Friday, July 29

When it rained Bombs

This post is based on absolutely true events. The hilarious events of this incidence took place on the early morning of July 29, 2011.

Early morning, means early morning to me, because I was fast asleep. Thank Weather Gods, this year, like I said already, they have been generous in my part of the world, the morning routine (read jog) being on halt because of the rains, the waking up part becomes delayed. (On a totally unrelated note, monsoon, I tell you is the most sinful season of the year. We do not work out and eat a lot, that too pakode, samose et al).

So, getting back to the story, I was fast asleep and I woke up to a loud thud. Thud would be an understatement. Voice of explosion was my first idea. When a person is fast asleep, wait. When a person like ME, is fast asleep, (I like to think myself belonging to the clan of Kumbhkaran. There are other stories behind this association, reserving them for some other time) a meek sound can not wake me up, and if I woke up with a startle, that means something actually huge happened. So, I was startled and surprised, and shocked and stumbled to find my phone and check the time. It was exact 6.00 am.
Because I live 30 kilometers away from Lahore, even though it is a very peaceful area now (touch-wood), first thing that came to my mind was, that we've been attacked from across the border, and air bombing has been happening. The next instant thought was that being under attack was kind of impossible because Miss Hina Rabbani Khar, the honorable Foreign minister of our neighboring country was our guest currently, they wouldn't risk attacking at this moment.
And, then it happened again. There was a huge orange flash outside my window followed by the boom-boom-boom-boom a few seconds later. The simple physics law came to my mind at that time. Light travels faster than sound. That was when I realized, things taught at school stay in our minds, even in the moments of panic. :D 

Many other panicky thoughts crossed my mind like being bombed, dying, my parents sleeping in the room downstairs, my brother who is living in the other city. I realized how short life was and how precious every moment spent with our loved ones is. Well. That's how life is. When you think it is coming to an end, you know who you're going to miss. :)

Anyway, the daring* I am (another unrelated note- if you haven't, go watch a dubbed movie called Diler- the daring, starring Chiranviji from Telegu film industry. It airs of Star Gold/ Zee Cinema very often. It is meant to be adventure-thriller, but is comical. Totally worth watching), I decided to go check out what was going on outside. I knew if it was bombing, something could really hurt me if I go outside, still I took the chance. 

Throwing the covering sheet away, I marched out of the room, opened the door in the balcony, and stepped out. To find out it was raining. Not drizzling, not cats and dogs, just raining. Initially, it was very hard for my eyes to adapt to the light outside and they were absolutely watery. I rubbed them for sometime to make myself see what was happening. It was still boom-boom-ing from the last explosion. All I could see was rain and pigeons. Lots and lots of pigeons. Panicky. Flying in from the direction of the explosion to the other side and looking for a shelter.

Just to make it clear how did I think too much and how did so many things happened, while the sound of the explosion was still in the air, may I tell you, MY thoughts travel faster than light. :)

Anyway, I stood there for a few minutes. First in the rain, and moved under the shelter, waited for some action to happen again, but it did not. I was, yes, kind of disappointed at first, but my conscious woke up and scolded me for thinking such bad things. :D Then, I decided it had been nothing, but clouds colliding. Like, huge clouds. What else can you do in a situation like this? Compromise on a simpler logic. 

I was up, wide awake. I went downstairs to check on my folks. They were up and then we discussed the events over cups of tea on a rainy morning. I told them about my perception only to find out my dad had thought the same. :D WAR. God forbid. Followed by the stories of 1984 and 1989, Operations Blue Star and Black Thunder respectively. Which was very hard time for Punjab. Thankfully, it is over and Punjab is a happy and peaced-out place once again. 

Misunderstanding cloud collision with an air bombing is something else and funny, but I really wish nothing of that sort happens again and peace prevails in the world.

P.S. I do not mean to hurt feelings of any nation  and/ or  community with this post, in case, un-intentionally I happened to do so, apologies in advance.

Tuesday, July 19


4 years and 200 posts. I am still where I was when this blog first breathed. Just back there. Also, on Twitter since 3 years. Too Wehli. Hawa Hawayi.
I've loved this space. And, I always will.

Tuesday, July 12


A news item in the local paper caught my attention 2 days back.

A family gave up their 2 year old daughter to two unknown women on a Two wheeler near Golden Temple, Amritsar because they wanted to their daughter to be in the local orphanage. Now, they have made a fuss out of it that the unknown women kidnapped their daughter, because she has not reached the orphanage yet, that is one week after they gave her up.

First thing first, when you have given up your daughter, how does it matter to you if she has reached the orphanage or kidnapped or done anything with.

Spinelessness has a new facet to it. Yeah, right. Parents wanted their child to get good food, good environment they could not provide. How mean is that. reminds me of the part from 'A thousand Splendid Suns' when  Laila and Mariam have to give up their daughter Aziza. 

Absolutely inhuman.

Tuesday, July 5

I am There. Almost.

One of those days when I just can't take it anymore. The dam is on the verge of breaking. Seeing the folks helpless and knowing the reason is me. Sick. Very.

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