Thursday, May 28

I, the Humpty Dumpty

All those who missed my presence form the Blogs ville, I am obliged and those who dint, its okay!!
Why if you ask me, I would say, oh nothing too important. Okay, FYI, I have a clean track record of being prone to accidents- not hurting myself, but just stumbling upon things and causing them harm. This may be yes inferred as the 'you-know-who-to-blame-when-something-breaks'.
So keeping the same line of action, last week, I slipped off a staircase in my university- the one which I have climbed up and down for everyday- don't-know-how-many-times for the past almost 7 years now. And for a change, I dint break anything, not even my bones. Just in case, you are curious, I guess my heels struck somewhere on the first step while I was busy on a call- (oh it was my brother, stop thinking otherwise) and I slipped almost 12 stairs. I was too embarrassed even to open my eyes and look around if anyone had seen me falling and besides the pain, I was smiling on my own Idiocracy. Thankfully nobody was around, credits- exam time in the university. The outcome was a sprain in my right foot and sore right body for I was saved from tumbling down.
That was not enough I suppose- courtesy- my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to balance things, to add on, I managed a slip in the bathroom the very next day (okay, you can laugh aloud). This was a call for my left body. I fell on my left arm and dint break the bone again, just managed muscle pull and funny elbow.
I had no options but to stay tight in bed- tight because I could not move not even toss or turn, without anything to do but to watch the Idiot box. Yeah, again my lappie was not by my side, was gone for fixing.
The pain was stubborn and it stayed for over a week now. But still I managed to be on gtalk on my desktop for a while almost everyday, blogging on the old man is a nightmare though plus my left arm was unable to type.
Okay, if you are thinking why am I ranting about my injuries, in this post, then here is the reason: what I already had hypothesised beforehand and now confirmed is "When things go wrong, all you have for sure is Free Advice".
Why if you ask me, I realised that people do care for me though in their own funny ways.
Everyone I told about my misfortune of managing the two great falls in two consecutive days were ready with a crisp comment about my carelessness in the first place and then a crisp advice to take care and being careful in the second place.

Following are some of the reactions (few are copied as such from twitter):
A: I dint push you off, I swear, our disagreement apart, I would never do that!!
B: Have you started drinking??
C: You must try wearing flats sometimes.
D: What were you thinking?? Are you in love??
E: Get a "how to not slip for Dummies"
F: Theek se chala kar, no more kood faand (walk steady, no more jumping)
G: don't drink too much alcohol, nothing wrong with you, its the alcohol in you
H: your stars are not right- greh nakshatras
I: in the words of Sigmund Freud your Id is looking for someone to support you
J: Oh Shit!! how many tiles did you break??

Besides this, I had some really serious reactions and really concerned ones too..
Thanks for your concern people, I am all right now and my lappie is back again.
P.S. I'll soon catch up with all your blogs..

Sunday, May 17

Love or Obsession?

While swapping the channels last night on the idiot box, I chanced to get a glimpse of the movie ‘Tere Naam’. It was a hit, but I dint like the movie in the first place, though being a movie buff, could not gather my courage to watch it till the end.

This aspect of love scares me, rather it scares everyone.
Blackmailing the other person in the name of love is pure torture.
One side effect of close friendship is when the ‘infatuation’ or ‘liking’ factor arrives in between close friends, carrying on with normal friendship becom
es impossible.
I am a common friend to such a case.
The guy started falling for his closest friend. Even though being aware from the day one that she will never get involved, he developed an obsession for her. When it became intolerable for him, he finally told her expecting an explosive reaction from her end. She tried hard to persuade him to be normal with her and forget all this rubbish for old times’ sake. But he came down to emotionally blackmailing her. Threatening her that he will do something to himself and she will be responsible. This mania of his took the girl into depression.
The reasons being-

a) She could not see her once best friend in such pathetic condition,
b) She wanted to get back being friends,
c) She took it to her nerves that someone was suffering because of her.

It is a real distress for a person when someone tries to beguile them inducing into a relationship when they are genuinely not interested.
Some guys take this rejection as their male ego issue, unable to take that how can the girl dump them. And another new season of emotional blackmail, perseverance, and torture starts. Gaining sympathy is one weapon guys generally use with girls. They pretend to be in such pain and wretchedness that the girls commiserate them and fall in the trap and start comforting them. As the time lingers, the girl, who initially had no feelings from the heart for the guy, begins to apprehend the trap, feels ditched. She makes out everything falling in the place and the forced relationship takes the turn towards hatred and reaches height of tolerance and the friendship factor is long forgotten.
The sole motive of this whole crap is I strongly feel that contrived relationships donot work out and the friendship factor also goes in vain. And once it goes, friendship doesn’t come back.

“Rehman dhaaga prem ka mat todo chatkaye,
Jode se phirr na jude, jude to gaanthh pad jaaye”

Thursday, May 14

Days look beautiful when things are near back to normal..

I was wondering why friends come back when they need you. I was pretty messed up. Was even thinking to give up that is so unlike me. But some of the comments of my readers on the two posts previous to the voted one made me re-think over it.

And then I realised, the person here in question was the same one who has been my lifeline all these years.. So what if the flow of the time and life took him a few steps forward. I tried to keep pace but it wasn't working, he is way taller than me and take too long steps..
But he was still the same.. The one who was my twin-soul, who understood things even before I expressed them vocally. The one who has been my only comfort, the one who dint have to be told things, he guessed them..

Awww.. Even keying those things down brings me an ear to ear grin. And I was gonna let you move.. How could I? I feel opprobrious when I think about it..

So it happened this way, I realized that since you are my 'bestest' friend or as we always say- 'next to best friend depending on the situation', I have every right to fight with you and confront you. And since I know, you would never actually realize the ice, I would have to intimate you about it.

I know you were uneasy about the things, but I never showed and you never saw that I was "throwing attitude".

Apology, you know, never holds any importance to me unless the other person makes a point to not repeat the mistakes.. And you, are an amature when it comes to saying sorry. Okay, I know, Erich Segal says, "Love is when you don't have to say Sorry". Never mind.

You know, bringing me back to normal isn't a daunting task for you. All you have to say is, Okay, You said that.

The way you are trying to resolve the things is cute, you know..
I cant stay annoyed for a longer time you know that too, though I haven't told you that the ice somewhat melted on its own when I heard that song on TV- which song, doesn't matter, 'cuz you wont recall the thing it is related to.

Anyways, You know you matter hell loads and I missed you hell loads..
Ketch'up. Fast. I am waiting in the mid way.
Love you loads...

I made this video playlist at

P.S. Expecting a love story is analogous to expecting a rock concert out of Ghulam Ali
P.P.S. This post would not make sense to many of you, I apologise

Wednesday, May 13

Responsible citizens!!

Sunday, May 10

Maa di ladli Vigad gayi

That's Mom and Me (L to R) :D

On this mother's day and always, Only thing I have to say to my mom (saving her and yall from Emosanal Attyachar) is- Thanks for being the way you are. Thanks for bringing me up the way I am.
They say that girls are the shadows of their moms. I know I am not exactly and I could never be.

But I'll try my level best to never let you down..

I love you mom!!

Friday, May 8

Why Me!!

For a change, this post isnt going to be Grammar and language oriented one.

The title of the post is apt. I am tired of saying "God try me". Rabb ji mera 'try' ka button press kar ke bhool gaye lagta hai.

I woke up in a rotten mood today. Why rotten, dont ask me. Might be some dream I dont remember. To add on to it, I felt inflated. AAArrggghhhh!! Gym me haddiyaan tudwa ke pagal ho gayi hoon and fir bhi inflated!! Kya musibat hai.
Zindagi jhandwa wala din hai aaj.

Was talking to a friend online and she was super pissed off on the very same old problem- shaadi. I fail to understand, is shaadi the centre of the universe?
I fail to understand the folks. They inculcate you with ambitions while you are growing up. Kuch karo, kuch banke dikhaao. Aur jab turn aati hai kuch ban ke dikhane ki toh pata nahi kahan se beech mein ye shaadi tapak padti hai. Shaadi karo. Acha aur to aur, pehle to sara din padho- padho aur kuch mat karo, aur fir suno padhayi mein reh gaye, koi ladka dhoondh hi lete. Kya musibat hai.
Okay, I love my folks, I know whatever they do is for my own best, but I am cribbing today. Dint I say I am rotten mood.

Aur suno abhi. Kuch log itne mean hote hain. Jab apna mann kara aa gaye mooh uthha ke aur jab zaroorat nahi hai toh poocho bhi na mud ke that why aren't you talking? Do you have some problem? As if the other person is problem-proof and emotions-proof.
As if hum to wehle hain. I am tired of being at some one else's disposal. Mujhe zyada aakhar aayi hui hai jo I have to drag the relationship? ( Am I the only desperate one?)
Koi na. Gin Gin ke badle loongi.

Sabse badi musibat toh batana bhool hi gayi. Yaar padhayi karna bada hi aukha kaam hai. (hard, difficult job). Aiwen hi bina zaroorat ki musibat mol le li hai maine!! Phew!! *Drains sweat off the forehead*

Bas haan bas. Kaafi hai aaj ke liye.

Monday, May 4

Totally random!!

Why is it that 'friends' keep coming back to you when they need you and when you are in need, you are all alone?

P.S. This concerns no-one in particular, it is just a random thought.

Sunday, May 3

Featured- II

This is yet another attention seeking post :D
I am featured ;)

Please navigate to Raka's blog to find out what do I have to say to her on the occassion of her 500th post. Yes you read it right. 500th.

Friday, May 1

Wise dun need advice, fools wont take it- II

Okay, yes this is a lame way to kick start a new month, but I am really pissed off. The reason, okay, is the tantrumous mood swing fit since yesterday. Now adding on this, I received the following message in my mail box.

my name is Raj Mishra from Kanpur City.
I saw your profile today and became interested in you for friendship
I will also like to know you the more, and I want you to send a mail to my email address
Here is my email address (
I believe we can move from here.
I am waiting for your mail to my email address above.
Please reply me with my email address

Raj Mishra

Orkut, face book friend requests are all right not that annoying, but friend request in the mail box?? and that too anonymous? AAAARRRGGHHHH!!!

Anyone really wants to do me a favor?? You have the mail id, please thrash this person on my behalf..

P.S. Refer Part One- Here

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