Friday, June 5

The Femme Fatale- II-The Blue Orchid

That night, Anjali lay in her bed restless and unable to sleep. She dint want to believe it. Was Sahil a new pawn in the game? Was Khanna that desperate to win her to take the game to next level? She could not mistake. It was Khanna’s voice talking to a shadow when she was returning from the ladies room. He was asking “is she in?”, the other voice replied “seems so”, and he was patting on the shoulder of the shadow saying “you know the next step”. She managed to sneak a look of both brothers coming out in the light.
But she had seen genuineness in those eyes. She could not be wrong in recognising those looks he was giving. The passionate way he held her on the dance floor. She had thought how unlike his brother is he. Sahil was a Khanna too after all. Anything was possible.
There was a battle going on in between her heart and her brain. Her brain was giving her heart a tough time in deciding if it was mere a game and her heart told her constantly that he was not faking. Her brain kept on telling her to back off and save herself.
Amidst the battle there was a third party coming up- her body. She wanted him badly. Even if it was a game, her physical desires for Sahil were not bothered about it. The heart had now a supporter and they over powered the brain and she decided to risk it.
Next morning when she reached the office, she found a bouquet of blue orchids waiting for her in her cabin. It had a note that said “Thanks for a lovely evening. Can I have the pleasure of your company again tonight? Signed- Sahil Khanna” and underneath he had scribbled his phone number.

“How does he know I like blue orchids? This game is well researched.” She thought to herself. She procrastinated calling him back or sending a thank you note. To her surprise, Khanna was being unreasonably nice to her that day. He asked her to convene the meeting she had worked hard to prepare the presentation for unusually.
She called Sahil up during the lunch break and they decided to have dinner together.
“It is going to be a date” Sahil’s words were echoing in her mind constantly. His voice had an appeal hard to forego. Their date was on the dock of a ship- Exotic food and cool breeze.

Later that night she was busy with a report but she found it hard to concentrate on it. Thoughts of Sahil kept coming back to her. He was a real gentle man she wondered. He was not only strikingly handsome, but witty and funny too. He was easy to talk to. She recalled the electrifying ‘good night kiss’ he gave her on the cheek when he dropped her outside her apartment.
She knew he had played his move and now was her turn. Her plan was simple. She was going to fall in the trap and be played. She dint want her opponents to know she was aware of their strategy. And she wanted to manipulate the plan and the players using their own ploy.
Part III coming soon....

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ANWESA said...

i like it very much :) its a thrill read.

bondgal_rulz said...

Kindly take your words back. Word, to be more precise. :P Feeble?? Yeah right!!

Loved it to the T dudette!!!

Specially the way you have managed to convey the sexual desires of Ms. Kapoor. ;)

Waiting eagerly for the next part! :)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmm good one.....well taken forward..

khanna is after all a khanna...

Sahil is too handsome i guess..

just one meet and she is falling too sick for him..

her desires are portrayed really well..

looking forward to third part...


Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Plot thickens, got me hooked.
Really really wonderful so far.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a thrilling third part. Don't let me down plz.

Anonymous said...

Wah wah! I am imagining Sahil Khanna in my mind!!! Very good Richa :D

Cяystal said...

Will someone please throw light on womanizer Khanna?' things are cooking up between Sahil and HER..Sooo..I predict romance?..(nooo..m not forcing you to change your script if you've written it)

Story's flowing well..em waiting!!

Ria said...

wow wht a build i m waiting for the third part. :)

AD said...

Sahil Khanna, just the guy i have been lookig for ;)

Arv said...

kewl :)

bring on the 3rd part :)

Amal Bose said...

nicely put down..
good work..
waiting for the third part :)

Mayz said...

i want her to win...i want her to win...i'll go on a strike if she dsnt win...hmph!!!

Aw.S.M said...

Lagta hain sahil khanna is a regular edward cullen sans the pale look and the fangs :D.

How long do we have to wait for the next part?...wRITE IT ALREADY...GEEZ!!



Pallav said...

simply loved it..
nicely pen down..


яノςんム said...

@ Anwesa,
oh really? thnx so much.. appreciation from someone who writes awesome is really flattering :D

@ Isha,
u really think so?? awww i am soo elated babes :D hehe, since this is a family blog, i could not go more than tht ;)

thnx loads :D

@ mahesh,
thnx loads, yeah.. he is too vey handsome and it isnt wrong to fall for a sexy man isnt it?? :D

@ Mahul,
i really hope to not let u down!! :D

@ Ki,
awwww.. the desired is done then?? ;)
thnx sweets :D

яノςんム said...

@ Crystal,
ur wish is done :) and no i haven't changed the plot :)
romance is nt exactly wat i wanna project.. lets how the story develops :D

@ Ria,
tell me how du like the third part :D

@ Seher,
do i courier u him after the story ends?? ;)

@ arv,
thnx :)

@ Amal,
thnx dude :)

яノςんム said...

@ Mayz,
u dun need to strike at all, juz wait and watch :D

@ Amith,
lolz, no he wasnt the inspiration though, I had Keaunu reeves in mind :D
and it is out :D

@ Pallav,
thnx dude :)

Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...

awesome post ..I am speachless for this writing...


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