Thursday, October 7

TVC Thursday - Fevicol

Having to remember the childhood days is such a beautiful feeling and therefore this TVC Thursday tah is giving me immense pleasure. When I surf through Youtube to look out for old advertisements,
the funniest thing is to see people we dint recognize then and find how much they have changed over time. In the same line of action, I hereby bring you the old Advertisement of Fevicol- the adhesive we all know/ remember as 'zor laga ke haisha!'. Try to recognize the man in the advertisement. Its none other than RajKumar Hirani. Yes, the director who gave us Munna Bhai Series and 3 idiots. Raj Kumar Hirani had initially been interested in acting. Somehow, he turned into directing later on.
So here goes the 'Hayiishaa!!'

1 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Ria said...

Yeah those were the days!! Sigh.

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