Sunday, May 22

No Closures, No Goodbyes

Do things end just like that? Do you not need to have any closures? Do you not need to say goodbyes? 
Some people just do it this easy. 
A few days back, I thought closure is sought by someone who is utterly guilty and wants to move on. The one who isn't guilty can linger on without closures. But someone I knew (yes, knew), just ended it. 

On second thoughts, I guess my theory still hold right. Because the person in question holds me responsible for the renunciation because I refused to be the source of entertainment for them anymore. I thought they might be guilty, but in fact, with all said and done, well actually, NOTHING said and Something NOT Done, I am the alleged one to have turned sides. 
Escapism seems to be a new lifestyle.
But as per my own theory, I shouldn't be seeking closure. Probably their behavior has infested a little guilt at the back of my mind somewhere. I might be wrong, because I chose to stop being at someone's disposal. But like I said, I am no lead heroine of a daily soap. 
I always thought nobody does anything wrong on purpose, they'll have a justification for what they did was right from their point of view.
Of course, the person here in question must feel the same way. 
I am not going to utter or wish bad things about/ for you, because I can not and will not stoop that low.
Honestly, I am hurt. I dint deserve to be treated like that.
Anyway, be good.

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Anonymous said...

I could relate to this entangles lines of guilt and struggle to be clear of it :)

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