Monday, November 28


'Tu kab marr rahi hai?'
'Ye bhi mazakh hai?'
'Nai nai, ye toh bada serious hai... Teri factory mein ab khoon hi nahi banta?'
'Chahte kya ho tum?'
'Poochna chahta hoon. Tere is ghar mein security alarm toh nahi hai?'
'Kyon? kya karne wale ho?'
'Pooch raha hoon. Prague wala alarm toh bada tez tha. Ek second mein lightein bhi on ho gayin charon taraf. Scene hi badal gaya sara. Aisi bhi security hoti hai pata hi nahi tha. Hi-tech tha bada... Tujhe bahar nahi aana tha Heer. Ab na, mujhe tere paas aana padega.'
'... Jordan... Mat karo ye... Main bardasht nahi kar paaungi'
'Ye main kar raha hoon? Tune kaha meri shakal nahi dekhni. Main aaya tere aage? Do saal mein call ki tujhe? Maine toh yahan tak koshish ki sochun bhi na tere baare mein. Par kya hua? Ye tu hai. Mere saamne khadi hai. Teri samajh mein nahi aayi Heer? Ye kuch aur hai. Jo tujhe aur mujhe saath la raha hai. Reh nahi na paaye hum alag. Nahi reh paaye. Main aaj itni badi hasti hoon Heer. Star hoon main! Itne saare paise hai mere paas. Famous hoon. Par andar, pata hai sirf jalan hai mere andar, bechaini hai. Main sirf tere saath hi set hoon yaar. itti si baat hai. Aur tu bhi. Mere saath nahi hoti toh koi jaanleva bimari ho jaati hai tujhe. Khoon-shoon ban-na band ho jata hai tere andar.'
'Main marr rahi hoon Jordan. Shayad kuch mahine, ya ek saal. Uske baad... main marr jaaungi.'
'Aur jo na marri toh? Tujhe kuch bhi na hua toh? Toh tu meri ho jaayegi?'
'...Jordan... Mujhe hug kar sakte ho?'

Friday, November 25

Air is Heavy

I skip reading the romantic parts in the books and the blog posts that talk about love and pain. I start reading, but then, I stop somewhere in between. 

The emotions are same, timed differently, intensified differently.

And then I think, verbal expression comes naturally to some people. I am not one of them.

Tuesday, November 22

Yun hi kuch kuch

You can not be more sure of anything except your parents' reaction to certain something. It is a weird weird situation. The authority of decision making lies with you, obviously the influence remains theirs. Mine do support me a lot. And I am thankful to God for having blessed me with such a wonderful family.

At times in your life, you come across such people who crush your self esteem to an irreparable level. Reason being, their own need to raise their ridiculously low self esteem. But Again, I am thankful to God, against one such person, I met 4 people who boosted mine without even realizing, they are doing a favor to me.  1:4 is a very high ratio. Not that I'd want a crusher again for another 4 boosters, but Life isn't that a bitch.

Because I am not shallow and blunt to crush people's inflated egos. I am not brought up that way and I've got my standards to maintain.

Sunday, November 13


Love destroys. This is what I thought Rockstar portrayed. Not a review.
Falling in love is very easy. And denying it, even easier. What is difficult, is to not let it burn you inside out. Not being with the one you want to be is like being in a can of worms. 

And for people like me, who'd rather stop feeling than feel a lot, the movie was disturbing. I take pride in boasting I have a hold on my emotions. I know how to curb them and not let my heart win over the brain. But there are hell load of people who are on the other side of the line.
And there are times when I think may be they are doing it the right way.

Besides, I want my own JJ with who I can मचाओ as much गंद as I want to  :)

P.S. Shammi Kapoor is was the real RockStar!

P.P.S. I think I liked the movie, but it is going to take another watch to get absorbed.

Friday, November 4

New Perspective

This blogpost here by Nimue, gave me a new perspective. I thought, we kept the warranty cards, bills, papers of things we purchased, in case we needed repair/ replacement in the warranty period. 

But as it turns out, it is a memory of the celebrations and good times, Milestones of joys. :) 

Thursday, November 3

November Project

Now, this is turning out to be interesting. 

I took up a kind of project on the fiction blog for this month of November. I am calling it 'Shutter Inspired Micro Shots'. What I am going to do in it is, write short stories on a few pictures taken by me. One story everyday for the month of November.

Pictures might be old and new, but entirely mine. So it is serving two purposes in one go- Writing and Photo :D 

Take a look here :) 

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