Tuesday, November 22

Yun hi kuch kuch

You can not be more sure of anything except your parents' reaction to certain something. It is a weird weird situation. The authority of decision making lies with you, obviously the influence remains theirs. Mine do support me a lot. And I am thankful to God for having blessed me with such a wonderful family.

At times in your life, you come across such people who crush your self esteem to an irreparable level. Reason being, their own need to raise their ridiculously low self esteem. But Again, I am thankful to God, against one such person, I met 4 people who boosted mine without even realizing, they are doing a favor to me.  1:4 is a very high ratio. Not that I'd want a crusher again for another 4 boosters, but Life isn't that a bitch.

Because I am not shallow and blunt to crush people's inflated egos. I am not brought up that way and I've got my standards to maintain.

5 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Cяystal said...

And , I so agree. When there are losers who only live to kill your self esteem, some boost it considerably. And some do both. :P
I'm happy for you. :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

Yes there's always a strange way in which the ratio gets balanced. And the last 2 lines were spot on!

Me said...

Mitti paao aise logo pe.. grrrrr

Tum toh ho ek dum best is the, top karti ho life ka har test is the!! :)

Pesto Sauce said...

When you meet those Fab Four again, direct them to me

Richa said...

@ crystal :) you're lovely!

@ riya :)

@ me, :P tum ho paas mere, saath mere. :P

@ Pesto, haha sure!

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