Thursday, November 3

November Project

Now, this is turning out to be interesting. 

I took up a kind of project on the fiction blog for this month of November. I am calling it 'Shutter Inspired Micro Shots'. What I am going to do in it is, write short stories on a few pictures taken by me. One story everyday for the month of November.

Pictures might be old and new, but entirely mine. So it is serving two purposes in one go- Writing and Photo :D 

Take a look here :) 

2 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

akanksha said...

Waiting for the posts! :-)

Nachi said...

ooooyeah!! sounds like a thing to do...the November project. maybe i should get myself on board.

anyways, hum chale aapke photu dekhne. laters. :)

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