Thursday, October 7

TVC Thursday - Fevicol

Having to remember the childhood days is such a beautiful feeling and therefore this TVC Thursday tah is giving me immense pleasure. When I surf through Youtube to look out for old advertisements,
the funniest thing is to see people we dint recognize then and find how much they have changed over time. In the same line of action, I hereby bring you the old Advertisement of Fevicol- the adhesive we all know/ remember as 'zor laga ke haisha!'. Try to recognize the man in the advertisement. Its none other than RajKumar Hirani. Yes, the director who gave us Munna Bhai Series and 3 idiots. Raj Kumar Hirani had initially been interested in acting. Somehow, he turned into directing later on.
So here goes the 'Hayiishaa!!'

Monday, October 4

The Common Wealth Games Opening on Twitter

India witnessed the grad Opening of The Common Wealth games yesterday. It had been a depressing thing to see all the people making fun of Suresh Kalmadi all these days and expecting a fall of the whole event, Thanks to Indian Media. While tweeting live watching the opening, I thought, this had to be posted on the blog. So here it is:

• All the people who’ve been tweeting fun of the #CWG org till yday are way impressed with the opening ceremony. #OneTightSlap

• Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, NZ don't have ads. DD is all set to Make money :D They rarely get a chance :P

• Why are the leading ladies wearing watches with arm full bangles?

• I am guessing the watches are by the time the countries they are leading. #Tukka @Ohayesha @ShutterCrazy @DKMahant

• Indians are prettiest. Worldwide. Period

• Canada cheering! They got Punjabis over there. No?

• Cook Islands. They must have great food :D

• Smiles look good. Players look like they are here to play and not die.

• Ghana leading lady has put the flag in her hair.

• Saree is one sexy dress. Period.

• Kenya placard lady’s saree *drool*

• Punjabi Suit #win

• 71 dresses and saree drapes. #IndianHeritage #SooperWin

• MonsterRat! Whattey country dude! They must be scary people.

• RT @DKMahant Mozambique is the SOLE nation which was not trespassed by British

• Okay. How unbiased we are, the special games are also being organized in the same event.

• RT @Rupam09: Kalmadi created new nations to increase participation. Now that's a scam

• Norfolk Island. They do not have any folk songs or dances.

• Cheering for Pakistan!! :O did I hear commentator say 'this is what friendship is all about'?

• There is more in Rwanda than Hotel Rwanda. :D

• Scotland. Where are the bagpipes?

• I know these countries finally :D

• After the Ayodhya verdict, it is too soon for timeline to go doped.

• Lehnga saree for Tanzania.

• I like the purple dress Africans whose name I missed.

• Uganda. Sounds more like a cuss word :D

• Jin countries ke humein naam nahi pata un countries ke players ke liye transportation to India specially charter karwaya tha?

• Zambia flag bearer looks scared!

• Abhinav Bindra! India. #win

• MMS, Sheila Dixit, Pratibha Patil should‘ve stood up for India

• Wow. Total number of people from total teams < total number of people in Indian team.

• Prince Charles stands up for India. Thank you :)

• Raise hands who stood up for India.

• Btw, #CWG ne dil khush kitta ee :) #MogamboKhushHua

• #onetightslap to all those who ve been making fun of #CWG. Well begun is half done.


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