourth one to be wise enough.

The idea struck to me when I were upside down for the "Sarvaang aasan" with my coach's help (yes the same gym instructor who is my eye candy these days May be b'cuz the rushing blood would have hit the strings of my brain causing it to open up after the long time of non usage.

Shortly after the torture at the dentist, plus compensating for the 'anti socializing movement' I've been indulged into for past few days, decided to pamper myself and showed up at the exquisite saloon of the town. Got myself full body massaged, manicure, pedicure, including a 'detoxifying skin clean up'. I am feeling light and good.

I've decided to 'Re'-discover myself (for I've lost the count whichth time decided it).

And they say wisdom follows the wisdom tooth. Does it seem like so after reading my blog??

The scariest thing on the planet is the very comfortable appearing "Dentist's Chair". I am a strong believer of the marketing and consumer behavior theory "Looks are deceptive".

Reminds me of a joke:
When the dentist bent inside a lady patients mouth with a drilling machine in his hand, she clutched his balls tightly. Embarrassed doctor said to the lady "Ma'am you are aware of what you are doing. Aint you?" The lady replied "Yes. This is to remind you that we are both not going to hurt each other".

Thursday, June 11

The Femme Fatale- V- The Final Move

Khanna Murder Case Solved
The much hyped murder case of Dinesh Khanna, the branch head of ABC Corp is almost solved claims the local police. He was found dead last week in his bedroom recovered by his brother Dr. Sahil Khanna- a graduate from Harvard School of Medicine, in the early morning.
He died due to an overdose of chloral i.e. a compound formed when brandy and water are mixed. In the first instance it looked like an accident but as the investigations proceeded, the crime scene looked suspicious. When the brother of the deceased was inquired, it was established that they had had an argument on the day of the death.
Though Dr. Sahil Khanna pleads innocent, the case looked shady when the colleagues of Dinesh Khanna confirmed that the brothers had been arguing for the past week in the office premises and it turned out that they had been planning to pin down an innocent girl Ms. Anjali Kapoor, the creative head of the ABC Corp who had an affair with deceased’s brother since past two months.
When Ms. Kapoor was probed, she admitted that she overheard the brothers talking and felt deceived. She had an argument with Doctor Khanna the week before the death and walked out of the relationship. She is reported to be in a trauma due to the broken relationship and is still under medication with a renowned psychologist of the town. However, the court has given a clean chit to Ms. Kapoor while Doctor Khanna is under judicial custody on non- bail able warrant.

Anjali folded and put down the news paper and smiled to her friend Dr. Sameer Mehra- Psychologist.
“Happy?” Sameer poked her.
“Elated” she replied smiling even wider.
“I still find it hard to imagine. A girl of principles like you managed to get the brothers down.” He exclaimed.
“I told you I am going to win this game by hook or crook. They thought they were smart enough to get me. But I got them first.”
“When you asked me about the modus operandi, I was doubtful if you could do that.”
“I had to. I still remember the day when I poured the high concentration chloral into their used brandy from the bottle I took with me in my hand bag on one of my so called dates with Sahil at their apartment. I knew I could be a suspect, therefore the break up drama had to follow a few days later. The modus operandi had to be simple enough for Dinesh to be framed if DOCTOR Sahil had to be the victim. Then all I had to do was to wait and watch. Though I dint know who would die and who will be framed. But I dint mind it either ways. They were both in the line. Albeit I am going to miss those awesome orgasms. And thank you Sameer for all you did for me.” She boasted.

They both laughed aloud.

P.S. I googled a lot to find an apt Modus Operandi, I wanted a cold blooded murder though, but still nothing could convince me. Then I had to settled at the most common one. Please bear with me.

Tuesday, June 9

The Femme Fatale- IV- The Affair Begins

Anjali looked at the mirror and adored herself. She looked beautiful in that white summer dress. Her hair set loose fell to her waist. She was ready for another dinner date with Sahil.
When she came out of her apartment, Sahil could not take his eyes off her. She always had looked gorgeous, but today there was something spell binding in her which he could not decipher. “You look stunning” was all he could manage to tell her.
He drove the car in 3rd gear in no hurry. She asked him where they were heading to but he would not tell. There was a heat between them. He drove towards the end of the city to a lonely beach. There was a beautiful set up there- a bonfire, a table for two and soft music. The food was Italian complimented with red wine.
They went for a stroll after the dinner. She took off her stilettos and walked bare feet on the sand. He held her hand and pulled her closer. They looked into each other’s eyes and they were both acquainted with the other’s desires for them.

Their lips pressed and it was immaterial who made the first move. In a matter of minutes they lay on the sand exploring each other’s bodies.
She opened her eyes with the first ray of the rising sun and looked at Sahil who lay peacefully slept by her side, his arms around her. The movement of her eyelash on his face woke him up. He smiled and kissed her.

She wanted to keep their affair physical but Sahil was turning out to be a diehard romantic. He brought her flowers, wrote her music discs, took her to movies. She was kind of surprised to see him this way. Nevertheless, she was enjoying being the focus of his attention. “He is a brilliant actor”, she thought at times.
In the days that followed, their affair became the talk of the town. They complimented each other so well. However, only Anjali knew to herself that it was a fake.

“You think you have an upper hand on me if you are seeing my brother?” this came as a surprise from Khanna when she was busy winding up after a hectic day at office.
“Excuse me?” she exclaimed.
“Don’t you dare to fill him up against me” he exhaled the smoke of an exquisite cigar on her face.
"Look, my personal life and professional life are way apart and don’t even talk even talk about you” she was fighting to breathe.
“He will not choose you over me any day” he pushed out.
“Now when you are out in the open against me, let’s see who does he choose” she was finding it hard to not shout.

This conversation made her uneasy. Her mind was racing. “Why did Khanna throw that challenge on her face? They had been playing a game secretly and she had been falling in for that. Now why all of sudden did he act that way? Was Sahil really falling for her? Did he tell his brother about it? Why had Khanna sounded insecure?” Whatever it was, she was game. She was set for the next move.

“I know there is something cold between you and bhai.” Sahil shot at her that evening. “I have nothing personal against him, it’s just the office dynamics you know” she had rehearsed this answer many times. “Are you sure?” he asked. “Of course” she replied. This topic was never brought up again.

Part V- hopefully the concluding one coming soon..

P.S. My other blog Jagruti has been nominated for "IndiBlogger Blog of the month". Please vote for it here as a favor. :D

Sunday, June 7

The Femme Fatale- III- The Catalyst

It all had started a year ago, when the then branch head- Ms. Sunaina Sahni, a divorcee resigned from the company. Everyone in the office was sure that the next boss has to be Anjali. She was hard working and deserving. But the final verdict was in Sunaina’s hand. The day before Sahni’s farewell party, Anjali received a call from her and she was summoned to office after the working hours. She reached the office hastily and was surprised to see Dinesh, her intern coming out of Sunaina’s cabin.
She gave him a questioning look and all he reciprocated was a shrewd smile. As she entered the cabin, she was taken aback to find Sunaina half- dressed sipping scotch. She asked her to come in and have a seat. She was casual. Anjali was still in a shock.
“You must be wondering why the hell did I call you here at this time. Look Anjali, I like you very much, you are a hard working girl and you have a long way to go. Everyone in the office wants you to be the next boss. So did I. But I am changing this decision of mine. I called you here to know the reason behind it. I dint want to back stab you.” She said coolly.
Anjali dint say anything and rushed out of her cabin straight to her car. “So this is it. He has been privately servicing that ‘fair-not-back-stabbing-bitch’ to get the power.” Her mind was racing. She dint want this to happen. “The much awaited, hard earned, well deserved position was so close and someone comes from nowhere and grabs it, rather snatches it. Rascal.” She wanted to call up the company president and letting him know all that was going on. But the conscience inside her stopped her from doing so. It said, “they can go to this low for power, if you too do, what would the difference between you and them?”. She decided otherwise.
The next morning, as expected, Dinesh was announced the un-questioned boss. No one seemed to have been surprised. They all knew it already. Anjali was told that she was the only one unaware of this petty affair going on in her vicinity.
She laughed at herself, “how contradictory is it that a nerd, who I gave no attention to, the one who reported to me, all of sudden has become my boss. I am going to have to report to him now. That Dinesh has out of blues become Mr. Khanna. This is all the game of power which I failed to noticed while I was busy working.”
Dinesh had thrown a small treat- as he called it, actually a lavish expenditure on food on becoming the new branch head. He bought everyone personalised gift- from the office secretary to the office peon, even the watchman was happily blowing his new whistle. Anjali too found a packet with her name on her table. She wanted to throw it away. But she opened it. Inside was hot pink silk lingerie exactly her size. Filled with agony, she marched into his cabin where he sat playing with the revolving chair. She picked his cigarette lighter lying on the table and set the lingerie on fire, stood there staring him until it turned into ashes and marched out with quick steps without even uttering a word.
She started typing a resignation but something inside her head stopped her. She was not going to quit. She was a born fighter. Her dad called her ‘little soldier’. Soldiers don’t quit. They stand back and fight till their last breath. She was a head-strong persona. She decided to stay. If Dinesh was going to throw lemons on her, she is going to squeeze those lemons into his eyes.

Dinesh Khanna changed his personal secretary every two months that is how he earned the prestigious title of "W.K.". One of those frequently changing girls whose names other staff dint even know at time had been creating a scene in the office threatning Khanna to sue him. Somehow he managed to get her mouth shut.
Though Dinesh Khanna tried on her another two times, but he never succeeded. He called her ‘miss-tight-ass’. She ignored him, stayed stern towards him and kept herself busy with her work. She knew that opportunists like him would fall on his knees some time and that will be when she will play him. She waited for that time patiently. Like a lioness waits ready to pounce for her prey to get settled down.
Part IV soon...
P.S. This post is specifically for Aayushi, the crystal, who wanted to know about W.K. :D and no, I haven't changed the plot :D

Friday, June 5

The Femme Fatale- II-The Blue Orchid

That night, Anjali lay in her bed restless and unable to sleep. She dint want to believe it. Was Sahil a new pawn in the game? Was Khanna that desperate to win her to take the game to next level? She could not mistake. It was Khanna’s voice talking to a shadow when she was returning from the ladies room. He was asking “is she in?”, the other voice replied “seems so”, and he was patting on the shoulder of the shadow saying “you know the next step”. She managed to sneak a look of both brothers coming out in the light.
But she had seen genuineness in those eyes. She could not be wrong in recognising those looks he was giving. The passionate way he held her on the dance floor. She had thought how unlike his brother is he. Sahil was a Khanna too after all. Anything was possible.
There was a battle going on in between her heart and her brain. Her brain was giving her heart a tough time in deciding if it was mere a game and her heart told her constantly that he was not faking. Her brain kept on telling her to back off and save herself.
Amidst the battle there was a third party coming up- her body. She wanted him badly. Even if it was a game, her physical desires for Sahil were not bothered about it. The heart had now a supporter and they over powered the brain and she decided to risk it.
Next morning when she reached the office, she found a bouquet of blue orchids waiting for her in her cabin. It had a note that said “Thanks for a lovely evening. Can I have the pleasure of your company again tonight? Signed- Sahil Khanna” and underneath he had scribbled his phone number.

“How does he know I like blue orchids? This game is well researched.” She thought to herself. She procrastinated calling him back or sending a thank you note. To her surprise, Khanna was being unreasonably nice to her that day. He asked her to convene the meeting she had worked hard to prepare the presentation for unusually.
She called Sahil up during the lunch break and they decided to have dinner together.
“It is going to be a date” Sahil’s words were echoing in her mind constantly. His voice had an appeal hard to forego. Their date was on the dock of a ship- Exotic food and cool breeze.

Later that night she was busy with a report but she found it hard to concentrate on it. Thoughts of Sahil kept coming back to her. He was a real gentle man she wondered. He was not only strikingly handsome, but witty and funny too. He was easy to talk to. She recalled the electrifying ‘good night kiss’ he gave her on the cheek when he dropped her outside her apartment.
She knew he had played his move and now was her turn. Her plan was simple. She was going to fall in the trap and be played. She dint want her opponents to know she was aware of their strategy. And she wanted to manipulate the plan and the players using their own ploy.
Part III coming soon....

Wednesday, June 3

The Femme Fatale- The Pilot

"Morning Ms. Kapoor, a long day is waiting for you my dear." Her boss handed her the 'to-do list' as she reached office and found him waiting for her.
"Morning Mr. Khanna, you know how much I love my work" she snapped his shrewd smile into two pieces with her plain answer.

Anjali was ready for another hectic day at office. Her boss- Dinesh Khanna known as 'womanizer Khanna or W.K.' was a monster. He had recently escaped a molestation allegation from turning into a suit.
Anjali was stern towards him, and saved herself with her dignity and attitude. When he failed to seduce her, he had made her life hell.
She was determined not to quit that job for she wanted to teach him a lesson.
She retired for her desk snatching the list from his hand. A look at the list and she knew that she would not finish it even if she worked for 48 hours nonstop.
Endless work, no coffee or lunch break, she stopped only to answer a phone call on her personal cell phone at 7 in the evening.

Diksha Calling..
"Hello, what r u wearing at the party tonight?"
"Oh Diksha, I am so sorry, I totally forgot.”
"Not again, come on yaar, don’t kill yourself with work"
“I am trying my level best yaar, I’ll be a little late, and haven’t decided what to wear."
"Noways. W.K. is gonna kill you.”
"I know yaar, chal lemme finish this, or I’ll be even late otherwise."

It was the Silver jubilee year celebration of the company she worked for. W.K was the incharge of the branch she worked in and so for the party arrangements. He made sure she could not reach to meet up with the president of the company.
She winded up for the day only to find out no one else was there in the office and she too rushed home, changed into a party dress and drove to the venue of the party.
As she entered, her eyes set on to a handsomely dressed man who stood like a Greek God right next to Khanna. She could not take her eyes off him. The Linen trousers he wore revealed the muscular, well toned calves and his mane looking out from his shirt was appealing her. She hadn’t seen a stunningly attractive guy in ages.

“Finally you are here. I knew you are going to miss the president. Oh you look sexy. When did you buy that dress?” Diksha’s shrill voice dragged her back to her senses.
“Hey, who is that guy right next to Khanna?” she shot at her closest friend from work.
“Oh him? I don’t know but he seems to have attracted everyone’s attention today. Even yours. So he has gotta be something real special” Diksha said.
“Pathetic joke that was” she bantered back.
“Hey Ms. Kapoor. You made to the party. I thought we were going to miss you, but there you are” her mind took a jolt to hear Khanna’s voice all out of the blues, but when she turned around it was the turn of her heart to skip more than one beat on the close sight of the young man who seemed to have trailed Khanna. She wasn’t anymore listening to what Khanna babbled; all her attention was focused on the young man who was responding those looks to her.
“This is Sahil, my younger brother. He recently returned from ‘Harvard School of Medicine’ after his graduation. Sahil, meet Anjali, our creative head. And she has got a really creative head. hehehehe” He laughed at his own joke.
“Hello Anjali. Can I have a dance with you?” Were the words that lewd which came out of his slender lips or was it the way he moved those lips, she wondered when Sahil spoke in a husky voice.
“Sure” she said moving on the dance floor sure of her beauty that day which Diksha had also confirmed.

P.S. This is my feeble another attempt at fiction. Look out for the next part soon.

P.P.S. I am having a pathetic time with my internet connection and my laptop both combined. Will be back very soon.

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