Wednesday, September 28

Don't Quit!

Someone from knows  committed suicide apparently because of too much debt.
People who commit suicide want to end things in an easy way. Is suicide an escape, a easy way out to end things?
Debt, like in this case, doesn't end with a life. The people left behind still owe it. 
It needs courage to kill oneself. If only this courage was used requiting adverse situations. 

Probably this is a reason why suicide helplines exist. For people need counseling.

Sunday, September 25

Take Chances.

We meet people, like them, fall in love, give our best, get hurt, fall out of love, smile and move on, get ready to fall in love all over again.

Not Random

Everyone is going to ditch you a some point of time, its your choice who is worth it. 

Being careful is good. But it often leads to paranoia. 

People, still are not worth a chance.

Friday, September 23

Its Fall Again!

Yea. Its Fall yet again. Gawd, where did the year go! (we always wonder the same by this time every year, no?)
So, its fall and Sitcoms have returned. :D

Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory have premiered. Now, I wait for Dexter. :D

Phil Dunphy! O Phil! You were missed babe! 

Also, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady took me once again with their wit! :D

Please God, despite the clear evidence that its not in your nature to care, bring love and happiness to all the souls who suffer.

Wednesday, September 21

To Hell with Spontainity!

Life doesn't go as per the plans. At least, not mine. I had plans, and then, my life happened. *points in the mirror and laughs*
At times, I wonder, if I planned out a suicide (which I most certainly will not), and went to the railway tracks, India will witness a nationwide Train strike or railway failure of some sort.
Like O'Henry wrote in one of his short stories "Many people have achieved many things whose chances of doing so were much inferior than Miss Martha".

Friday, September 16

Sleeping with a Stranger

There is too much fuss these days. People can be found saying 'Indian women are strange. They'll say NO to sleep with a stranger, but will say YES to an arranged marriage.'

Well, I am not against arranged or love marriages, but I never quite understood this thing. How is sleeping with a stranger comparable to arranged marriage.

In my opinion, you'll never be forced to get married to a stranger for one (exceptions excluded); and for two, you'll never be forced to sleep with a stranger. And, I guess the urban people, who do not live in very backward and orthodox societies have this much of hold on their lives. Especially, the people who have a say in the decision of their lives. As in saying Yes or No to an arranged marriage.

You do get a chance to know and understand your partner in an arranged marriage before you land into bed with them. 

Also, the intellectual people who have hypothetically proved this theory to be correct, what would you call the people who are up for sleeping with strangers but say NO to arranged marriage?
And, you can not disagree that there are no people like that.

Also, some experienced souls tell me that immaterial of how many years you have been into a relationship, the other person does turn out to be a stranger even in love marriages. 

Besides, there are people who think the sole purpose of marriage is getting to sleep with someone at the luxury of their own house, at their own disposal. I have got nothing to say to them. 

To each, his own.
IMO, Marriage Sleeping with a stranger.

Wednesday, September 14

Being Indifferent

I have stopped thinking. I do not want to give myself time to think anything that could give me aches. 
Being indifferent is what I choose. Ignoring and being indifferent are class apart. Latter being superior. 
When you ignore something, you give it an undue importance you don't realize. 
Indifference is the key. Temporary may be. Just, it is peaceful this way.

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