Tuesday, July 12


A news item in the local paper caught my attention 2 days back.

A family gave up their 2 year old daughter to two unknown women on a Two wheeler near Golden Temple, Amritsar because they wanted to their daughter to be in the local orphanage. Now, they have made a fuss out of it that the unknown women kidnapped their daughter, because she has not reached the orphanage yet, that is one week after they gave her up.

First thing first, when you have given up your daughter, how does it matter to you if she has reached the orphanage or kidnapped or done anything with.

Spinelessness has a new facet to it. Yeah, right. Parents wanted their child to get good food, good environment they could not provide. How mean is that. reminds me of the part from 'A thousand Splendid Suns' when  Laila and Mariam have to give up their daughter Aziza. 

Absolutely inhuman.

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akanksha said...

Sad :( Kalyug in the real sense!

Anonymous said...

Google 'casey anthony' and this news item will seem nothing.

☆ Rià ღ said...

Can't believe such things still happen...India shining anyone!?

Anwesa said...

I wonder if they would have "given up" their son ?

P.S. : All over the world, women seem to have the same universal sorrow ... in varying degrees.

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