Tuesday, March 17

Thank You Tara :)


Tara, I feel short of words. I cant explain how I feel like. Yes, I was annoyed when I saw your post and gotta know that you visited my city and i dint even know.. And I blurted it out on your blog- My Annoyance. That is so unlike me.

And this beautiful thing you have done for me, I could never even think of anything like that. You are a beautiful person and a lovely friend. And after this, there is no question of any annoyance..

I am sorry, I dint mean to be rude.. You are a sweetheart.. I am really touched..

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ANWESA said...

A lovely new template.I'v read Tara's post and she has described your city beautifully. A bear hug for her!!!

Kartz said...

Heh heh heh, Tara and her disarmingly adorable ways. Unsurprising that she quelled the rampant leonine spirit inside you. ;)

Mademoiselle Tara est une plus bonne amie... (Boo to those who dunno French. ha! :P )


Praveen said...

Tara is such a sweetheart that she melted the heart of a visibly angry richa:D

Ria said...

nice template gurl!!and tara's post was really sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

hugs for you too for this post :)

Tara said...

What did I do to deserve this? THANK YOU RICHA! Really speechless! :) I mean I really don't know what to say or how to react, all I can say is thank you! You are an amazing friend I know, and a beautiful person, and I feel really blessed to be called your friend! Thank you! :D

I know, nothing I say would be enough but you have no idea how beautiful I felt today! :)

Thank you Richa
is all I can say
I know you have
a heart so pure
and I feel lucky today!

Thank you! :)

And a big big thank you to all the people who have been so kind, thank you guys! You rock! :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

awwww....that is so sweet...

sawan said...

:) what a way to shout and then make up :) cute friends i shud say..

kudoos to tara and you :)

Cяystal said...

Aww!..we do vent out anger in the wrong ways at times..but as far as we realize our mistakes, its good :)
Sowwie for missing on your old posts!..exams :(

яノςんム said...

all thnx to Tara :)

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