Sunday, November 13


Love destroys. This is what I thought Rockstar portrayed. Not a review.
Falling in love is very easy. And denying it, even easier. What is difficult, is to not let it burn you inside out. Not being with the one you want to be is like being in a can of worms. 

And for people like me, who'd rather stop feeling than feel a lot, the movie was disturbing. I take pride in boasting I have a hold on my emotions. I know how to curb them and not let my heart win over the brain. But there are hell load of people who are on the other side of the line.
And there are times when I think may be they are doing it the right way.

Besides, I want my own JJ with who I can मचाओ as much गंद as I want to  :)

P.S. Shammi Kapoor is was the real RockStar!

P.P.S. I think I liked the movie, but it is going to take another watch to get absorbed.

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Cяystal said...

And go to Prague with your own Janardan? ;)
That's a unique way to look at the flick. I was only enamored by the acting skills of RK and Nargis' charm. :O

☆ Rià ღ said...

I loved the movie...and the fact that it wasnt a typical love stories. I wud hav liked to knw what wud Heer do had seh not died.

Phoenix said...

i loved the movie. Period. I have watched it thrice since the first time.. something about the movie... im addicted... the emotions i guess brought a part of me alive.. a part of me i thought was not there anymore

Dhanya said...

I didn't like the movie :( Nargis' acting ruined the entire movie for me :( :(

Richa said...

@ crystal,
nargis was absurd :P RK was honestly suitable and comfortable, he carries a natural expression like that of Jordan's character, no? ;) Lost! :P
Watched twice, but still to decide whether i like this movie or not :D

@riya, of course, she had stayed with Jordan. She wanted to, no?

@Phoenix, i can't decide whether i like the movie or not, watched twice already :D

@ Dhanno,
haha, my 8 yr old niece was the first one to say 'is heroine ko to bilkul bhi acting nahi aati' :D

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