Thursday, June 23


This post is dedicated to all the people I have not exactly loved and lost.
Started my morning with a very shitty news. A worker from our factory passed away in an accident. Senior most employee of our organization. He was way past the retirement age and came to workplace because he had nothing else to do at home. He just sat and ordered the other workers around. We used to laugh about him that he behaves like he was the owner. :) I remember him from ever since I remember my life.
He was hit by a train while he was trying to go past a closed railway crossing. We Indians will never understand that the safety measures are meant for our own safety. What a cruel way. 

May the departed soul Rest in Peace.
This feeling is weird. I was shocked when I was first told the news. Then there was utter sadness. Knowing someone from all your life and suddenly finding out that they have been cruelly taken away is absolutely weird.
Somehow, I am reminded of my school bus driver- Lakhwinder uncle. I knew him ever since I remember going to school. I got to know about his demise a few moths after he actually passed away. I had passed out of school then. I had the same feeling then as well.  
The law of nature is, whoever is born has to go away. 

May God be with all and one.. 

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Me said...

Sad news, Richhi...

The fact that you cherish these people in your life.. makes you such a wonderful person.

Much love and Hugs!

akanksha said...

May his soul rest in peace...
Life is so unpredictable!

You take care dear.Hugs

Punkster said...

That's life. The unreal. The temporary. The dream. In an instant you can wake up from it. Therefore, one should value this dream.

Prayers to the ones who're gone. Strength to the ones who're left.

Richa said...

@ HKM, Hugs :)

@ Akki, Hugs :)

@ Bro, Hugs :)

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