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The Femme Fatale- III- The Catalyst

It all had started a year ago, when the then branch head- Ms. Sunaina Sahni, a divorcee resigned from the company. Everyone in the office was sure that the next boss has to be Anjali. She was hard working and deserving. But the final verdict was in Sunaina’s hand. The day before Sahni’s farewell party, Anjali received a call from her and she was summoned to office after the working hours. She reached the office hastily and was surprised to see Dinesh, her intern coming out of Sunaina’s cabin.
She gave him a questioning look and all he reciprocated was a shrewd smile. As she entered the cabin, she was taken aback to find Sunaina half- dressed sipping scotch. She asked her to come in and have a seat. She was casual. Anjali was still in a shock.
“You must be wondering why the hell did I call you here at this time. Look Anjali, I like you very much, you are a hard working girl and you have a long way to go. Everyone in the office wants you to be the next boss. So did I. But I am changing this decision of mine. I called you here to know the reason behind it. I dint want to back stab you.” She said coolly.
Anjali dint say anything and rushed out of her cabin straight to her car. “So this is it. He has been privately servicing that ‘fair-not-back-stabbing-bitch’ to get the power.” Her mind was racing. She dint want this to happen. “The much awaited, hard earned, well deserved position was so close and someone comes from nowhere and grabs it, rather snatches it. Rascal.” She wanted to call up the company president and letting him know all that was going on. But the conscience inside her stopped her from doing so. It said, “they can go to this low for power, if you too do, what would the difference between you and them?”. She decided otherwise.
The next morning, as expected, Dinesh was announced the un-questioned boss. No one seemed to have been surprised. They all knew it already. Anjali was told that she was the only one unaware of this petty affair going on in her vicinity.
She laughed at herself, “how contradictory is it that a nerd, who I gave no attention to, the one who reported to me, all of sudden has become my boss. I am going to have to report to him now. That Dinesh has out of blues become Mr. Khanna. This is all the game of power which I failed to noticed while I was busy working.”
Dinesh had thrown a small treat- as he called it, actually a lavish expenditure on food on becoming the new branch head. He bought everyone personalised gift- from the office secretary to the office peon, even the watchman was happily blowing his new whistle. Anjali too found a packet with her name on her table. She wanted to throw it away. But she opened it. Inside was hot pink silk lingerie exactly her size. Filled with agony, she marched into his cabin where he sat playing with the revolving chair. She picked his cigarette lighter lying on the table and set the lingerie on fire, stood there staring him until it turned into ashes and marched out with quick steps without even uttering a word.
She started typing a resignation but something inside her head stopped her. She was not going to quit. She was a born fighter. Her dad called her ‘little soldier’. Soldiers don’t quit. They stand back and fight till their last breath. She was a head-strong persona. She decided to stay. If Dinesh was going to throw lemons on her, she is going to squeeze those lemons into his eyes.

Dinesh Khanna changed his personal secretary every two months that is how he earned the prestigious title of "W.K.". One of those frequently changing girls whose names other staff dint even know at time had been creating a scene in the office threatning Khanna to sue him. Somehow he managed to get her mouth shut.
Though Dinesh Khanna tried on her another two times, but he never succeeded. He called her ‘miss-tight-ass’. She ignored him, stayed stern towards him and kept herself busy with her work. She knew that opportunists like him would fall on his knees some time and that will be when she will play him. She waited for that time patiently. Like a lioness waits ready to pounce for her prey to get settled down.
Part IV soon...
P.S. This post is specifically for Aayushi, the crystal, who wanted to know about W.K. :D and no, I haven't changed the plot :D

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ANWESA said...

this part was better dan previous parts. d strong issues hinted at made d plot alluring as well.i luvd it.

sawan said...

yaaaar!! read the three today! sorry i am late.. but its fantabulous!! wud wait for the fourth part :)

AD said...

wow what progress :)

Aw.S.M said...

aila..where do we go from here?.

So he slept his way to the top...hmm interesting...i sense the way this story is going but i m not too sure hwo this ll finish...hence waiting with baited breath. :)


rabbit said...

nice plot...what neXT??

Arv said...

am so eager to see him go down :)

bring on the next part gal :)

take care, cheers...

Mayz said...

doin ur boss in her office thats ummm for d lack of words lets jus say intriguing

Chriz said...

was that a red underwear she set on fire?

why did she do it?

яノςんム said...

@ Anwesa,
I am literally elated to know tht from u :)

@ Sawan,
better late than never :) i am glad u like it :) soon, 4th part :D

@ Seher,
look out for more babes :D

@ Barney Stinson,
hmmm.. here is the deal.. after i finish publishing the last part, u ll tell me ur version.. lemme know wat say :D

@ rabbit,
wait and watch :D thnx :)

яノςんム said...

@ Arv,
ur wish will be done :D sure soon :D

@ Mayz,
lolz, yes.. inriguing.. but this happens really :D

@ Chriz,
not red underware.. it was hot pink :D

Aw.S.M said...

So i m barney now!!...awesomee!!!this is gonna be legen....wait for it...DARY!!! :D

and yeah u have urself a deal.

bondgal_rulz said...

This was INTERESTING!!! Nice background re. :)

Jaldi jaldi post na!!


Cяystal said...

I'm happy now. Its always great to listen to the tale of a deceptive character. So Anjali is a braveheart. Yay!!..thank Jesus he didn't quit, and stood back to teach the jerk a lesson, and thenkoo so much! :D
Like it till now..and nice last lin.."like a lioness....." :)..I admire woman who stand for themselves, and I love stories about them too. :)
How many parts btw?

Ria said...

waiting for the next part...u seem to be bldg up an excellent tempo gal!! :)

яノςんム said...

@ Barney aka Aw.S.M,
lolz, yeah, i m soo looking fwd to it..ur version!! :D

@ Isha,
thnx dudette :D
soon, very soon..

@ Crystal,
lolz.. u r welcome :)
lets see what happens in the end. till then lets all keep our fingers crossed :D
another 2 to go :D

@ Ria,
awwww... thnx girl, soon :)

Harshita said...

Hey bhagwaan... kya dhaasu likhti hain yaar...

bhaggu this is unfair.. am jealous... mere ko bhi aisey writing skills chahiye... abhi ke abhi...LOL :)

Kya gripping story hain...

Jinxed Pixie said...

it SO SO..umm, i guess good is the word, but i don't really think that'd do justice...

too bad i missed the other posts... :(

яノςんム said...

@ Harshi,
lolz, tu mujhse kahin acha likhti hai matey :) chinta na kar, tera naam credits mein jaayega :D

@ Jinxed Pixie,
welcome back :)
and better late than never :)
awwww.. thnx :)

Arjun said...

Ahh... Nice story there Richa..!! :)

Read the previous part and this at one go.. n it was good.. :)

When u r writing a story... At certain places, let the actions of the protagonist or the character suggest his/her emotions.. Let the reader feel it.... Try not to explain all that the character is going through... That makes the readers involved more .. :)

Hope u din't mind me, givin u this suggestion.. :P hehe.. I actually feel awkwardly bad doing so.. as if i'm 'Mr. Writer' or sumthin' .. :P

Anyway.. Nice story Richa...

If Dinesh was going to throw lemons on her, she is going to squeeze those lemons into his eyes. ...hehe... Nice one.. ;)


Keshi said...

I like that Lemon analogy u used to express her feelings towards Dinesh. Brilliant!


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I must say this dinesh came out of nowhere and became a crucial person in the story...

I am off to next part now..


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