Saturday, June 4

The Inevitable Rain Post

 2011 has been unusually generous in my part of the world as far as Rains are concerned. Even though they have caused loss for farmers and damage of grains during harvest season that just past by, being a little selfish and taking it on a micro level, I have loved every dab of rain that dropped on Earth. 
There were a lot of rains during February ending and early March which kept pushing away the winters bidding farewell for the year. March stayed pleasant, so did April. May witnessed storms, thunders, hailstorms too which kept the advent of usual scorching summer at bay. June has started and it remains pleasant. 

Hail Storms outside my house
Most of the people I come across love rains, the unexplainable feeling we get when it pours is very special. The smell of wet Earth is so tempting. Rain-gasm I call it. :)

When it rains, there is a storm of rain songs in my mind. 
When it rains, my soul feels blessed.
When it rains, I feel happy.
When it rains, my eyes cry, for no apparent reason.
When it rains, my heart smiles.
When it rains, my creative juices gush around.

7 Obiter Dicta (Comment here):

AK said...

Rain-gasm is a super coining!! My first time on your blog and the ratio decidendi is that you a great blog out here :P enjoyed your previous post too.

Richa said...

@ Ak,
it feels super weird to say 'welcome to the blog' in such a long time. :)
Anyway, welcome and thank you. :)

☆ Rià ღ said...

nicely done post, lovely pics to go with it. :)

Tara said...

Ah! Me loves the rains too! But sadly, this year, Delhi hasn't seen much rain. Damn, I envy you. :| But then am moving to the city of dreams, and Mumbai nagri is pretty much (in)famous for its rains! :D Looking forward to that and writing a similar post then. :)

akanksha said...

Enjoy the rains!!! :-)
I guess you forgot to mention the chai and pakodas and samosas combo with rain!

Richa said...

thanks babhe :) hows u doing? hows life?

:o i heard and read tht Delhi has seen hails and heavy rains too? :O
and all the very best for Mumbai. Sings in the background* eh hai bambayi nagariya tu dekh babuaa :P

haha totally :D
P.S. now tht its time for monsoons, i am not sure if it actually is going to rain. because my city is really less blessed in that regard. =\

Anonymous said...

Delhi is still waiting for the rains .. Hell, I am super tired of the wait !!

I want rains !!
Now !!!!

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