Tuesday, May 24

That Awkward Moment

Yes, That awkward moment when you realize that you have been absent from the blog for more than 5 months and then, you start writing ferociously, almost 2 posts a day and that too complaining, cribbing, sulking, and anyone who looks at the blog may have the impression that you are going through a bad break up. LOL.
No, I am not going through any break-up or anything of that sort.
Whatever, this place does look like little gloomy.
This post marks the end of this phase. This place will be a happy place again. Because I have decided to be happy. Not that I am not happy. Technically, I am not Happy because my name is not Happy. :D 

Anyway, tuning myself for awesomeness. :D 
Let Awesomeness Prevail.

7 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

Dhanya said...

Lol @ the last line - "I'm not happy coz my name is not happy" :D Welcome back to blogging dear.. :)

akanksha said...

Let Awesomeness prevail!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Wishing you lots of happiness in the posts to come!!!!


Richa said...

@ Dhanno,

Mwaahhhh!! you know, i emphasize on technicalities. ;)
Thanks a lot. :)

@ Akki,
El-Oh-El. :D
Thanks Love! <3

Phoenix said...

great to have u back :)


hey check out my new hideout http://clandestine-phoenix.blogspot.com/

Richa said...

Thanks lady. Hugs :)

Arjun said...

Thank God, I came back at the right time. A little late is good. :P

Good Good. So many ppl coming back to blogging. Nice nice. :)


Richa said...

@Arjun, \m/ :D Cheers!

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