Monday, October 4

The Common Wealth Games Opening on Twitter

India witnessed the grad Opening of The Common Wealth games yesterday. It had been a depressing thing to see all the people making fun of Suresh Kalmadi all these days and expecting a fall of the whole event, Thanks to Indian Media. While tweeting live watching the opening, I thought, this had to be posted on the blog. So here it is:

• All the people who’ve been tweeting fun of the #CWG org till yday are way impressed with the opening ceremony. #OneTightSlap

• Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, NZ don't have ads. DD is all set to Make money :D They rarely get a chance :P

• Why are the leading ladies wearing watches with arm full bangles?

• I am guessing the watches are by the time the countries they are leading. #Tukka @Ohayesha @ShutterCrazy @DKMahant

• Indians are prettiest. Worldwide. Period

• Canada cheering! They got Punjabis over there. No?

• Cook Islands. They must have great food :D

• Smiles look good. Players look like they are here to play and not die.

• Ghana leading lady has put the flag in her hair.

• Saree is one sexy dress. Period.

• Kenya placard lady’s saree *drool*

• Punjabi Suit #win

• 71 dresses and saree drapes. #IndianHeritage #SooperWin

• MonsterRat! Whattey country dude! They must be scary people.

• RT @DKMahant Mozambique is the SOLE nation which was not trespassed by British

• Okay. How unbiased we are, the special games are also being organized in the same event.

• RT @Rupam09: Kalmadi created new nations to increase participation. Now that's a scam

• Norfolk Island. They do not have any folk songs or dances.

• Cheering for Pakistan!! :O did I hear commentator say 'this is what friendship is all about'?

• There is more in Rwanda than Hotel Rwanda. :D

• Scotland. Where are the bagpipes?

• I know these countries finally :D

• After the Ayodhya verdict, it is too soon for timeline to go doped.

• Lehnga saree for Tanzania.

• I like the purple dress Africans whose name I missed.

• Uganda. Sounds more like a cuss word :D

• Jin countries ke humein naam nahi pata un countries ke players ke liye transportation to India specially charter karwaya tha?

• Zambia flag bearer looks scared!

• Abhinav Bindra! India. #win

• MMS, Sheila Dixit, Pratibha Patil should‘ve stood up for India

• Wow. Total number of people from total teams < total number of people in Indian team.

• Prince Charles stands up for India. Thank you :)

• Raise hands who stood up for India.

• Btw, #CWG ne dil khush kitta ee :) #MogamboKhushHua

• #onetightslap to all those who ve been making fun of #CWG. Well begun is half done.


3 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Arv said...

LOL mate... I didnt get to watch this but this post sums it up nicely :)

thanks :)

Americanising Desi said...

i was so lost on this but you totally filled me in :D

ani_aset said...

nicely done :D

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