Friday, September 16

Sleeping with a Stranger

There is too much fuss these days. People can be found saying 'Indian women are strange. They'll say NO to sleep with a stranger, but will say YES to an arranged marriage.'

Well, I am not against arranged or love marriages, but I never quite understood this thing. How is sleeping with a stranger comparable to arranged marriage.

In my opinion, you'll never be forced to get married to a stranger for one (exceptions excluded); and for two, you'll never be forced to sleep with a stranger. And, I guess the urban people, who do not live in very backward and orthodox societies have this much of hold on their lives. Especially, the people who have a say in the decision of their lives. As in saying Yes or No to an arranged marriage.

You do get a chance to know and understand your partner in an arranged marriage before you land into bed with them. 

Also, the intellectual people who have hypothetically proved this theory to be correct, what would you call the people who are up for sleeping with strangers but say NO to arranged marriage?
And, you can not disagree that there are no people like that.

Also, some experienced souls tell me that immaterial of how many years you have been into a relationship, the other person does turn out to be a stranger even in love marriages. 

Besides, there are people who think the sole purpose of marriage is getting to sleep with someone at the luxury of their own house, at their own disposal. I have got nothing to say to them. 

To each, his own.
IMO, Marriage Sleeping with a stranger.

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Cяystal said...

Excuse me but arranged marriage can simply NOT be compared to sleeping with a stranger. That is bizarre, unethical. :/
AND, marriages that survive and feed on sex die real fast.
And this is a good write up AND i am back :D Yayie !

☆ Rià ღ said...

I think whoever has made that comparison is plain dumb!! There is no comparison between the two.

Richa said...

exactly my sentiments. and welcome back! yaaaaie! :D


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