Monday, May 16

Convenience Rules.

So people say 'friendship is over-rated'. Probably. It is very easy to tell someone how they weren't there for you without realizing how difficult it was for you to be there for them.
 Just that, I have learned to be not there for people for who friendship was only a matter of convenience. I do not want to be extra nice, a heroine straight out of Ekta Kapoor serial who will go out of her way and do anything like a super-heroine for someone or anyone. The world is living on convenience, I can too.
No, I know, people will never accept that they weren't there for you, only they have justifications. Nobody does/ says anything 'wrong' on purpose. Everyone has a justification for their every action and every word.
I am purposely being convenient by not being there for you. Because, you taught me it. 'Not being there when needed'. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

2 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

akanksha said...

Simple as Tit-for-Tat!
Being always there has turned into 'Being there only if convenient'.Everything is give-and -take. And you cannot give if you haven't taken.

Don't feel bad about it dear.You are doing what needs to be done!

take care


яノςんム said...

Hugs Akki :)

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