Wednesday, September 28

Don't Quit!

Someone from knows  committed suicide apparently because of too much debt.
People who commit suicide want to end things in an easy way. Is suicide an escape, a easy way out to end things?
Debt, like in this case, doesn't end with a life. The people left behind still owe it. 
It needs courage to kill oneself. If only this courage was used requiting adverse situations. 

Probably this is a reason why suicide helplines exist. For people need counseling.

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Cяystal said...

** If only this courage was used requiting adverse situations.
Haha, that's the main thing :)

Arv said...

Agrees strongly... with a little support, they can overcome it... :)

Life is much more precious :)

Gauri Mathur said...

There's a girl in my neighbor she did it! Then there's is a family we know a person relation to them did it.
Both of them were very young.

It's really very sad.

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