Monday, May 30

Jaa Chudail!!

This song from Delhi Belly is super. I am totally in love with it. Not because of the music or the movie or the broken heart spirit of the song, but for Chudail.
Chudail. How I love this word. It makes me nostalgic beyond explanation. I have heard this word in like ages. 
It reminds of my childhood when my with my chachu, I used to do such things. :D Rhyming nonsensical things and making songs out of them. It used to be such fun. Chudail, bhoot, pret, some other controversial caste identification words counted as cuss words. Teasing people we dint like (mostly the weird cousins) with those songs. 
Gawd, I called up my chachu first thing when I heard that song first. :)
Gone are the days when these funny words comprised all of my abusive vocab. People would not consider them as nothing, but during those times, Kutta- Kameena used to be the highest degree of abusing someone. And now, these don't even qualify as gaalis.
The growing up part also expands people's vocabularies, so was mine. Thanks to Twitter, many many cuss words and abuses got included in mine. 'Fuck' has become a part of speech. Even though I chew it most of the times in the mouth itself, but there are times when it does escape and makes me feel embarrassed at some places.
Anyway, the word chudail and like still have their charm and for sure, I am going to include it back in my vocab. Also, I am going to need it in coming time. I was referring 'Bitch cousin' who was originally 'chudail cousin', who now will be chudail again. 

And hats off to Amitabh Bhattacharya for such amazing lyrics. I already respect him, but the respect just got multiplied manifolds. :)
Kudos to this lyrics:
Chhoti chhoti baato'n se
Tune jo sataya mujhe
Ungli pe nachake tune
Chuna jo lagaya mujhe
Arey jaa jaa jaa
Go to hell....

Arey jaa ja ja

I want silence
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Ya ya
Ja chudail

Palkon pe bithaya tujhe

Ruthi toh manaya tujhe
Pyaar mein toh khuda
Bhi banaya tujhe par (par)
Tujhko kadar nahi
Yeh le dekh thenga mera
Ha ha ha
Tail lene ja tu
Koi kya ukhad lega mera
Abey ja ja ja
Go to hell...
Ja ja ja
Once again
Jaa chudail
Ja chudail

Phoolon sa chehra tera

Dil pe tha pehra tera
Reh gaya ab wahaan
Dard gehra tera

Phool vool kuch nahi

Sada hua aalo hai tu
You know what you are
Hoor nahi pari nahi
Jungli ek bhaalu hai tu

Arey ha ha ha

Go to hell
Arey ja ja ja
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Abey ja ja ja
Go to hell
Ja ja ja
Once again
Jaa chudail
Jaa chudail
Yea yea.
Download here.

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Tara said...

I so understand this! Being in a girls' college, I've learnt a whole new range of jazzy gaalis. Don't use them much though. But college mein toh chalta hai. ;) Times are changing, kutte was a big deal a few years ago, and now it's a part of our lingo. Hmm. Change is the only constant. :)

Chudail! Haha! We used to refer to on of my classmates as that, first year mein. That's all am going to say. I refrain from saying anything that may be injurious to my health. ;)

Richa said...

Hey Tara :)
like i said, abso-freaking-lutely nostalgic it is :D

So good to see you :)

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