Monday, January 18

Twitter Bites

Yes. Twitter.
The word of the year.
A networking where you have your say in 140 characters. You get to connect to a whole lot of interesting people, you are exposed to captivating thoughts, absorbing communications, compelling opinions, fascinating things most of all, connecting to beloved celebrities.

Sounds magnetic. Doesn't it?
Being addicted to Twitter is my personal experience. As one of my friends say- Hyper Tweet mode.

I had a Twitter account since a long time, but I actually started using it near October last year, when I was trying to get over a hump. And it helped me a lot. I could get involved in engrossing tweets and for the time being lose my problems.

It was fun. I started playing again with words and tweeted a lot of original quotes and other wacky one liners. I was regaining my sense of humor. Also, I came across some amazing people over there. I was so obsessed with it that I brought 2 of my closest friends over there..

But since i have a habit of getting bored with things too easily. Twitter had its own time, and now I was getting over with it.
And this isnt the only reason. The popularity of anything brings to it a variety of people. I have recently come across some tweets that are really gross. The Fraandship requests found their way to Twitter. Not just that, those 140 characters could get so gross, I could not imagine. People tweet things like

"I havent crapped in like 3 days" and other people are replying remedies like eat bananas and all..
"I just had sex with myself and it was GREATTTTTTTT" GROSS. Simply GROSS.

And with this, my journey on Twitter is almost over. Its official now. Twitter is a home for phonies and cacophonies.

Or saying it in the Tweet Lingo, The #FAILWHALE HAS ARRIVED PERMANENTLY.

Thursday, January 7

Rant Post

Yeah I have been procrastinating writing a post here..
I know and I believe many of you must have forgotten me, or thinking I am rude or something to not reply to your comments and not visiting your blogs, and not commenting.. And I am not giving any justifications.. Whats not right, is not right.

The truth is, I try coming back, I read blogs, and when I hop in to the comment section, I see most of the commentators are unknown to me.. So many new bloggers have set in and the people I knew have been lazy, busy or somethings, not updating not even commenting.. It feels like a whole batch has graduated the blogsville and freshers have come in.. It is nice.. But at times, I miss those old days of blogging..

Anyhow, the new year has been a kick start for me. I am happy. One of my closest friend told me she is expecting and I am gonna be a massi soon. :)
And this dreading Winter is killing, making hands an feet numb, still there is some kindda charm in this season. I love taking lone long walks in fog :)
In other news, I am trying very hard to not let laziness set for this new year.
Also one of my closest friends is getting married in Feb, so trying hard to fit in my own dresses although cant avoid eating in winters.. *sigh*
Also, somethings have been happening to me which I aint used to, so feeling a li'l awkward. But one thing for sure is, I dont like being called sweet or cute. Like really.

And as they are calling it, Twenty Ten, it has gotta be happy for all of us if it doesnt want to get kicked in the ass :D

P.S. All my old and new attempts at fiction will now be available on a new blog called "Mocking a Tale"

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