Monday, May 23

Kya kisi ki Zindagi ki keemat itni kam hai humari Country mein?

  • A man burns his step son alive in a furnace.
  • A man inspired from 'Silence of the Lambs', slaughters wife and keep the pieces stored in a deep refrigerator and dumps one piece at a time at different places away from each other.
  • Dead bodies being found in unclaimed suitcases at different places.
  • A woman shot in Delhi during daylight.

These all are recent homicides that were hyped by media. My concern is not whether or not they should be punished, my concern is, how on Earth do people manage to literally kill someone. People havepower to bring a life to the world, who  gave them the liberty to take away someone's life?
I would like to believe that murders are human beings too. Minus the humanity? 
How does their soul their conscious allow them to go ahead and literally butcher someone to death? Does their conscious say nothing to them? Or do they overhear their inner voice? Are they atheists? Do not their hands shiver for once before taking a life? Who are they to deprive someone of their life? Are they plain selfish? What is their authority over another person's mortality?
A part of my soul shakes inside when I read/ hear about a murder. All I can come up with is this dialogue from 'No-one Killed Jessica'. Kya kisi ki zindagi ki keemat itni kam hai humaari Country mein?

May God be with everyone.

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