Sunday, May 15

Lack of Focus

Focused. Thats is one thing I am not. My friend says, so unlike her, I am focused. I wonder. 
I am a jack of all trades, I try doing something new every few days. Some days its cooking, other days its working out, some other days, its reading, someday its writing, other days singing. And so much more. I am fond of doing many things. But I don't focus on a particular thing. Nothing.
I loose interest easily. That makes me a great explorer but it hampers me mastering anything. 
Except the Masters Degree I have. That too I guess has gone for toss. 
My mom said, 'education, you can never forget'. Somehow, I found out I have forgotten the subject I topped the University in. Brother had Operations research as a subject in last semester of his engineering. I have been telling him whole semester that I'll explain it to him, so he doesn't need any help for that. Kind of a student he is, he dint attend any classes of it even in the college depending on me. I let him down. And myself too. I couldn't recall solving simple sums. Yes, sums. Lack of practice may be. or Focus lost. 
I wronged my whole base of my academic life. I never crammed. I believed in understanding concepts- theory or practical. But I just couldn't recall the simple solutions of simple problems. And they felt like playing LUDO when I was the student.
There is no focus. May be, I don't want to focus. May be, I loose interest because I haven't found something that can keep my interest intact. probabilities. Lots of them. Talking of probabilities, I think I wouldn't remember how to solve a probability problem either.

P.S. I have lost interest in Tweeting. That explains 2 blog posts in a day.

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Gauri Mathur said...

That's Ok,it happens at times. There's nothing to think so much. Life phases comes and go.

Meditate, It shall calm you as a person and removes restlessness didi :):)
Take care and don't worry so much :)

akanksha said...

I know what you mean... Realizations like these make you step back and think, what went wrong. I have had such phases in life, but never really got the answer to what actually went wrong :(

Live will continue to move on, and if you're not really serious about it, you'll forget it and move on with the flow. I always did. But, guess it is better to hang on and rethink and re-evaluate life, rather than going with the flow.

яノςんム said...

Thank you Akki and Gauri. :) it feels nice to have your comments. I feel more than welcome :)

And Thanks Gauri for meditating tips. :)

and Akki, we don't really need to be perfect. Do we?

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